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RUSH: According to Gallup, the unemployment rate in February: 9.1%. We’re gonna get the federal unemployment number here pretty soon, and we will hear what the Obama regime is claiming the new unemployment number is. Now, unemployment compensation requests or applications went up by about 8,000. Jobless claims jumped 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 362,000 in the week ending March the 3rd. This is according to the Labor Department. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires had forecast that claims would rise by 2,000. So this was unexpected. Claims rose by 8,000. That’s the government. Gallup says that their unemployment rate is 9.1%.

Now, bear in mind, Gallup does exactly what the Bureau of Labor Statistics does to get their monthly employment rate. That is, they take a survey. They do a poll. For their survey, Gallup interviewed 27,275 people. The government claims that they survey 110,000 adults. The only real difference between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Gallup is that Gallup does not make any so-called seasonal adjustments like the government does. The seasonal adjustment seems to be the government’s secret sauce. Maybe that’s the government’s pink slime.

But isn’t it magical how, without using any seasonal adjustments, Gallup’s monthly unemployment rate’s always a good bit higher than the regime’s? Now, the AP, their version of this story… I rarely have seen, other than this Washington Post story by Alexandra Petri, which is an out-and-out lie, this AP story on unemployment applications is perhaps one of the most intentionally misleading headlines and lead paragraphs that I have ever seen.

After reading this, I’m wondering: Why doesn’t the Associated Press have to register with the Federal Election Commission as an Obama super PAC? Because that’s what they are. The AP, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, they’re all part of the Obama super PAC. They give advertising away to Obama. They give it away. It’s free media. He doesn’t have to buy anything from these networks or these publications. Headline: “US Unemployment Applications Hover Near Low Levels — Slightly more Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week but the overall level stayed low enough to suggest the job market is strengthening.” Eight thousand new unemployment applications and AP says: That’s okay! That’s such a low number that that means that the expansion is continuing. The job market is strengthening.

This is an out-and-out lie again. It’s intentionally misleading, the headline and the lead paragraph. Tell me, in what significant way are they any different from the rest of the advertisers on the Obama reelection campaign? You have 8,000 new, according to government, jobless applications. And this is gonna be seasonally adjusted again and revised, probably up. You have 8,000 new applicants over last week, “slightly more Americans applied for unemployment benefits but the overall level stayed low enough to suggest the job market’s strengthening.” Headline: “US Unemployment Applications Hover Near Low Levels.” This is shameless. Absolutely shameless.

Andrew Breitbart was laid to rest this week. Andrew Breitbart, as I mentioned, grew up in West Los Angeles. He was surrounded by West LA liberalism. He grew up as one. He goes to Tulane University, graduates, and comes out of there a liberal. It wasn’t until later (the Clarence Thomas hearings is what he said) that this entire symbiotic relationship, this incestuous relationship between the media and the Democrat Party jarred him awake. It’s what alerted Andrew Breitbart to how the scales are weighted vastly in favor of the Democrat Party and the American left, because of the media. And Andrew Breitbart’s objective was to bust up “the Democrat-media complex,” as he called it, a takeoff on the military-industrial complex.

And that’s what his heirs at Big Journalism and Breitbart.com are going to continue to do, and it’s flat-out necessary.

Every day on this program for 23-plus years, there’s example after example after example of not just media bias, but journalistic malpractice: an entire industry lying and misleading and misrepresenting things to the American people. They hide behind the First Amendment and the freedom of the press, they hide behind the cloak of objectivity, but they’re not objective. They are advocates. They are surrogates. They are part of the agenda. They advance it, and it is the primary reason that so many things in this country are out of whack, because one political party gets a pass. One segment of the American population gets a total pass.

And this AP unemployment story is just the latest in countless daily, multiple-times-a-day examples of the irresponsibility that exists in what is called the mainstream media in this country.

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