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RUSH: Everything we do here is about you. If you’re not here all the rest of this is academic. All the rest of it is of no consequence. Even now, I’m getting more e-mail than I have ever received in my life in both the ElRushbo@eibnet.com account and the Rush 24/7 subscriber website account, and it’s all wonderful, it’s all fabulous, and so many of you are asking, “How do you put up with this?” And the answer is very simple, I know you’re there, and I know you get all this, and I know you know what lies are being told. I know you remember all of these things. You remember Obama laughing when a comedian wishes for me to die. You remember. You are not fooled by Obama. You in this audience understand exactly, as well as I do, what we’re dealing with, who we’re dealing with, and I know that you’re in this every bit as deep and as committed as I am to it.

It’s not an exaggeration and it’s not a cliche to say that I know you’re in this with me. I don’t feel like I’m in this alone, by any stretch of the imagination. And then my family, radio broadcast partners, everything’s cool. I often say to myself this is the league that I play in, and I know the rules. And I know that they’re not fair. It’s just the way it is. I don’t lose sleep over it or cry about it. I will call attention to the hypocrisy and all that, but as you know, we laugh about it. My whole aim is to have as many fully informed voting Americans as possible. If I ever had to attach a mission statement to this show, that’s what it would be. So there’s no lying to you. There’s no misleading you. I don’t want you all involved in the public arena, believing a bunch of stuff that isn’t true. Policy-wise I’m talking about here.

We’re not like them. Even when these people make these vicious, crude remarks, we don’t demand they be shut up. We don’t demand their advertisers leave ’em. We don’t demand that they be fired. We don’t demand that they quit. That’s what they do. We’re not afraid of words, and we’re not the ones that lie about them. It’s the other way around. When you have a moral core, that’s a firm foundation, a moral code and core is a firm foundation. Now, everybody strays from it; nobody’s perfect; everybody falls off of the moral foundation they’re on. You try to get back on it as quickly as you can when that happens. We don’t try to pretend there isn’t a moral code and we don’t advocate for the abolition of the moral code, all of which they do. My primary source of strength, folks, is you. A little bit of me, too.


RUSH: See, here’s the thing, folks. Even for a moment when I slip up like I did and talk like a Democrat, you know that I don’t really think like one. Even when I slip up and sound like ’em, which is not very often, you know that’s not me. And therefore you’re able to keep everything in perspective. I love you for it and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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