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RUSH: I had a number of people send me this next story over the weekend in a panic, and you may have heard about it by now. There’s a wondrous new poll out from USA Today/Gallup that shows Obama now leads either of the Republican candidates among women in swing states. It’s a huge margin in the USA Today/Gallup poll for Obama with women. USA Today/Gallup did not provide their methodology. We don’t know, we can’t get to the internals of the poll, but what we do know, one thing that we have learned, is that the vast majority of women in the poll self-identified as Democrats. Something like 41 to 24% of the women in the poll identified as Democrats. I think this poll’s a fluke. I think the USA Today/Gallup poll on women is a fluke. It was two weeks ago or three weeks ago that we — (interruption) stop laughing in there, would you? I’m trying to do a serious program here. (laughing) No, it was a fluke.

It was a fluke because two or three weeks ago we had three devastating polls for Obama, including women. Washington Post, ABC News, it was horrible for Obama and women. The New York Times poll had Obama at his lowest approval number ever in their poll of Obama at 41%. Then the next day TheHill.com came out with a poll, it was devastating as well. And these polls shook the White House to its core. And now, after three weeks of the war on women from the Democrat playbook, which has succeeded only in installing Client No. 9 over at Algore’s TV network, we got this fluke poll from USA Today and Gallup that shows Obama with this massive, massive majority in women. And of course they’re attributing it to this nonexistent Republican war on women.

As you know, folks, if you’ve been regularly listening here for 23-plus years, if you’re new and you don’t quite know this, it is standard operating procedure here to distrust everything in the mainstream media until we get further into it, take some time and figure it out. Some things they report are true. Some are accurate. Some of their polling data is, but our instinct here is to distrust it all. Even that New York Times stuff that showed Obama at 41%, we distrusted that for a while. Because they could have had motivation for that. They could have been trying to shake up the White House. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, Wall Street Journal, they’re not all that happy with Obama all the time, and they try to goose him in the direction they think he ought to go in order to win. We don’t take any of this at face value.

The reason I say that this USA Today/Gallup poll is a fluke is that women buy gasoline, too. Women have to pay taxes. Women, some of them, like to have jobs. (interruption) No, some women choose to be homemakers. Yes, Dawn, but it’s not a job that’s calculated in the employment numbers. No hidden meaning here. There’s some men that don’t want to work either. Most of them are liberal Democrats. Most of them are at Occupy Wall Street. There are a lot of men that don’t want to work. Am I gonna have to qualify everything from now on? Honesty is not gonna be enough on its own? Women buy gas. Women have to pay taxes. Some women have mortgages. Some women want jobs and can’t get them. Women have children. They want to be the ones who decide what their kids eat. Not every woman wants Michelle Obama doing the menu every day. Certainly not every woman wants Michelle Obama in charge of their wardrobe every day.

Women like being free, don’t they? Women love liberty. See, we’re being asked to accept the notion that women are monolithic. That all you have to do is approach every one of them with a lie that Republicans want to take away their birth control pills and just like the independents who don’t like confrontation, women, when they hear Republicans want to take away their birth control pills, make a mad dash to the Democrat Party and looky here, we got a poll to prove it. I’m sorry, until I see the internals, until I see the samples, until I see registered voters, likely voters, adults, that kind of stuff, this poll is going to remain suspect in my mind. Because women have economic concerns. Women have just as much awareness. They’re as in touch with this horrible economy as men are.

It would be no different than trying to run a poll now that because of the war on women men are mad and have gone over to the Democrat side. (imitating Mr. New Castrati) “How do you figure that, Mr. Limbaugh?” This is Mr. New Castrati, pops in now and then asking a question. “Why would you say, Mr. Limbaugh, that men would be just as inclined to go Democrat when there’s a war on women?” Well, if the Republicans are trying to take away women’s birth control pills, that affects men, too. It’s not just women who would be mad at the Republicans trying to take away women’s birth control pills, right? I mean men have a vested interest here in that. And to say that men are gonna stay right where they are and vote Republican? So much of this is utter folly.

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