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RUSH: Here’s the question from the New York sports media. We have two of them here. “Tim, if you will, two-part question. Number one: Obviously, you know New York’s huge market and your faith is very important to you. Was the thought of being able to spread your faith in the New York market a big deal, and how about spreading your faith within the locker room, and do you do that very carefully?”

Sports media asking a social issues question here.

TEBOW: Well, I think, first and foremost, it doesn’t matter what market I was in. Any market, I just want to be myself. And when I’m asked about it, I won’t be ashamed of saying that I serve my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. And in the locker room, you know, it’s not something that I’m super outspoken about. It’s just that’s who I am and that’s how I live. And I don’t try to share it with a lot of guys. I don’t try to, you know, approach a lot of guys with it. Because I think the greatest way to share the Gospel is by acting it and by them seeing who you are as a person and that’s how I approach it.

RUSH: And the next question: “Tim, if you wouldn’t mind talking to us about your core beliefs, and also some of the social hot-button topics that we hear politicians talk about, religious leaders talk about. You haven’t said a whole lot about that. Is there a reason why,” backup quarterback for the New York Jets, “you haven’t spoken out about social issues and your core beliefs that we hear politicians…?” When was the last football player ever asked about “core” beliefs? Here’s Tebow’s answer…

TEBOW: We’re at a press conference for a football team. So it’s not exactly the platform to get up here and share everything you believe, but I have no problems ever sharing what I believe. You know, I’m a Christian, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, and that is first and foremost the most important thing in my life. And, for me, it’s about having a relationship with Christ, and that’s pretty much it. This is a press conference for the New York Jets football team, and so I feel like it’s an opportunity to answer questions about my opportunity to be here as a Jet and I’m excited about that. And any time I get an opportunity I’m always gonna talk about Jesus Christ and what He’s done in my life, but this is also here to talk about the Jets.

RUSH: That’s the New York sports media — just as liberal as their buddies in the news press corps.

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