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RUSH: Folks, again I tell you: These two polls, the New York Times and the Washington Post on Monday of this week, have thrown this White House for a loop.

I have sound bites coming in mere moments where members of the State-Controlled Media are now attacking the intelligence of people who are polled and asking, “Are the polls broken?” (laughing) We get some State-Controlled Media polls that look bad for Obama and they run stories, “Are these polls broken? Are the people in the polls stupid?” They have what they think is the smartest, slickest, most polished president and politician ever in the history of the country. They have total propaganda control over the media, and in their minds that means they have total control over what America thinks, and Obama’s approval number is at 41%.

Even after last week, I was supposed to be banished and finished and gone forever. Conservative talk radio was supposed to be dead and buried — the last remaining opposition to Obama, by the way (plus some brave, courageous conservative bloggers). The conservative media at large, Obama’s not so much concerned about them. Now, last week all this was supposed to work. Finally, the dream was to have come true! And instead what’s happened? (chuckling) What’s happened is… Here, grab audio sound bite number five. What has happened? We’ve got the polls. We’ve got the White House in panic. Gasoline prices! Talk radio, Limbaugh, were supposed to have been finally taken care of, banished and gone forever. No more serious opposition to Obama.

And instead here is Wolf Blitzer on CNN yesterday…

BLITZER: The latest casualty in the firestorm engulfing conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbuh (sic) could be the liberal comedian Bill Maher who’s now getting a lot of heat from Republicans and some Democrats alike for his own recent inflammatory comments.

RUSH: “The latest casualty from the firestorm engulfing” me is not talk radio; it’s their own Bill Maher. They’re lamenting, “Oh, no, what’s happened here? Now everybody’s focusing on Maher and some of the other truly base, disgusting, vile everyday stuff coming from Democrat media people.” That’s now being looked at. That now is being examined. None of this was supposed to happen.


RUSH: It’s kind of funny to ponder the question: “Will Bill Maher be the first casualty in the war on women?” Ha! Who woulda thought, folks? But there’s old Wolf Blitzer (mumbling), “The first casualty… the latest casualty … firestorm … is Bill Maher!” So this mythical war on women takes out Bill Maher, perhaps.

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