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RUSH: Spokane, Washington, next. Dennis, I’m glad you called. Thank you for waiting, and hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thanks for taking my call. It’s been 22 years since we spoke, but I had to call in. These items all dovetail together. The Fluke lady?

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: She has contraceptives — and I am a Catholic, independent voter — she just didn’t do her follow-through. She could have just got pregnant and had an abortion paid for.

RUSH: Uhhh, you know, that is an interesting aspect of this that has not been discussed. I didn’t take it out to that logical conclusion.

CALLER: Okay. And also —

RUSH: Wait, I want to make sure I understand with my hearing. I want to make sure I understood this right. She’s got contraceptives. You’re a Catholic independent voter. She didn’t follow through. She could have just gone ahead and gotten pregnant, had an abortion, had it paid for — and that takes care of the consequences and all that?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: And accomplished the same end.

CALLER: Obviously, I’m being satirical because of my Catholic upbringing, however —

RUSH: Well, now, you think you’re being satirical.

CALLER: I’m also being honest.

RUSH: No, the other side doesn’t understand satire or irony or any of this. No, no, no, no. You’re not permitted that.

CALLER: Well, and I also have to get this in: You were absolutely correct. This is about socialism versus capitalism. And your listeners need to go back to 1920s and read Evolutionary Socialism. This is the 92nd year. It’s a slow process, just like the Taliban. However, I have been out of work for four years. I’m a casualty of the radio broadcast industry. I didn’t get a penny of anything! I pulled my bootstraps up, I became an entrepreneur, I went out and made my own money.

RUSH: Uh-oh!

CALLER: You cannot do that in a socialist society.

RUSH: You’re now a target. You’re now a target. You’re an achiever. You’re gonna be in the 1% regardless what your income is.

CALLER: Well, exactly. But I get so tired of these people saying, “You know, I need more unemployment. I need this. I need that.” There are jobs, I don’t care if it’s… I cut firewood in the beginning just to make some money. I live 60 miles from the nearest Safeway store, but I don’t owe anybody a dime and I’m making my own money. In various sorts of ways, but I’m making my own money.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Anybody can do it. I’m so tired of this “Give me money.” I’m tired of it.

RUSH: That was the one aspect of feminism I liked, that women were gonna pull themselves up by their bra straps. But it’s just vanished. Now all of these things that feminism had as its goals, they’re gone. They really are gone. They’re back to being subservient and dependent and demanding, and demanding dependence. Let me throw another thing. Thanks for the call, Dennis. Let me throw another little… oh, “think piece” into this. Georgetown University. It’s a Jesuit school. Their policy is that they are not going to provide contraceptives. Ms. Fluke enrolled there knowing this. In fact, she’s said (she’s implied) that she enrolled there hoping to change this.

So she enrolls in the place as an activist intent on changing their policy. How does it happen…? This is a very instructive point here, folks. How does it happen that we just accept the premise that she asserts that her RIGHT (put that in capital letters: her RIGHT) to free contraceptives is greater than Georgetown’s right not to be compelled to pay for her contraception? The moment that this notion was posited, all of a sudden Georgetown’s rights ceased to exist. Georgetown became an oppressor. Georgetown has had this policy for a long time. People that go there understand it before they enroll. The moment the activist, Ms. Fluke, asserts her right to free contraceptive, to handle her sex life — and it’s, by her own admission, quite active.

Then all of a sudden Georgetown loses its right to say no and becomes the oppressor! And then the president of Georgetown comes out calls me a “misogynist,” and he’s the one denying her her pills. Not I, El Rushbo. Now, does a government with the power to compel Georgetown University, to provide contraception against its will also have the power to make you take the pill? Let’s open the doors here. We’re gonna open one door, and let’s look at what else opened. You go to the government and you demand that they tell Georgetown that they have to give you your birth control pills. That government is now involved, just as they’ve been involved in the school lunch program and it gives them access to the curriculum at the public schools.

Does that government then have the power to make you take the contraception?

Or, better stated: Does that government then has the power to deny you the contraception. Once you allow them the power to provide it to you, alternately, you are granting them power to deny it to you. Or you’re allowing them to set circumstances under which you must behave before you can get it. All this is possible. Once you’ve opened the door and allowed the government to tell the university they have to provide you contraception, does that same government have the power to make one of your co-eds take contraception against her will? “No, that would never happen.” Tell that to the men of Missouri where somebody wants to regulate vasectomies. Could that same government force you or your co-eds to have an abortion if the contraception didn’t work? If the answer to any of these questions is, “No,” then what we have here is a policy debate, not a rights debate.

And that’s what this is all about.


RUSH: I’ll tell you what this means, folks, this headlong dive into contraception. It is evidence of the utter political and moral failure of their abortion push. They need a new plank to take the place of abortion because they’ve lost that argument. And that’s what this is.

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