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RUSH: After taking a huge hit on the chin this week at the Supreme Court, after virtually no ground was made in the Trayvon Martin case. I mean, you’ve got Martin Luther King’s niece now condemning the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton. You’ve got the father of Mr. Zimmerman saying… Well, here, grab sound bite one. This is the father of George Zimmerman. Can you imagine how this case would be different if George Zimmerman were simply called “Jorge Zimmerman”? To show you how tied… Victor Davis Hanson makes this point, by the way, at National Review.

To show you how tied to identity the left is… Identity is what defines you. Not who you are, but your skin color, your name, your sexual orientation, whether or not you’re a victim of the 1%. But if this guy’s name were Jorge Zimmerman, this story would be entirely different than the way it’s played. If he had kept his mother’s maiden name? I think it is Hispanic. If he hadn’t taken his father’s name, if he were “Jorge Gutierrez,” can you imagine what a different story we’d have? The left wouldn’t care. The only way they could make this a story is to make this guy out to be “white,” and the New York Times did: “White Hispanic.” For the fifth time in their history according to our research, they used that phrase: “White Hispanic.”

So Robert Zimmerman, the father of George Zimmerman, was on Orlando TV last night, Fox Eyeball News. The correspondent was Valerie Boey. She said, “What’s your reaction to what you hear people say, ‘George Zimmerman shoulda never shot Trayvon Martin. It’s obviously racial.’ What do you say, Mr. Zimmerman?’

ZIMMERMAN: I never saw so much hate coming from the president, the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP. Every organization imaginable is trying to get notoriety or profit from this in some way. But there’s so much hate. I’ve never been involved in — in hate, and George hasn’t, and it’s really unbelievable.

RUSH: I must point out what it is like. These people are Democrats, folks. The Zimmermans are Democrats. Well, I don’t know about Mr. Zimmerman here. But George Zimmerman, the shooter, is a Democrat. I assume his parents are. We don’t know. But regardless, look how shocked they are when they discover the reality. And he’s right. There is a national hate for his son that has been ginned up, and he thinks that the president has participated in it by virtue of what he said. So he wasn’t through. He continued. We have one more bite here.

ZIMMERMAN: After nearly a minute of being beaten, George was trying to get his head off the concrete, trying to move with Trayvon on him into the grass. In doing so, his firearm was shown. Trayvon Martin said something to the effect of, “You’re gonna die now,” or, “You’re gonna die tonight,” something to that effect. He continued to beat George and at some point George pulled his pistol and did what he did.

RUSH: Now, if you are a member of the civil rights coalition — if you’re a Democrat, if you’re a member of the mainstream media — you have to accuse this man of lying. If you want to keep this story going, if you want this story to continue to unfold and remain in the top fold, above the fold on the front pages, you’ve gotta say this man’s lying. You can’t keep this story going if you accept what Mr. Zimmerman here says. ‘Cause this is counter to everything that they have attempted to construct about this story. You have a “white Hispanic” Democrat here, George Zimmerman, who they’re trying to paint as a member of the Ku Klux Klan. That’s what they’re trying to do here.

And here comes Mr. Zimmerman: I’ve never seen such hate. So in one sense, the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson have failed. They have not been able to make this case into what they wanted it to be. And they gave it everything they had. And they failed at the Duke lacrosse case. And it’s what I was trying to tell you in the first hour. Any time something like this happens…. The next Duke lacrosse case. The next time you hear everywhere you look — not in just one or two places but you if you hear it or see it everywhere you look — that four lacrosse players raped and nearly killed a black party dancer or whatever, you have got to doubt it.

You’ve got to consider it’s manufactured and made up for the advancement of a political agenda. You’ve got to become ideological if you want to understand how this stuff happens. You’ve got to start looking at things through the prism of conservatism versus liberalism, not Republican or Democrat, not black or white. You have got to see these people for who they are if you want to understand it and not get trapped and not get caught in it, and thus not be lied to. So it’s starting to unravel here. Even though we don’t know the facts yet, the story that Obama and the Sharptons and Jacksons and so forth wanted to portray has not taken hold. (interruption) The fact that George Zimmerman mentored black children is mentioned in a sporadic way. It’s not part of the daily narrative, but I’ve seen it reported.

