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RUSH: John in Miami. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Mega Gator dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I have a report from the ground that I want to preface a little bit. It involves the Trayvon Martin case. I want to say not that it’s not serious. It’s a very serious case, and maybe there was wrongdoing and maybe the law needs to be revisited. And maybe there’s great tension in Sanford, Florida. However, and the point I wanted to get to is that by in large throughout the community down here, the tension and the anger that is played up in the media does not exist.

RUSH: Well, now, you mean in Miami?

CALLER: Throughout south Florida, which is a pretty broad area, which you would expect to be equal or more so than throughout the country.

RUSH: Okay, interesting question. You’re speaking of south Florida, but have the race industry guys been able to really work up the whole nation about this?

CALLER: Well, it’s interesting. There was a march last weekend that drew I think about a tenth of what they expected.

RUSH: Well, it was less than they expected. I don’t know if it was that small, but it was certainly beneath expectations, you’re right.

CALLER: Right. And I think the whole campaign is falling short, and it’d be interesting to see what happened next. I think Obama —

RUSH: You know why it’s falling short?

CALLER: ‘Cause it’s manufactured.

RUSH: It’s manufactured, plus it’s a media controversy. It’s not a real life controversy. They’re trying to manufacture it into a real life controversy. They’re trying to portray that this is life in America. This is the template, the template that these media people have. This is what they’re taught in journalism school. It’s what they’re taught as liberals from the moment they’re born. That this is a racist country. That there is still slavery, for all intents and purposes. That there is still massive discrimination. And the way to assuage it is to just ladle as much guilt on white people as you can. Shelby Steele has written about this eloquently many times, even in book form, much less columns.

But I’ll tell you, it’s fascinating. Here they are, the best and brightest, the smartest, the most educated, the most curious — I’m talking about the media — and they are the most closeted, closed-minded, sealed off from reality people you will ever meet. It is breathtakingly true. I’ll give you example of what I’m talking about, just off the top of my head. The National Football League has had black head coaches for a long time. The National Football League has had black quarterbacks. It’s an integrated league. The only thing it doesn’t have yet is black ownership. Yet, a black defensive coordinator, black assistant coach will get a head coaching job and the media will treat this as though the guy just got released from the plantation. They really do. It is as though this particular coach just got off the plantation. No longer is he picking cotton. It’s such a great day in America.

It doesn’t matter if the coach is qualified or not. All that matters is his race. And the reason it’s such big deal to them is because their view, and it’s widespread in the media. I’m not giving you an example of a couple of extremists. Widespread view that there is still massive discrimination, massive oppression in the league, in the country, in every business. And it’s never treated as a human being got a job, a human being got an opportunity, a human being has just moved up the ladder. It’s always somebody has overcome the obstacles that are continually put in his way by the country. And it offends me, it irritates me, and it makes me sad at the same time. The idea that with this group of people, we’re never gonna get past race.

This whole Sanford, Florida, thing, you would think, after what happened with the Duke lacrosse case, that there would be a little embarrassment and a little humiliation, and then a little warning, “Maybe let’s not go so far this time. Remember what happened at Duke. We were all wrong.” And the reason there isn’t any humiliation, the reason why there isn’t any hesitation is because the lesson from Duke is not that they got it wrong. The lesson is they failed to pull it off. The objective in the Duke lacrosse case was to make sure those players were found guilty. That didn’t happen. This time it’s a chance to win it.

Tawana Brawley, full-fledged hoax. Everything after Tawana Brawley should be doubted and viewed with suspicion, but it’s not. But the Duke lacrosse case is recent, and everybody knows about it, and it fits so well because there wasn’t one aspect of it that was true. And every bad actor in this thing behaved according to stereotype, from the faculty on down. The learned faculty, the moment the allegation was made by the victim, not the cops, the cops got in line soon enough — the moment the victim made the allegation, case closed because, “Okay, we’ve got it. This is what America is. America is a racist, sexist, bigoted country, where young black women are made to strip and dance for a bunch of rich white guys. It’s the only chance they got. Our country sucks because of it.” So the opportunity to establish that as America presented itself, and the fact that none of it was true did not shame anybody in the media. It did not help them learn in dealing with the next instance. They just chalked it up, “Well, we gave it our best.”

