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RUSH: What would happen if I went before a congressional committee, Snerdley, and said, “I want to be paid by the government for $3,000 worth of condoms a year?” What would happen? I guarantee you what would happen. People would wanna hang out with me! “Ooh, ooh where you going? What are you doing?” No. Would they? I’d be laughed out of the place. I’d be literally laughed out of the place. Somebody just sent me a note. Oh, and, by the way, on the notion of: Will Sandra Fluke be fine? May I take the occasion here to illustrate something? Sandra Fluke is going to be just fine. In fact, I would be surprised if it isn’t long before she runs for Congress, with the announcement ceremony with Pelosi and Steny Hoyer.

She’ll run on the women’s rights-contraception platform, whatever. But as you ponder this notion of the Democrat Party taking care of Sandra Fluke, I want you to think of another woman. Monica Lewinsky. What happened to Monica Lewinsky? Monica Lewinsky was having… What would you say? Protected sex with a sitting president. They destroyed her life. Kathleen Willey. Paula Jones. There was James Carville: “Ah, you never know what you’re gonna get when you take a dollar and drag it through a trailer park. That’s what you’re gonna come up with: Paula Jones.” Yeah, this is the party that cares about and loves women.

Monica Lewinsky. She had her life destroyed by Bill Clinton and the media. But Sandra Fluke’s on the right side of this issue with the media. So she’s going to be fine.

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