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RUSH: Folks, I don’t usually cover the local crime beat, but since it seems to be a popular topic this week, there is a bit of news. A 21-year-old Mississippi State University student was killed over the weekend in his dorm. He was the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. This is a quote, now: “Shortly after the incident, investigators said witnesses and security cameras observed three African-American males fleeing the scene.” The suspects were so thoroughly identified it was announced that they were not Mississippi State University students. Now, this murder hasn’t gotten very much coverage in the national media.

There is an AP story on it here. The headline to the story: “Coroner Rules MSU Student Death a Homicide,” and a person of interest has been identified. A weapon was discovered. ” John Sanderson, 21, of Madison died of multiple gunshot wounds in an incident at Evans Hall dormitory shortly before 10 p.m. Saturday Shortly after the incident, investigators said witnesses and security cameras observed three African-American males fleeing the scene”. John Sanderson, in case you’re asking, is white. Yeah. But there hasn’t been much on this story from Saturday night. So I just wanted to mention it to you.


RUSH: Jerry in Chicago, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor. Quickly if I could I’d like to just articulate a few facts that I determined relative to this shooting in Florida. Also, as a retired police officer from San Francisco now residing in Chicago, I think I have an interesting perspective. It’s worth noting that Axelrod is based here in Chicago. As a result, he was clearly aware of the fact that there were over 40 shootings in Chicago over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, ten of which resulted in murder, homicide, death. These were predominantly on the south side of Chicago, which is, uh, a black neighborhood. The current state Democratic chairman from the state of Florida, as I understand it, is a person by the name of Rod Smith. He was, in 2005, a member of the Florida state senate, which voted 39 to zero in favor of the Stand-Your-Ground law.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: The House voted 92 to 20 in favor of that law. Now, Rod Smith — correctly, I think — is in defense of the law, but also agrees that an arrest should have been made in the case. Now here’s my personal observation as a police officer, former police officer. Mr. Zimmerman, I think, fits the profile of somebody that we might refer to as suffering from the John Wayne syndrome. He was a person equipped with a weapon and charged with certain responsibilities as a Neighborhood Watch person that overstepped his bounds. I don’t think, um, he was necessarily a racist, but he made poor decisions based on poor judgment.

RUSH: Jerry, what I’ve read is that Mr. Zimmerman — who, again, the New York Times refers to as a “white Hispanic” and the rest of the media has now picked that up, ’cause that fits the template. You need white-on-black here to gin this up. I understand. He wants to be a cop. He just loves law enforcement, and he’s a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch commander, and he wanted to protect his neighborhood, and he just got a little overzealous and so forth. But we still don’t know what the real facts of this are, I don’t think. That’s why this is… It’s a month ago that this happened, and yet it’s being portrayed as though it just happened last weekend or something, at least with the attention that’s being focused on it. But it really is troubling that there are people trying to fan the flames of this rather than cool it down. I mean at the highest levels. I mean we know who the people trying to benefit from this are, but at the highest levels of our government, you would think — with a powder keg like this — that people would want to try to douse it, cool it off a little bit. I just don’t see any of that.

originalCALLER: Well, it may be ultra-cynical on my part, but I did not hear the president interjecting himself into the argument or the controversy by saying that if he had a son, you know… That is that the ten people that were murdered on the south side of Chicago, that they would all look like his son as well.

RUSH: I know. We talked about this earlier. This is one of those things I can’t relate to. I don’t look at people and see a race or a sexual orientation or whatever. I mean, I’m a red-blooded American guy. When I see a woman, I notice she’s a woman, but I don’t see the political context. I don’t see feminist or a female victim of some oppressive society. I don’t see black-versus-white or anything. The left is the ones who do this. For Obama to come out and say, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon,” okay, fine. What? What then? What does that mean? What are we supposed to infer from that? I don’t even want to answer that question. It’s a disconnect to me. I don’t get it. The last thing I would ever think, if I were president or anybody else, when somebody gets shot is, “Whoa, that looks like my son!” I don’t have a son. Neither does he. I don’t understand it. But certainly, yeah, he’s not saying it about any other murder victim. And he didn’t call their parents, or the kids’ patients, I don’t think. It’s a mystery to me. I just have no… Well, it’s not a mystery. I mean, I know these people like the back of my hand, but I just can’t relate to this way of looking at people and events, look at everything through a political lens.

We have dead 17-year-old, and this being looked at through a political prism by people is just something that escapes me, just really does.

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