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RUSH: This is why I have been saying it: More drilling doesn’t cut gas prices. It’s a story. And it’s a fact-check from the AP. AP’s done a fact-check story: “More US drilling didn’t drop gas prices — It’s the political cure-all for high gas prices: Drill here, drill now. But more US drilling has not changed how deeply the gas pump drills into your wallet, math and history show. A statistical analysis of 36 years of monthly, inflation-adjusted gasoline prices and US domestic oil production by The Associated Press shows no statistical correlation between how much oil comes out of US wells and the price at the pump.”

Now, uh, once again I find myself near speechless here.

This is a raw, naked assertion of flat-out excrement.

This is BS of the highest order.

Therefore, as I said earlier, we may as well not produce steel. We may as well not produce wheat, corn, you name it. It doesn’t matter. US production of these items has no effect on the price. It says that right here in AP: More drilling didn’t drop the gasoline price. Isn’t it as simple as saying, “Okay, take the US share of produced oil off the market, and what would happen to prices?” Are they trying to tell us that the amount of oil we produce and put on the global market is so insignificant that it wouldn’t matter? Boy, I remember during the Bush administration, we got to $3 a gallon, and there was a conspiracy going on!

The media stopped everything to trying to get to the bottom of it. “Who is responsible for this $3-a-gallon gasoline?” Now, here we are in the golden era of the Obama regime, and $5 a gallon? “Hey, it’s just the market at work, and it’s really not as bad as you think.” But at $3 a gallon, if they coulda put Bush in jail for it along with Karl Rove, they would have. If they coulda rounded up all the executives at ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson and the boys, they woulda done it and they woulda put ’em in jail. Now, everybody knows that gasoline prices are “subject to many factors.” There are speculators who look into the future.

But if more oil production doesn’t drive down the price of gas, why does everybody beg the Saudis to pump more whenever prices start to go up? Would somebody answer that really simple, logical question? If 36 years of drilling for oil in America is irrelevant, somebody explain to me why we practically run and bow down and beg King Abdullah to pump more oil? Why do we do that? Why did John Kerry make a big deal in 2004 in challenging George W. Bush: (paraphrased) “Get over there and make a deal with the Saudis! That’s what I’m gonna do when I’m president. I’m gonna make a deal with them. I’m gonna go over and I’m gonna tell ’em what-for, and I’m gonna make sure they pump more oil! I’m gonna be a president they’re gonna listen to and they’re gonna respect and I’m gonna tell them start pumping and pumping and they’ll do it when I’m president.”

Well, what does it matter?

If more oil from domestic sources doesn’t matter, why does it matter when it comes from Saudi Arabia? Now, in this AP fact-check, there’s this little item that’s buried deep, and only people like your host have the patience and commitment to ferret out. “If drilling activity rises around the globe for a sustained period of time, gasoline prices can fall as that new supply eventually finds its way to market, but the US can’t do it alone, oil analysts say.” That just contradicts every claim they made in their fact-checking article before they get to this. So they’ve got a huge piece: More drilling didn’t drop the gas price. More drilling won’t drop the gas price.

And then buried in the story: “If drilling activity rises around the globe for a sustained period of time, gasoline prices can fall…” Well, which is it, AP? Either drilling affects prices or it doesn’t. (New Castrati impression) “They’re being honest with you, Mr. Limbaugh! They’re saying the world has to do it at the same time, every oil-producing country at once.” Oh, so now you want to support the world drilling for oil but just not us? The pretzels these people twist themselves into. It takes a rare person to be able to keep track all this. It takes a rare person indeed to be able to untangle this intricately woven web of deceit and lies spun every day by these people.

And that person is your host: The all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, all-feeling, all-everything Maha Rushie.


RUSH: You know what’s also ironic about this gasoline price business? Since he was inaugurated, Obama has done everything he can to deemphasize oil. He’s had his energy secretary testify on a couple of occasions, and Obama himself has said that $4-a-gallon gasoline doesn’t trouble them. Obama said the only thing that troubled him about it was how quickly it got to $4 a gallon. He would have preferred that the price increase take a little longer to get there. His energy secretary, Steven Chu, said in congressional testimony: We’re really not concerned about the gasoline price; we want to get people off of oil.

So what’s Obama doing today? Yesterday and today? Just total 180-degree shift in direction. All of a sudden now, Barack Obama wants you to think that the price of oil and the price of gasoline is the most important thing on his agenda right now. And if by some miracle… Now, here’s the irony: If by some miracle Obama did see the light and he did try to lower the price of gasoline, he would be undoing everything he and the Democrats have worked so hard to accomplish over the last three years. They want high gasoline prices so that you’ll eventually go buy a Chevy Volt. They want high gasoline prices so you’ll go buy a hybrid or an electric car, or you’ll take mass transit.

They want you out of your internal combustion engine machine. They’ve made no secret about it. They’re not even concerned about high gas prices except now it’s an election year, and now what the American people want is what we have to pretend that we want. And that’s where Obama is. So the lack of a moral core is as apparent and obvious in Obama as it is in anybody else who has no moral core. It’s just paramountly obvious here, and I think it’s a profundity. For three years they have been working on raising the price of energy.

Look at what Obama said in the ’08 campaign about coal. “Well, you can go ahead and start a coal plant if you want but you’re gonna go broke because I’m gonna tax it and I’m gonna make it so expensive.” Traditional forms of energy, Obama wanted to wipe out. He’s bankrolled all these losers in wind and solar, and now just in the last two days (and for the first two days of his nearly three-and-a-half year term) all of a sudden the price of oil matters most. The price of gasoline matters most. This is an election year again so he’ll listen to what you want in an attempt to fake you out into believing that’s what he wants. But it isn’t.

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