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RUSH: Audio sound bite time. We’ve had a couple today. Why not add a third. June 14th, 2011, me on this program behind this Golden EIB Microphone.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What their campaign is going to be — and I told you this — when they got into Washington, they discovered it was far worse than they even knew.

RUSH: I’ve been telling the members of this audience, if you’re new, that one of the things Obama’s gonna say is, “Oh, this economy. Why haven’t our policies worked? ‘Cause we didn’t know how bad it was. The Bush people, nobody told us how bad it was. It’s worse than we ever knew. Our policies are just now starting to work. They would have worked much sooner if people would have been honest with us. But we didn’t know how bad it was so our policies are late getting started.” And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Last night on his campaign website at BarackObama.com, Obama released a new campaign ad in the form of a 17-minute movie. And we have a portion of the movie, David Axelrod you’re hear here with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the narrator is Tom Hanks.

AXELROD: What was described in that meeting was an economic crisis beyond anything anybody had imagined.

EMANUEL: You had people telling you that the auto industry was literally days from collapse.

AXELROD: Christie Roemer, the incoming head of the Council of Economic Advisors said, “Mr. President, this will be as deep as anything we’ve experienced since the Great Depression and millions of people are gonna lose their jobs.”

HANKS: Not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt had so much fallen on the shoulders of one president.

RUSH: Oh, my, oh, jeez. Oh, oh, can you get any more syrupy? “Not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt had so much fallen on the shoulders of one president.” Folks, I know these people. I know them as well as they know themselves when it comes to their politics, and so this is what they’re setting up. That’s just 30 seconds out of a 17-minute movie. So you can see, yes, it’s all much worse than we thought, much worse. They didn’t tell us. We didn’t discover until it was too late. Our stimulus should have been bigger. We need to spend even more to fix these problems.

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