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RUSH: I have a huge supply of these babies. I have ’em in white and black, and I’ve got ’em Verizon and AT&T. They’re all 64-gigabyte storage, and they’re all 4G LTE. And I’m gonna give away one a day, starting today, to people who follow us on Twitter.

We activated our Twitter account last week as a means of tweeting out some counter-information on the lies and distortion of this Democrat-operative campaign of harassment of our advertisers and radio stations. And, believe me, it is not angry consumers — it’s not angry listeners — that are harassing stations and advertisers. It’s Democrat operatives who are being given marching orders from Media Matters for America and in particular a guy that works there. So what we’ve done is put some information that explains how this operation is working, where it started, some details of it, and how it’s not working well @Limbaugh on Twitter. @Limbaugh is one of our handles. @RushLimbaugh is the second handle. Same site. No space between Rush and Limbaugh.

Now, contest rules will not be found at Twitter. Contest rules will be found at RushLimbaugh.com. Basically it’s very simple. It doesn’t cost anybody anything. You simply become a member of Twitter, which means opening an account with your e-mail address. Nothing will happen to you after that unless you start following people, and then you will start seeing what people you want to follow tweet. At the same time, what we want you to do is follow me, @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh, and retweet what we put up there. And it’s just clicking one button on your own Twitter page. Once you follow me, and you see all that we’ve tweeted.

Just hit your retweet button and it tweets to everybody else who follows you, and this expansion occurs in geometric proportions. It just balloons. It gets explosive in its size increase. And this is how we are combating this with the truth. The first announcement of a winner will be tomorrow. Or actually, we’ll choose the winner today after the program, and the first winner will be announced tomorrow. And we’re gonna do this for a week, at least. And it’s worth trying for one of these, folks. I was a little skeptical, ’cause I thought the iPad 2 screen was great. Often I’d look at it and say, “How can they make this any better? To the human eye, anyway.” They did, and dramatically so. So that’s what we are doing there.

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