So here comes Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, Sanford, Florida, and now, okay, a brand-new chance for us to show what this country is really all about. Oh, I remember Nifong, the DA. He fell right for it, too. He was involved in the stereotype, right? He was right there. He was running for reelection or doing something and he was looking at public opinion polls or whatever. The nature of the evidence, doesn’t matter. It’s the seriousness of the charge. It’s always the case with the left. (interruption) Well, yeah, the whole faculty wanted the kids strung up. Eighty-four members of the Duke faculty, I think it was, signed some official statement condemning these four kids and their families and that lacrosse coach and lacrosse team. And nobody was guilty of anything.

You would think that the next time something like this comes up there’d be a little — you and I, if we had made such an egregious error, we’d be told to learn from it. We would be told to be very careful, if we survived it. You and I would be fired for doing what the media en masse did. You and I would have no more credibility to say anything about anything and be believed. But that’s not true of the civil rights coalition, the race hustlers, the race business leaders. They’re just on to the next one. And, by the way, they’re on to the next one with glee, a little happiness. Another opportunity to try to tell people what this country’s really like.

The Duke lacrosse case, for many in the media, was not a learning thing. It was not something about which there’s to be any shame. It was a lost opportunity. If they coulda convicted those kids, they would have. So now it’s on to George Zimmerman. And look what’s done. NBC doctors a 911 tape. ABC doctors a police video. CNN misreports the 911 tape. These are not workplace accidents. These are not things that occur in the haste and the hustle and bustle to get the story out. These happened because the people in charge had a preconceived notion of what they want to happen, of what they want the truth to be, of what they want the outcome to be. And so whatever it takes to make that happen they will do. If they gotta doctor a 911 tape to make this guy out to be a racist, then they will, because they know he is. They know because of what happened there.

They know that a black guy was shot by a guy who isn’t black, therefore it’s a racial incident. The nonblack guy’s filled with rage and hatred. That’s what this country’s all about, and they’re out to prove it, and if they can’t prove it they’ll try make it look like it happened anyway. And that’s what’s going on here. And that’s why, when the Washington Post takes time out to write a column about Mary J. Blige in a Burger King commercial for fried chicken, it’s just frustrating. They don’t want to get past it. There are so many things far more important, but this stuff is holding everybody back, and the agenda behind all of this is aimed at establishing in as many minds and hearts as possible this country sucks. That’s what’s going, and it doesn’t. And that’s what’s offensive about this.

You and I couldn’t get away with one-tenth of what happens. You and I would be fired, canned. We’d lose all credibility. We wouldn’t be listened to if we were that demonstrably wrong, purposely wrong. What happens to you at your job if you do the equivalent of doctoring a 911 tape like this producer at NBC? What happens to you at your job? (interruption) Exactly right. You’re not only fired, you are held up as the worst example. You are humiliated. You become an object lesson in how not to do the job. At NBC you get shielded and protected, and they attempt to explain it all away. (interruption) Why would they think to do it in the first place? Oh. Well, that’s the point I was making yesterday. You and I wouldn’t even think of doctoring something that isn’t true to make it look like it’s true because we live in Realville. Who wants to be right by virtue of a lie? You’re not right. You can’t be right. You and I don’t even think this way.


RUSH: Lynchburg, Virginia. It’s Peter. Peter, thanks for the call. Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: How are you today?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: Snerdley and I had a little chuckle about where I was calling from. My hometown of Lynchburg and my subject matter.

RUSH: What is your subject matter?

CALLER: Well, we were talking about Mary J. Blige and the so-called outrage —

RUSH: No, it’s not so called.

CALLER: Well, evidently the advertisers as well as the media seem to like to stir this up right about now. Have you caught an Aunt Jemima pancake commercial lately?

