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RUSH: We’re gonna start Columbia, South Carolina. Naomi, a Southern Christian woman who’s looked down upon by Washington Democrat women. It’s great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. When I heard those clips that you played I was absolutely furious. I am a white working woman. I am not a racist and I’m not stupid. Those women are doing so much to put us back decades by letting us being victimized, thinking that we can’t control our own bodies and we have to have someone else pay for our birth control, that I can’t see what’s going on in our society today —

RUSH: Let me tell you something.

CALLER: — and that I’m clueless.

RUSH: Naomi, these women — not just the women, the Democrats in the Beltway — are truly the ones who are out of touch. Joe Biden was hosting a dinner for the Chinese, the ChiCom vice president equivalent, and they were drinking $250 bottles of wine and eating New York strip steaks. And Biden’s talking about how the Republicans are out of touch with the middle class. They have no idea what the middle class is like. Now, I want to play this Karen Finney bite again for you. Karen Finney, this was last night on MSNBC. I want you to react to this, Naomi. She was very upset. You women in these primaries last night, you put the economy ahead of the health care Republicans want to take away from you.

FINNEY: Well… This woman vote really hurts me, I gotta say. (snickering) It’s a little painful ’cause I’m wondering if those women really heard the full message that: Yes, there is the economy, but if you’ve gotta worry about your basic health care, how are you then gonna be able to do what you need to do in terms of having a job, paying your rent, taking care of your kids.

RUSH: What do you think of that, Naomi?

CALLER: She’s an idiot.

RUSH: She’s talking about you.

CALLER: She’s an absolute idiot. How are we supposed to pay for health care if we don’t have an economy or people working and producing and earning to pay for it?

RUSH: Well, Obama’s gonna give it to you. Don’t you understand? Obama’s gonna give it to you. That’s the whole point. You think health care’s gonna be free.

CALLER: Yeah, he’s gonna “give it to us” all right, Rush, but he’s not gonna give it to us like that.

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: So it’s absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely.

RUSH: Are you an angry white woman?

CALLER: I sure am, and I’m very angry, and I hope that she gets hurt all the way to the White House. I hope her feelings are hurt all the way to the White House, because I don’t think there’s a candidate conservative enough for me, quite frankly. But I’m voting for ’em, whoever it is.

RUSH: What’s it feel like? I really wonder. What’s it feel like to have these Democrat women speak of women as all the same, being monolithic? Like, every woman is supposed to hate Republicans, understand that Republicans are wanting to deny you your birth control pills and that you’re not supposed to care about the economy. You’re supposed to care what they tell you to care about. I mean, you’re obviously an intelligent woman. You’re an independent thinker.

CALLER: I’m furious. It feels… It feels… I get so angry, Rush, you can’t even imagine how angry I get.

RUSH: Brazen condescension.

CALLER: If you sit down and talk with them, they’re brainless. And because they are being dictated to by mainstream media, by other liberals, they’re not paying attention to what’s going on in the real world. You’re absolutely right. They’re out of touch. They’re completely out of touch. I want to know who does their shopping, who does their earning.

RUSH: They have an arrogant condescension toward you and other Republican women, particularly white Southern women. And you could hear it in Karen Finney’s voice. She had arrogant condescension and a curiosity. How can you be so stupid? How can you not see what’s going on? Karen Finney is declaring a war on Republican women, it sounds like to me. I didn’t know — I suspected but I didn’t know — that there was a woman’s section on the Democrat Party Plantation, either.


RUSH: I must replay the second Karen Finney sound bite. She’s a Democrat strategist. She appears on MSNBC frequently. Last night they were doing election coverage of the Republican primaries (in Mississippi, Alabama, Hawaii) and she was shocked. She was literally shocked that Santorum won. He’s a conservative. That means he hates women. He wants to deny women their health care. This is what they believe and what they want you to believe. And she was asked the following question (summarized) “Santorum did pick well on Alabama among working women. And Santorum! Karen, Santorum even sent out a mailer, and it had a quote from Rush Limbaugh, and he still won. Now, you were in Alabama. Karen, how in the hell can that happen? Santorum use a quote from Limbaugh on a flier, and a Republican women voted for Santorum! Tell me, how is that happened, Karen?”

