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RUSH: Speaking of fundraising and playing to the base, a fascinating little story here out of North Carolina involving Dumplin’. The governor there, that’s her nickname, Bev Perdue, she is now backing — folks, this is not insignificant. This almost approaches the profound. North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue has decided to support fracking in North Carolina. That’s a new kind of drilling for oil and natural gas, and that’s like showing Dracula the cross. The liberals hate fracking. The Democrats, the media hate fracking. They hate the recovery of oil. They are totally opposed to it.

“Months after she vetoed a bill that would have allowed test drilling for natural gas in central North Carolina, Gov. Beverly Perdue said Wednesday that she believes drilling can be done safely in the state.” She previously vetoed a bill to allow fracking, but now that she’s no longer running for reelection, she has changed her mind. The story says that Dumplin’ “recently traveled to Pennsylvania for an industry-sponsored tour of large-scale natural gas drilling operations. ‘It’s jobs. It’s a fuel source produced in this country, and it’s something that can help America and North Carolina be globally competitive,’ the governor said.”

Now, why would Governor Perdue be all for it now and just months ago totally opposed to it? Well, I’ll tell you why. She’s not trying to hold her base for reelection any longer. She’s not running for reelection so she doesn’t have to do things to keep the fringe kook Democrat base together. If she were running for reelection she would not have changed her mind on fracking. She would still oppose it. But now that that’s not a concern and now that she doesn’t care what the Democrat Party base thinks, she’s going to do for her legacy, for her reputation, for what’s written about her after she’s no longer governor, she’s now gonna do the right thing. She’s now gonna allow fracking for natural gas, because, by her own admission, it’s jobs. It’s a fuel source produced in this country. It’s something that can help America and North Carolina be globally competitive.

None of that mattered when she was running for reelection, and this is the thing about Democrats. Jobs, doesn’t matter. A fuel source produced in this country, doesn’t matter. Something that can help America and North Carolina be globally competitive, doesn’t matter. In fact, if you’re for those things, you will anger the Democrat Party base. What does that stay about that party? But now that she doesn’t need votes, now that needs a legacy, now that she wants wonderful things written about her governorship, now she’s going to do the right things. The Democrat Party base, fringe Alinskyite, Marxist leftists that they are, are the number one impediment to progress in this country. They and their elected officials, no question about it.

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