RUSH: No, I honestly haven’t. I really haven’t.

CALLER: It comes up as an animation now, and the animation appears and sounds to be Caucasian, but when it reverts back to the bottle, it goes back to being a black woman. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that.

RUSH: No, because I haven’t seen the commercial.

CALLER: Well, no one really I’m sure has paid much attention to it, but advertisers do direct their products toward a certain clientele, so to speak. And depending on who they are and their targeted audience —

RUSH: You can learn a lot about advertising. I’ve always said, television advertising particularly, is a great window to the culture. It will tell you what experts, I mean their job at advertising agencies, the creative side, is to come up with a spot that’s gonna separate you from your money.

CALLER: They’re very subtle.

RUSH: And they will tell you, those commercials will tell you where the culture is if they’re done right, and that’s the way I look at TV advertising, as an analyst. I’m immune to TV advertising ’cause I’m in the business. I’m immune to TV advertising. (interruption) Well, Snerdley said, “There is nothing on TV that will make you say, ‘Gosh, I want that product?'” I can’t think of the last one, but there may be. It’s happened, but I can’t think of the last one. All I’m trying to say is I study the stuff, and as such I’m less affected by it. But I haven’t seen the ad. What is your point with the Aunt Jemima ad?

CALLER: You can taste it more in the air now, though.

RUSH: Taste what?

CALLER: The palpability of the racial tension. I think it’s being stirred up more by the media, perhaps more by advertisers, or being perhaps paid attention to more than normal.

RUSH: Why would an advertiser want to stir up racial tension?

CALLER: Why would anybody want to stir up racial tensions?

RUSH: Well, no. We know why Sharpton and Jackson want to. That’s their income. It’s their livelihood. I mean I can answer that question for a lot of people, but an advertiser, most advertisers don’t want to get — look at celebrity endorsers like Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan, I happen to know, is one of the biggest Democrats on earth, but he won’t say a word about politics because he knows Republican kids buy Nikes. Tiger Woods, I know what his politics are, but he’s never ever gonna go there as long as he’s endorsing products. So when you say advertisers want to stir this up, that’s not my experience.

CALLER: I’m not sure if they do it on purpose. I’m just saying that when you’ve got outrage like this about a chicken commercial — it wasn’t Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was Burger King.

RUSH: Right. Which is known for whoppers.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I know. My reaction was, what are you doing advertising fried chicken? Then I stopped to realize Michelle Obama’s out there hitting everybody up to be healthy, and everybody’s scared to death of the government, is why they’re running the ad.


RUSH: Here’s a shocking story, ladies and gentlemen. This is from Princeton, New Jersey, and I think therefore this is Gallup. It doesn’t say here. Let me see and make sure that… You know, the way some of these things print sometimes, it doesn’t print source. But I think Gallup’s in Princeton, so I think it must be. Anyway, you won’t believe this. You will not believe this. Do you know that “Black Americans’ views” of the Trayvon Martin case “differ dramatically from those of nonblacks”? Would you have ever believed that? Well, it’s true!

“Black AmericansÂ’ views differ dramatically from those of nonblacks regarding the circumstances involved in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin … Blacks are paying much closer attention … overwhelmingly believe that George Zimmerman … believe that racial bias was a major factor in the events leading up to the shooting; and believe that Zimmerman would already have been arrested had the victim been white, not black.” But what else do we know? We know that the three networks totally doctored the evidence that made people think this. NBC doctors the 911 tape. ABC doctors the police video. And CNN misinterprets the police 9/11 call.

And in each instance, the racial component disappears when you take away the doctoring of the tape. So those of you… You black Americans, you have been lied to. You have been totally lied to by the networks regarding the details of the case. You really can’t be blamed for what you think. NBC, ABC, and CNN doctored the evidence in such a way as to exacerbate racial tension. They did it on purpose. It’s only natural you think what you think, based on the way it’s been reported to you. We now have had three networks totally backtrack on the evidence they presented on their news of this case. So, obviously, we know who the audience is for these networks.

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