But the point is that they’ve failed to construct this case. They got away with it for a week or so but then they let it lie dormant for three weeks before they even tried to bring it to life. So there’s reasons to be optimistic here, not over the fact that a young kid was shot to death, but what they tried to turn this into has failed, just like they ultimately failed at Duke. But the problem is they destroy people’s lives in the process. And they don’t care about that. They’ll destroy anybody’s reputation, character if it will advance their agenda.


Here’s John in Las Vegas. Thank you for waiting, sir. You’re up next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Been listening to you since ’92.

RUSH: By the way, thank you. I have to say, again, on Obama and oil, the Senate Democrats have decided to stand with Big Oil on this. They voted Obama down today. I just need to make that clear. Senate Democrats stood with Big Oil. Okay, John, thanks.

CALLER: Okay, about Trayvon Martin. I just want to point out that I don’t think it’s unraveling because it was exactly six years ago that the team got suspended in Duke lacrosse, team got suspended and it didn’t unravel. I mean they didn’t get justice until after the election.

RUSH: I know what you mean. You’re right. I’m looking at the net result. But you’re right, there was all kinds of destruction of family reputation, dreams that took place before the —

CALLER: I don’t think they’re gonna let it go. They don’t care what the truth is.

RUSH: No, that’s absolutely right.

CALLER: And they won the 2006 election.

RUSH: But they —

CALLER: They even got labor vote — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Well, they didn’t win the 2006 election because of Duke lacrosse. They won the 2006 election because of Mark Foley.

CALLER: (laughing.)

RUSH: No, seriously. That election was won not on political issues. They made an issue out of a nonexistent Mark Foley story. Another lie. Foley didn’t do anything but send e-mails. He didn’t touch anybody. They saved that for a month or three weeks before the election. And don’t forget, there were a lot of Republicans back then fed up with the big-spending ways of the Republicans at that time anyway. But the Duke lacrosse case did not secure that election for ’em. What I mean by this thing unraveling is that Sharpton and Jackson aren’t there every day now, and you’ve got NAACP, former NAACP people telling them to back off and get away, bringing up Tawana Brawley. Martin Luther King’s niece has told them to get away. The media has dropped intense daily coverage of this.

Now, the bounty is still out there. And they want something very bad to happen to George Zimmerman. But I mean as a political story that advances the Obama administration, a political story that harms Republicans, which is what this was intended to do, it’s not gonna do that. This is not helping them get the independent vote, John. This is another aspect of this to understand. The independents of this country, they don’t want to hear about bounties. They’re not gonna support a party that won’t condemn bounties. The regime, they’re botching this big time, and again, it’s their conceit and arrogance in assuming that everybody can be made to think what they think or intimidated into not speaking out against it.

Those are the two characteristics of every one of these plans implemented by these people. Intimidate the opposition into shutting up and not saying anything, and then make it look like whole country agrees with them. But the Duke players, you could argue, did they get their reputations back, or will they forever be stained by that, even though everybody knows? It’s like the old adage, a lie spreads around the world instantly. It takes the truth sometimes years to catch up. That’s what they know. You’re right, you’re right, they don’t care about the truth. They’re gonna get the labor vote no matter what, and they’re gonna get the African-American vote no matter what. If patterns hold. But all this outrageous behavior, independents don’t want any part of this. And we don’t hear any calls for civility from Obama. People notice this. The magic of 2008 has gone. It’s not there.


RUSH: A story from TheDailyCaller.com, Chatsworth Osborne, Jr’s website. That’s Tucker Carlson. “Latino Organizations Dismiss George Zimmerman, Question His Ethnicity.” That would be La Raza. “Latino Organizations Dismiss George Zimmerman, Question His Ethnicity.” Why? Why would they question his ethnicity?

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