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RUSH: Danny in Frisco, Texas. Hi, Danny. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey. Thank you, Rush. I appreciate you taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: A couple years ago I was on the sidelines of the Super Bowl and that pales in comparison to this opportunity.

RUSH: Well, well, thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yeah. Hey, I was on my way to my second job a little bit ago and I was listening to your show and I thought, you know, what we really need in America is for you to sponsor your own presidential debate.

RUSH: Hm-hm. You know, you’re not the first to suggest that. That has come up before. My problem, I don’t know that my questions would be any good. In fact, I don’t even know that I would ask any. (laughing)

CALLER: Well, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but you sure could direct the conversation and they would definitely be known for who they truly are.

RUSH: Well, look, I appreciate it. You’re very nice to say that. I know precisely what you mean. These incessant debates moderated by people who genuinely hope to see us embarrassed and then lose irritates a lot of people. Danny, you said you’re on your way to your second job.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: I thought the recession was over and I thought that the recovery was, you know, pretty solid here. What do you mean, second job?

CALLER: Well, I’m working two full-time jobs. I work at a managed care company in the morning. I go in at 5:30 and leave there about noon or so, and then I come and I work in the afternoon at a private school up in Plano, Texas.

RUSH: What do you do at the private school?

CALLER: I’m an athletic trainer.

RUSH: Oh, wow.

CALLER: I take care of all the kids, their injuries, do rehab, that kind of thing.

RUSH: You’ve got a long day.

CALLER: It’s a long day but luckily my daughter goes to school here and she’s a student trainer, so I get to enjoy her during the afternoon and my wife just loves athletics, so that works out great.

RUSH: Well, that’s awesome. Well, congratulations. All the best. Are you working two jobs because you like it or is it an economic necessity?

CALLER: Both. I’ve been very fortunate that both of my companies have been willing to work with me on this, and, you know, the morning is kind of tough but the afternoon’s a lot of fun being around kids and helping those guys out quite a bit. But, you know, a couple years ago I was laid off from my job and I had developed an economic standard and kind of got myself in not a big pickle, but in a position where I needed to continue to earn a little bit of money or seriously downsize, so being able to work both jobs has allowed me to keep mom at home and has allowed me now to put my daughter in private school and has kept me healthy and fun so —

RUSH: You know, you’re breath fresh air. You’re simply accepting the responsibilities of the choices that you’ve made in your life.

CALLER: We try. I mean that’s the right thing to do. The last thing I want to do is look to somebody else for help, so, you know, we do what we need to do and try to have fun while we’re doing it.

RUSH: Well, God bless you.

CALLER: Thanks.

RUSH: I want to read something to you about the reason you called, you suggesting me to moderate a Republican debate. The National Journal, which is a typical inside-the-Beltway inside baseball publication. They do the Hotline and number of other things. They had a story not all that long ago: “Why Don’t Right-Wing Radio Hosts Moderate GOP Debates? Conservatives say the media is out to get them, but debates run by conservative talkers would be a catastrophe for Republican candidates and the party.” So they answer their own question. The people at National Journal think that a debate moderated by me would be a catastrophe for the Republican candidates and the party. Now, why would that be? Why do you think that would be the case, Danny? Just off the top of your head. Why would anybody think that?

CALLER: Well, because you would definitely be able to draw out who the true conservative is, and it’s obvious that the Republican establishment is not conservative. The people out here who are gonna vote, they’re conservative. The people back East who never get east of Washington, DC, or New York City, they’re not understanding American people fall. And you would be able to draw out the true conservative and that person would go on to win just like Reagan did back in ’80 and ’84.

RUSH: By the way, the story actually originally ran in The Atlantic, and it was reprinted in the National Journal. I just find it fascinating that they think a debate moderated by me would end up being a catastrophe for the Republican candidates and the party?

CALLER: It would be a catastrophe for the party, not for the candidates. Because, again, I firmly believe, Rush — and I wish you would do this — that you moderating or directing or whatever you want to call it a presidential debate, would actually get these guys to tell us who they truly are and what they truly believe. And, you know, the way that the last debate was run? I mean, it was a setup for Santorum. Santorum was pickled between those two guys.

RUSH: Yeah, it was, but those two guys didn’t need CNN to set ’em up.

CALLER: Well, that’s true, too. That’s true, too.

RUSH: They didn’t need that, they came loaded for bear. Santorum was the perceived front-runner at that point, and he was gonna get it from all sides no matter what. No matter who moderated that.

CALLER: I would just enjoy a debate where I got to hear the truth from the Republican nominee, not something like you hear all the time where they’re giving out their talking points or they’ve already thought of the answer and they’re just spewing out what they’ve already thought of.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: I’d like to hear ’em speak from their heart and speak from their convictions.

RUSH: I hear you. I want to ask you a question here because I gotta go. Do you have a computer? Do you like computers?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: What kind do you have?

CALLER: Well, actually (chuckles), we are using my daughter’s laptop, ’cause we bought her a laptop for school, and we really do not have a computer at home anymore.

RUSH: Well, you do now!


RUSH: In my prize closet back there, I’ve got MacBook Pro, I think I’ve got a 17 and some 15 inches.


RUSH: And I got 13- and 11-inch MacBook Airs. You tell me which one you want.

CALLER: Wow, I have no idea.

RUSH: Okay, then I’ll send up the 17. It’s at the top of the line. It’s the bigger one. It’s got the DVD drive built into it and Ethernet connection which the Airs don’t have. They’re Wi-Fi only.


RUSH: That’s cool, I love ’em, too. Now, hang on, Snerdley will get your address and all that stuff we can send it out. And if you want it tomorrow, we’ll FedEx it for Saturday delivery. So don’t hang up, Danny.

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