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RUSH: NBC is still investigating what happened. It turns out that the RTDNA, the Radio Television Digital News Association, a professional group, not a trade group, the RTDNA, the head honcho has put a post on their website saying this was very, very bad. It’s really bad what NBC did. Obviously it wasn’t bias, but it was very, very bad. Wasn’t bias? Here you have something on tape. You had plenty of chances to edit this, get it right. It went out the way they wanted it.

Now, if they don’t think there’s bias in what NBC did then it’s so institutionalized, racial bias is so institutionalized at NBC that they don’t even recognize it. But to deny that there was bias involved in what NBC did? They’re still investigating how in the world that 911 tape could have been doctored. Bernie Goldberg was on O’Reilly last night and he said, (paraphrasing) “Look, you and I do this investigation and it’s over in ten minutes. We bring the guy in and say, ‘Why’d you do it?’ Whatever he says, ‘You’re gone.'” There’s no justification for this.

And guess what now? Guess what now? “Enhanced video of George Zimmerman being led into a Florida police station appears to show possible injuries to the back of his head, lending credence to his claim he was in a struggle with Trayvon Martin when he shot the teen. ABC News initially released video of Zimmerman that did not clearly show marks on his scalp, but had the video enhanced digitally and released a new clip on Monday. That clip appears to show a gash. Zimmerman’s father claims his son was being beaten by the 17-year-old teen when he shot Martin in self-defense. Martin’s supporters say Zimmerman shot the unarmed teen on Feb. 26 after racially profiling him –” There was no racial profiling. The only reason anybody thinks that is because of what NBC did.

This is a Fox News story I’m reading from. “After racially profiling him and stalking the youth through the neighborhood.” There was no racial profiling. Doesn’t that kind of cut the legs off the entire mainstream media story on this? There wasn’t any racial profiling. ABC’s first videotape shows no injury to Zimmerman. But then all of a sudden for some reason they found another layer on the video, and when they enhanced it, lo and behold, right here it is, there’s a gash. Well, what other video has ABC shown us over the years that has not been enhanced? (interruption) What was the evidence for racial profiling? The NBC 911 tape. The evidence for racial profiling was the NBC 911 tape. (interruption) The hoodie? Well, no. Snerdley, the reason why they think there’s racial profiling is because of what NBC did with the 911 tape.

Zimmerman doesn’t say anything about a hoodie. (interruption) Why do I care about the facts? I know, it’s a failing of mine. It’s a failing of mine. See, I live in Realville. I’m the mayor of Realville, or Literalville. I’m stuck, I’m mired in logic, the quicksand of logic. And I’m sinking. Snerdley said, “Why do you care about the facts? Why don’t you get the story right? It’s a good story, Rush, why are you messing it up with the facts?” You’re right. It is a failing of mine. The story’s out there, but it’s not the story. But what other video has ABC not enhanced? What other layers are there on any story, not just this one, that ABC might discover?

Now, Zimmerman called in dozens of times to the cops. This is a cop wannabe. George Zimmerman wants to be a cop which, by the way, Richard Jewell did, too, the guy falsely accused in Atlanta at the Olympics. If Zimmerman was profiling we woulda heard about it by now. This information would have been leaked. By the way, folks, Realville is not a gated community. You can come in. We here at Literalville are wide open. There are no gates. Anybody can move here. There are no gates to keep people out, and there are no gates to keep people in. Yep, ABC had to enhance the video to correct the “he wasn’t injured” template.

So what did we have? We had an NBC 911 audio that made it look like Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon Martin. It turns out that wasn’t true. Then we had an ABC video which showed that Zimmerman wasn’t injured. Now all of a sudden we’ve been told that NBC doctored the audio on the 911 tape and ABC found a new layer when they enhanced their video. News reports say that paramedics treated Zimmerman at the scene, but ABC says in the first report he wasn’t injured. So did the paramedics lie? It’s all breaking down. The Trayvon Martin story is falling apart. That’s why they’re going back to other things now. The war on women, they’re trying to revive and regain the momentum on that. We’re not gonna help ’em here, where that’s concerned.

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