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RUSH: The president was at the White House this morning. He kicked up his community organizing again, this time against Big Oil. And this is something he does two or three times a year, trying to get a mob together to distract from the Keystone pipeline and what’s happening with gasoline prices and his moratoriums on drilling and his refusal to permit new drilling.

He’s trying to shift the blame for the gasoline prices where the left always takes it, and that’s to Big Oil. Now, for those of you new to the program, the Democrat Party — the left, however you want to think of them — cannot triumph arguing their ideas. They lose. Their ideas are rejected (and always have been) by a majority of the American people. They are a minority. They represent 20% or 25% of the thinking of this country. But because they have the media and movies and books, newspapers and so forth, it’s made to look like they are — liberalism is — the dominant media culture, the dominant cultural way of thinking, dominant everything. And it isn’t.

It’s dominant in the classroom and it’s dominant on the movie screens. But in real life the people that make this country work are not liberal. Liberalism is not the backbone of America. It’s not what makes the country work. It’s what’s trying to tear the country down. And for liberals to triumph — for them to win elections, for them to persuade you — they can’t sell their ideas. They have to demonize their opponents. And in this case Barack Obama needs an enemy, and if you pay attention, they’ve got an enemies list. And virtually every major private sector, industrial sector is an enemy. Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Retail (i.e., Walmart), they are all enemies. They’re out to screw the little guy. And the liberals set themselves up as the guardians and the saviors.

So Obama needs enemies, and those enemies must be discredited, must be impugned. And, if necessary, Obama and the Democrats, whoever, will lie about their enemies. Knowing full well that they’re gonna have the support of the mainstream media to perpetuate and amplify the lies. In this case Obama has to shift the blame for high gasoline prices, high unemployment, lousy economic activity, and no economic recovery. There is not one element of Barack Obama’s presidency that he can point to as he runs for reelection and say, “You want more of that? Vote for me!” Because nobody wants more of what Obama has. Nobody wants more of what Obama’s done. Nobody wants higher gas prices. Nobody wants more joblessness. Nobody wants more economic stagnation.

We don’t want any more foreclosures. We don’t want the president being an obstacle to drilling for more oil. Nobody wants more of what Obama is. Obama’s only hope is to make you think that his opponents are worse.


RUSH: Let’s get to these sound bites because the president told the nation this morning the oil companies are greedy and under-taxed. The oil companies are the problem, not his policies. So to solve the problem of high gasoline prices, Barack Obama said the oil companies must take on higher costs, more overhead. They need a larger tax bill. Gas prices have doubled since Obama took office, and he wants them to double again, and it’s the oil companies’ fault. Now, somebody explain to me how increasing the costs on the oil companies is gonna reduce gasoline prices. Answer: it won’t. Here’s Obama this morning, and this is what liberals want and believe. Sorry. That’s Bloomberg. That’s a different bite. Bloomberg, he wants everybody to pay higher taxes, not just the oil companies. This is Obama. Nothing’s worked so now he’s gone back, the old Democrat playbook, Big Oil is the enemy. This is in the White House Rose Garden.

OBAMA: Members of Congress have a simple choice to make. They can stand with the big oil companies, or they can stand with the American people. Right now the biggest oil companies are raking in record profits, profits that go up every time folks pull up into a gas station. But on top of these record profits oil companies are also getting billions a year in taxpayer subsidies, a subsidy that they’ve enjoyed year after year for the last century. American oil is booming. The oil industry is doing just fine. With record profits and rising production, I’m not worried about the big oil companies.

RUSH: But note, they still must be punished. You must hate them. You must be suspicious of them, because they’re earning too much profit, which is none of his business. They’re earning profits on what they’re selling, on what people are buying. The free flow of oil at market prices is the fuel of the engine of freedom. They’re making too much money. So they have to be punished. By the way, they don’t get subsidized, folks. This is another blatant lie. It is a blatant lie about tax subsidies. Big Oil does not get subsidized. They have tax breaks like many other industries do, just like you have a home mortgage interest deduction. And the tax breaks they have are to incentivize their production and exploration for oil.

Their tax breaks are not to cause you to pay higher prices. Their tax breaks are there to facilitate more supply and thus cheaper prices. Oil companies pay about 40 cents in tax for every dollar they earn. Apple pays 20 cents in taxes on every dollar they earn. Congress gave them those tax breaks. Big Oil didn’t steal them. The law of the land. Anyway, the point, the Democrats rejected Obama’s plan today. The US Senate defeated the oil subsidies bill despite Obama’s call. We’re actually illustrating something here. These Obama sound bites happened before the Senate voted. After he made this big plea for the Senate to get rid of these oil tax breaks, the Senate, the Democrat controlled Senate rejected Obama and the subsidies or the taxes, tax breaks for the oil companies survive. The Democrats in the Senate ignored him. Here’s the second sound bite.

OBAMA: Instead of taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s never been more profitable, we should be using that money to double down on investments in clean energy technologies that have never been more promising. Investments in wind power and solar power and biofuels, fuel-efficient cars and trucks and energy efficient homes and buildings.

RUSH: Stop the tape.

CALLER: That’s the future.

RUSH: This is all BS. He has invested your money in all of those industries that don’t really exist. There is no wind energy, per se. There is no green energy. There is no solar energy, per se. And 99% of the companies he’s invested your tax dollars in have gone bankrupt. This is the important bite, this next one.

OBAMA: That’s the choice that’s facing Congress today. They can either vote to spend billions of dollars more in oil subsidies that keep us trapped in the past, or they can vote to end these taxpayer subsidies that aren’t needed to boost oil production —

RUSH: Stop the tape. Oil trapped in the past. Oil is not the past. Oil is the present, and it’s the future. There’s nothing to replace it. There’s no fuel that will get a jet airplane off the ground but oil. Doesn’t exist. There is no fuel that will power a big ocean liner or tanker taking cargo. It doesn’t exist. Oil is it. It’s as organic and natural as algae or as anything else that you find on this planet. There’s nothing wrong with it. Oil is miraculous, what we have learned to do with it.

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