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RUSH: I’ve got two stories on this, but there’s a big argument here today over the disparity in pay. You know, we thought we had this fixed, too. Not fixed, but significant ground had been gained and that the differential in pay between men for the same work had decreased, the differential. And then we found out that women in the White House earn 18% less than the men who work in the White House.

Well, so here you have the Mecca of liberalism, the Mecca of socialism, where at least when they control things they’re gonna have their Utopia. Everything is going to be perfect. Everybody’s gonna be treated the same.
Everybody’s gonna be treated fairly. Nobody’s gonna be discriminated against. You would think the White House would be that Utopia. You’ve got the head Utopian, Obama, and he’s got total power, and everybody he hires is also a Utopianist. You would think, therefore, that the workplace at the White House would be the model, that’s where everybody should look to find out how to do it. Wouldn’t you expect that? In fact, where liberalism is the vast majority of the power, and it’s not really opposed, wouldn’t you think that every liberal city, every liberal town, every liberal club would be its own mini-Utopia? I mean the things they are trying to force on us, wouldn’t they have already implemented for themselves?

So therefore wouldn’t the White House workplace be ideal? Wouldn’t the White House be the Utopia that we all should have, where there’s equal pay for equal work; and everybody gets paid a lot; and everybody gets the same benefits; and everybody is respected; and nobody’s laughed at; and nobody’s made fun of; and nobody’s bullied; and there’s no disparity in pay between men and women; and there’s no discrimination between the races, the genders, the orientations? Isn’t that something we should all expect? Who can tell Obama that he can’t do that in the White House? The president of the United States, this Utopia that he and liberals believe, shouldn’t it exist in a place that’s under his and his wife’s direct control? It should. Because it’s the best, right?

I mean, what they believe in and the lifestyles and circumstances that they believe for us, they should set up for themselves. So why is it that women make 18% less in Obama’s Utopian Oval Office than the men do? Why? It must be discrimination. Nope, there’s another answer to it. You know what the answer is? Motherhood. Men work longer hours. No. I’ve got it right here in the Stack of Stuff. This actually is not my theory. Men work longer hours and women can leave the job whenever they want and come back whenever they want, where the child is involved, and as such, they earn less than men.


RUSH: You know, people are starting to call me El for short now, E-l. Dear El. I kind of like it. All right, here it is. You know, it’s really fascinating. I’ve had what I consider to be an epic broadcast so far today, with information, facts, illustrations, not gonna be heard anywhere else. And Snerdley is totally uninterested. He and Dawn are in there yakking about the Family Medical Leave Act. He keeps saying, “What about Zimmerman?” We’re gonna get to Zimmerman.

But here’s the piece. Suzanne Venker, coauthor of a book coming a year from now, February 2013. The name of her book: The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say. Suzanne Venker. The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say. Oh. That book’s already out. I’m sorry. Her new book will be published in a year called How to Choose a Husband.

She has an open letter to President Obama that was published, and here’s the pull-quote. “The bottom line is that the pay gap exists because of a voluntary division of labor, not discrimination by a conspiracy of male chauvinists. Men simply work more hours than women. And people who work more hours — or work at more difficult, unpleasant, or riskier jobs, earn more. And they should. YouÂ’re wasting valuable time and money, Mr. President. There will never be male-female pay parity so long as most women spend part of their lives caring for their children. And thank God they do.”

I’ll tell you, the government needs to keep out of it. Obama wants to make this an issue. His own White House is full of lower-paid women. And, by the way, we got the photos to establish that his campaign staff doesn’t look like America. His campaign staff, it’s in the Stack from earlier this week. You know, I don’t use pictures here ’cause it’s radio. I could show you on the Dittocam, but there’s a picture of the Obama reelect team, it’s all white. It’s like 80 people.

Now, if The Messiah, if The One cannot bring about pay equity in his own office, why should anybody else be forced to do it? This is my point. These are the Utopians. Obama has the power to put together his Utopia right in the White House. No bullying, no discrimination, equal pay, whatever the issues are. And yet all this disparity exists. And there’s probably bullying that goes on in there. And he’s probably one of the biggest bullies in there, as the boss. But his campaign staff doesn’t look like America. There’s nobody on that campaign staff, for example, that looks like Al Sharpton, that I could see. It’s almost totally white.

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