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RUSH: Michelle (My Belle) Obama and the kids are in Vegas on a vacation. Not exactly a family oriented place in my mind, but to each his own. That’s the place Obama told everybody not to go anymore, remember that? In his first month in office he said the days of getting on your private plane and going to Vegas are over. I guess they’re back.

Hi ya, folks. It’s Friday. How are you.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: And we are happy to be with you, wrapping up a big week of broadcast excellence, with an ever-expanding audience geometric proportions here. A thrill and a delight to be with you. Here’s the telephone number: 800-282-2882. Now, for those of you new to the program, asking what is Open Line Friday, it’s very simple. Monday through Thursday callers must talk about things I am interested in. It may sound a little dictatorial, and it is. I am a benevolent dictator. If I talk about things that bore me, the audience will be bored. On Friday, I throw out all those rules, and whatever anybody wants to talk about is fine, even if it bores me. I’ll fake it or act bored or what have you. But it’s my way of taking a courageous career risk, turning over the content portion of the program to lovable rank amateurs, as opposed to me, highly trained broadcast specialist. So whatever you want to talk about, for the most part — Don’t complain about the electric bill or sewage problems in Oshkosh, things like that, but whatever, you think maybe needs to be discussed that hasn’t been or if you have a question or comment about anything, this is the day for it: 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

No, I have not had any secret meetings with either Newt or Romney. Well, I did have a secret meeting with Romney back in January, and I have since mentioned that. What I’m told, what’s floating around out there — and there’s no basis for this, it’s just rumor status — is that Newt would love to be secretary of state if Romney is elected. That’s just floating around, but I have not been consulted by Romney as to what position I want. I’ve not had this meeting. Maybe after the election I’ll have a little bit more flexibility. I’ll be able to tell Romney then what I really want, after the election, like Obama was gonna do with Vladimir Putin.

At any rate, have you seen this lottery jackpot? I’m gonna put this in perspective for you. The Lotto jackpot is $540 million or something like that, 500, $540 million. It’s now the biggest jackpot in the world history of lotteries. In fact, to give you an idea of how gigantic it is, it would only take 32,000 of these lottery jackpots to pay off the current US national debt. And I arrive at that, $16 trillion divided by $500 million is 32,000. That sounds low to me. When a hundred billion is a hundred thousand million? That sounds low to me. I mean a hundred thousand million is a — that can’t be right.

Let me put it in perspective in a different way. The taxes on this $540 million are spent every 15 minutes in this country. That’s the way to put this in perspective. And the $540 million, whatever the gross figure is, it’s around that, 500, $540 million, the gross amount is spent every hour. Every hour. And it’s an interesting way of looking at the perspective.

I have a couple corrections I have to make. We had a caller yesterday call about Greg Sargent, who has a blog at the Washington Post called the Plumb Line, and I thought that Greg Sargent used to work at Editor and Publisher. I was wrong. He sent me a note saying he didn’t work there. So I was confusing him with a guy named Greg Mitchell. Sargent also says, “I never predicted that the mandate would be upheld.” I said that he did, and I have now made those corrections. We do those corrections up front here. We don’t bury them at the EIB Network.

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