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RUSH: Do you remember how we opened the program one week ago? Do you remember? We had two polls, from the New York Times and the Washington Post, and they were devastating to Barack Obama. (interruption) Yeah, I’ve got the new iPad, and I’m gonna be talking about it in due course. It is amazing. But I don’t want to get into that yet. I’ll give you my review of the new iPad here in just a second. But a week ago we had these two devastating polls that literally panicked and shocked the White House, and they are still in panic. And they still are shocked. And that’s why Obama did — what was it? — five or six fundraisers alone on Friday. Five or six fundraisers!

He was expected to raise $5.6 million and did not raise $5 million. He came in at four-something, four-point-something million. He didn’t even meet the expectations, which means of course the economists will be surprised at the unexpected results. And at one of these fundraisers, at some guy named Tyler Perry’s house in Atlanta, they had a musical performance by a well-known rapper by the name of Cee Lo Green. Now, you remember the hubbub a couple-three weeks ago regarding me and all the so-called lack of civility, which has now also backfired on the Democrats. This guy Cee Lo Green showed up at the Atlanta fundraiser for Obama — Mr. Civility, Barack Obama.

And this guy Cee Lo Green dropped the F-bomb. He’s got a song entitled “F— You,” and he changes the lyrics around on occasion, but he showed up before Obama came out and spoke at this fundraiser and dropped the F-bomb in his song while Mr. Civility is backstage, waiting to go on I guess. This is getting nowhere near the attention it should get in the media. Mr. Civility, Barack Obama, is not being asked about this at all. We have a 22-second blurb from this performance by Mr. Cee Lo Green. We’ve bleeped it. It’ll give you some idea how it went.

GREEN: I see you driving ’round town with the girl I love and I’m like …

BACKUP SINGERS: Ooo,ooo,ooo!

GREEN: Can I cuss? I guess the change in my pocket wasn’t enough. I’m like, “(bleep) you!” and “(bleep) her, too.” I said, “If I was richer, I’d still be with ya. Ha, now ain’t that some sh(beep)?”

RUSH: That’s at an Obama fundraiser in Atlanta. “I see you driving ’round town with a girl I love and I’m like,” and then he shot the audience the bird. He flipped them the middle finger at that point. And he sang, “Can I cuss? I guess the change in my pocket wasn’t enough. I’m like, ‘(f-bomb) you!’ and ‘(f-bomb) her, too.’ I said, ‘If I was richer, I’d still be with ya. Ha, now ain’t that some sh(bleeped)?'” This is before Obama goes on the same stage. Mr. Civility. Let’s remember what he said March 6th. Let’s go to audio sound bite number three. We might as well play this. March 6th he’s at a press conference and he gets a question about my apology to Sandra Fluke.

The reporter wants to know whether he thinks it was sufficient and heartfelt.

OBAMA: I don’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh’s heart so I’m not gonna comment on, uhhh, uh, the sincerity of his apology. Uh, what I can comment on is the fact that all decent folks can agree, uh, that the remarks that were made, uh, don’t have any place in the public discourse. And, you know, the reason I called Ms. Fluke is because, uh, I thought about Malia and Sasha.

RUSH: His daughters, Malia and Sasha. He thought about them. What about this guy Cee Lo Green? And Cee Lo Green can sing what he wants. I don’t care. But here it is at an Obama fundraiser on the same stage Obama will take not long after Cee Lo Green sings the tune. Yep. Double standard, single standard, whatever. Pure hypocrisy. I know. But the point is it isn’t getting any press, nor is it getting any condemnation. But don’t doubt me when I tell you it’s noticed. It’s noticed. Just because the press, the mainstream press, State-Controlled Media doesn’t give it any attention doesn’t mean it’s ignored. It’s out there, especially now it’s out there.

Just one week ago, New York Times has a poll with CBS News: Obama at a record low approval rating: 41%.

In the Washington Post, a poll that showed Obama losing ground with women. Approval number down. It shocked the White House. It’s one of the reasons they went on this massive fundraising spree last week, culminating with five or six of them in Atlanta. That was the last one. He had five or six of them on Friday, and he raised less than expected. And now there are bad polls everywhere, folks.

RUSH: It’s interesting. You know, I use two words in 23 years that showed questionable judgment. Two words in 23 years. These entertainers and pundits on the left seem to use 23 obscene words every day or every two days. Back in 2008, the rapper Ludacris supported Obama. The two met in Obama’s senatorial office and, in his rap song praising Obama, he called Hillary a b-i-itch. Obama smiled. You remember that? “Hillary hated on you,” said Ludacris. “That b-i-itch irrelevant. Jesse talkin’ slick and apologizin’ for…” It was a special rap song written for Obama in which Mrs. Clinton, former first lady, the current secretary of state, was referred to as a b-i-itch.

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