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RUSH: Folks, as you know, our little business — Kathryn and my small business — TwoIfByTea.com is the best iced tea in America. We have a new flavor coming soon, by the way. By popular demand (literally, we’ve been demanded to produce this) so we are going to be announcing it shortly. Anyway, we announced the creation of Two If By Tea last summer. We launched last June with the plan of becoming America’s patriotic bottled iced tea of choice. Now, Two If By Tea is a modern-day twist on the historic reference, “One if by land, two if by sea.” Paul Revere fearlessly rode through the streets of Boston warning that the British were coming.

Well, today it’s “The Liberals Are Coming.” And it’s us, conservatives, who need to jump on our horses and sound the alarm: “The Liberals Are Coming!” And Two If By Tea is a takeoff on that. Now, due to popular demand, in addition to the new flavor — and I knew this was gonna happen. We’re Internet-only, and the reason they did that… Well, there are many reasons but the real primary reason was to maintain direct contact with you, the customer. If we got into distributorships and ended up at various retail outlets, then we lose direct contact with you. So we offered free shipping for the product on the Internet, knowing full well that the Internet is not how people buy bottled beverages.

You go to the store to buy ’em.

But, nevertheless, that was the business model that we started with for that and some other reasons. We are now going to try something, like I always do it, outside of the box. Not according to formula, not according to the way consultants would advise us to do it. We’re going to open up our distribution channels directly to you without somebody in the middle. So if you would like to help spread the alarm by offering Two If By Tea in your retail stores, or if you’d like to serve Two If By Tea at a large event that you’re having, this is your chance to do it and to do it by being in touch directly with us.

Just go to our website, TwoIfByTea.com, and complete the Large Order Inquiry Form that is under the SHOP tab. Go to TwoIfByTea.com, find the SHOP tab, click on it, and then complete the Large Order Inquiry Form. And this maintains a direct connection between me and us and you, the customer. Now, the Two If By Tea label screams “Proud to be American.” It’s me decked out as Paul Revere. The character is Rush Revere. The iced tea is produced and bottled right here in the United States. In addition, Two If By Tea is a proud sponsor of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, a great organization.

They provide scholarships to the children of servicemen and women lost while serving this great country. That’s who we sponsor. It’s a win-win all the way around. So people have been clamoring to be able to get this in stores. I understand that. You hanker for a bottle of iced tea and you don’t want to wait for two days while it’s delivered to you. We get that. So if you have a store, a chain of stores or a big event coming up and you want to have it in your store, we’re ready. Just go to TwoIfByTea.com, click on the SHOP page, and fill out the Large Order Inquiry Form. It’s grassroots, grassroots retailers. It’s the best iced tea in the country. The flavors are Raspberry, Peach, Blueberry.
And when you just unscrew the top of the bottle and smell it, you think you’re smelling blueberry muffin batter, for example. It is great stuff, it’s excellent, and we’re happy that people love it. And this is how we’re gonna get it retail.

So if you’re interested go to TwoIfByTea.com, click the SHOP page tab, and fill out the Large Order Inquiry Form.

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