FINNEY: You know, I’m stunned. Uh, the only explanation that I can come up with is — and I think this would be a question I’d want to go back and ask these women. For these women, did race — or… or, in other words, “conservative values;” that’s the code, right? — trump gender? You know, it’s still a very conservative state. The racial issues are alive and well in Alabama and Mississippi. Remember those polls that we saw where large percentage don’t believe in interracial marriage and think the president is a “Mooslem.” So clearly there is some sort of racial stuff in there, and I wonder if that — ultimately for white working women — trumps their own gender.

RUSH: Right. You white working women. Well, let’s say “angry white working women.” They got a new voting bloc here, “angry white working women” to join the Democrats’ concoction of “angry white men.” So we got the angry white working women, and you angry white working women fell for the Republican codeword. That’s right! “Conservative values.” That’s code for racism and bigotry and sexism and homophobia. That’s what it was, and Karen Finney thinks you were disloyal to your sisters. You didn’t put your gender first. You didn’t vote your gender interests like they demand that you do. You voted on other things like the economy. You voted on other things, not your gender. You betrayed your gender! That’s what Karen Finney thinks of you angry white conservative women. This sounds like a war on women to me. (interruption) Doesn’t it to you, Dawn? It does. Okay, who’s next. Dawn, look at this! It’s Dawn in Waco, Texas. Dawn, welcome to the program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. I just want to say that I think she sounds like the angry white woman.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Not us. Like I told your screener, I’m a single white mother, and I’ve never gotten help from government. I’ve raised my kids by myself with no help. And there were times when health care was an issue, but, you know, that’s just part of life.

RUSH: She just said —

CALLER: You work your way through those things.

RUSH: Dawn?

CALLER: You don’t wait for somebody to give that to you.

RUSH: Dawn, she just said that women like you put race over gender.

CALLER: Nooo. (chuckles)

RUSH: You are racist. You vote racist matters over your own gender.

CALLER: Well, I don’t even understand where race comes into it. I think it’s a matter of the bigger picture.

RUSH: It doesn’t. The only way it does is because you are a white conservative woman, and to them that automatically makes you a racist. Again, she says here: “Did race — or, in other words, conservative values. That’s the codeword.” So, in other words, when Santorum is campaigning and he talks about need for “conservative values” to triumph, that’s code language for racism. You white working Southern women understand that when a candidate says he is for “conservative values,” there’s a wink and a nod, and he is telling you that he’s a racist and he knows you are, and that’s why you’ll vote for him. This is what they think! This is what they actually believe.

Inside their own salons, inside the Beltway, in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, that’s what they think of you. To them, they’re being very honest. She’s being very honest. “Conservative values” is code for racism or racial issues. It’s sending you a signal to make sure you vote against the black guy. Now, you accurately say, “Where does race factor in this election? There wasn’t anything racial about this election!” The candidates were Romney, Santorum, and Paul and Gingrich. Where’s racism here? It’s just… It’s more than a cliche. It’s actually one of the active, animating features of their intellect (if you can call it that).


RUSH: Yes, so you angry white conservative women, you are listening to code language. A Rick Santorum or a Romney will come along and start talking conservative values and you wink and nod and you understand that you’re being told that a race issue is here. Conservative values — Karen Finney said it, Democrat strategist — conservative values, that means race is involved; that means be racist; that means it’s okay to discriminate. It’s asinine. It’s not even a factor in these primaries.

Now, let’s not forget something. Let’s go back to 2008 and the Democrat presidential campaign. And remember, who was it that was considered to be the lock for the Democrat nomination? Was it not Hillary? Hillary had paid her dues. She’d moved to Arkansas with Bill. She’d put up with everything Bill did. She made it possible for Bill to get elected and stay elected, and it was her turn and then all of a sudden out of nowhere comes the skinny black guy and Hillary gets cast aside.

The party of women did everything it could to deny her what was justly hers, the presidency, the Democrat Party nomination. She had paid her dues. She had made it possible for her husband — ahem — after Gennifer Flowers, after Paula Jones, after Juanita Broaddrick, after Kathleen Willey, after Monica Lewinsky. She hung in there. She moved to Arkansas. She went to work for the Rose Law Firm. She earned the family’s money while Clinton earned 25 grand as governor while catting around. She hung in there. She enabled his career to survive. She enabled his election to the presidency. She maintained his dignity, stood by him, and then when it was her turn, when she was to be rewarded, what did they do?

