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RUSH: Kate, Rockford, Illinois. Welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. Rush, do not succumb to the notion of “perception.” It’s not a good thing for you. You’re better than that. And I don’t think you will. I think you understand Charles Krauthammer.

RUSH: That’s my whole point! There’s no way I’m gonna succumb.

CALLER: And I’m not, either. The only gloomy people in the Republican Party today are the Romney people who cannot figure out why he didn’t win a landslide. I’ll tell you what: Us Reagan Democrats and us Newt supporters out here, we are jubilant ’cause we understand what happened in Michigan. We weren’t there. We wanted to see: What’s gonna happen conservative versus Mitt? And we keep his vote down and it’s great.

RUSH: Just a second. Are you saying that the Newt people, Republican people, are unhappy he didn’t win by a bigger amount?

CALLER: I think the Republican Party, the insiders and the Romney campaign are the ones that are gloomy. We’re sure not. We don’t see this as a victory for Mitt Romney. We see this as a huge loss. This is his home state. This is a state that six months ago Ann Coulter and the Botox brigade at the Republican Party would have swore he’d-a won in a landslide. Guess what? This is not a conventional year. Don’t count Newt out. Super Tuesday’s next week. And, you know what? A lot of this goes back to what Charles Krauthammer’s talking about, the Reagan Democrats, and I was one of them. I was a young mom in 1980, and about this time they’d written him off, too. And you remember that. The perception was he couldn’t win, he was from California. Oh, my gosh, he was divorced, you know, the whole thing.

RUSH: He was an actor.

CALLER: That’s right. And you know what? We didn’t give up. And now we’re old enough to have the money and the time to do this right. And we’ve got something we didn’t even have in the eighties. We have the Internet. We have Newtsnetwork.com. We have Newt.org. We have his Facebook page. We have a thousand ways for people to get involved that doesn’t require knocking on doors. And we’re doing it. We’re having a ball. We’re watching all this stuff. We’re watching all the hype from the media about Rick Santorum and his three-state win. Good heavens. We were there for a reason. Those were nonbinding delegates. Why waste the time and the money.

RUSH: You betcha.

CALLER: Why not? We’re going for the big guns. We have a strategy, and we’re gonna win. And if we don’t win, nobody else will, either, ’til we get to convention. And then we’ve got the uncommitted delegates, we’ve got the Newt delegates, we’ve got conservative delegates —

RUSH: We are hearing a strategery here.

CALLER: — and Newt’s got this thing.

RUSH: All right. I like it. I like upbeat people. She not succumbing. I like upbeat people. If we don’t win nobody else will and we’re gonna have an open convention. Yeah, I heard that. If we don’t win, nobody else will, either. So her claim is that the Romney camp is not happy, that Romney supporters are not happy, Republicans not happy ’cause they — I heard Romney say last night, it wasn’t a big win, but it was a win, and that’s all that matters. They looked pretty happy to me last night. I don’t know that they start worrying about the margin after the victory, but we’ll see. Kate, thanks for the call. Appreciate it very much. What’s the question, Snerdley? No, you mean after Super Tuesday? It’s not gonna be over a week from today I don’t think. We’re all professionals here. The professionals are saying this could go ’til May. It could go out actually that long. Remember, it was supposed to be over before it started. From the establishment Republican types, it was supposed to be over before it started.

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