They got rid of the woman as quickly as David Ehrenstein could write a column in the LA Times entitled “Barack the ‘Magic Negro.'” And she was history. Yes, it was a guy at the LA Times who wrote that column and came up with the term and the whole theory behind the “Magic Negro.” Not me, it was David Ehrenstein, a columnist at the LA Times. Black guy, by the way.

Now, this is the party that claims to be for women. This is the party that got James Carville running around, (imitating Carville) “Hey, drag a dollar bill through a trailer park and you never know what you’re gonna end up with.” All of the women in the Clinton bimbo eruptions were compared to trailer trash or take your pick of derogatory terms. From the party of women. Women are so important to the Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton was gonna get the nomination, and then they took it away from her, Barack Obama.


RUSH: Ruth in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you’re next on the phones. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Mega God bless America and deliver us from every enemy within and without dittos, sir.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Love your program. Love what you do for this country. Don’t ever minimize that. God put you there for such a time as this.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, really appreciate you. I love my country. And I am an angry white conservative working woman. I have been working all my life since I was a kid. And when I had to raise my kids by myself I held three jobs at one time. I have never gotten a food stamp. I have never gone to the government for anything but a student loan, which I paid back. And I don’t ever want to have to go to my government for anything. And what I told your call screener is, he could be a matador. Obama could be a matador. He waves the red flag of racism, all these wicked things they say about conservatives to take our eyes off the real issue. The bull in the stadium is him and he is incrementally dismantling our country and destroying it, and that’s what makes me angry.

I don’t give a flip about his skin color. Really, I mean if that’s a problem I’ll be angry with his white side. You know, I want my country back. I want it put back the way it was supposed to be. I was standing in Whole Foods at the checkout line one day in 2008 just before the election, and on the front of a magazine, and I don’t know why no one ever saw this, and I never could get through to bring attention to it, it was a magazine, and it had the Dow Jones Industrial index, and it took the arrow way below where it has ever been, and across it was plastered, “Yes, we can.” This guy, it isn’t about liberal, it isn’t about conservative, it isn’t Republican, Democrat. This is about a fellow who is trying to destroy our nation. Everybody’s too polite to say it because every time people stand up and speak the truth, he waves that red flag of racism, and I’m tired of it, and I thank God that you and talk radio are willing to stand against this stuff and speak the truth. Because our nation is at stake.

RUSH: It is. We’re losing it.

CALLER: Well, you know, I’m not gonna lose it without a fight. And by that I don’t mean I want to hurt anyone. I don’t. But I’m gonna do all it takes to elect a conservative, get this conservative nominated, and then get him elected. I’m gonna see to it that my votes in my state are kept, that the integrity of the vote is maintained, and that the voting polls are clean of illegals and dead people and multiple voters. I’ve had it. My country is precious to me, and I’m not gonna stand in eternity before God or all the veterans who have died and served, all the people that worked their tails off — we forget, 50 years ago Americans didn’t have two cars, and a lot of people had struggles putting food on the table. You know, they didn’t go through all that for us to hand it over to a few, a very few minority with a megaphone and just lay down and let them take it. I say no.

RUSH: God bless you, love your passion, and you have millions of Americans cheering you on right now, I guarantee you. We have a new voting bloc here, folks: angry, conservative working women. Not gonna put “white” in there because I know there are a lot of African-American women who are just as ticked off about this economy as anybody else is. Angry conservative working women: new voting bloc.


RUSH: Gloria in Columbus, Ohio. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hi, Gloria. Got about one minute.

CALLER: Okay. I just want to tell you, I am a black, Puerto Rican woman, and I am a supporter of Rick Santorum. I hope he wins this Sunday. I’ve been a Republican since the election of 2008, and I just want to thank you for opening my eyes. I am very nervous right now. I used to hate United States, okay? I was a socialist in Puerto Rico from the Independence Party. You know why? ‘Cause I was ignorant, okay? I didn’t read. I used to believe that all white people in America were racist —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — and that all Republicans were racist, and the Democrats were for Hispanic and black. That is a lie. You know why I was thinking like that? Because I was listening to Al Sharpton. I was listening to Jesse Jackson, all these crazy liberal revolutionists that happened to go to Harvard like my leader, Albizu Campos. He graduated from Harvard University, and that’s a nursery for socialist liberals that just hate the United States.

RUSH: Gloria, welcome home. The left feeds on ignorance, the kind of ignorance that you had then. That’s why they encourage it. That’s why the left encourages and subsidizes ignorance, people not knowing things. You saw it. You woke up. God bless you.

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