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RUSH: Tomorrow is the annual Cure-A-Thon here on the Rush Limbaugh program to cure the blood cancers, leukemia and lymphoma. We do this in conjunction with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America. We’ve been at this, I guess, since 1989. And we have since then — total combined donations — raised $30 million or more. And we’ve never had a down year. Every year, no matter what the economic circumstances are, we’ve always had up years. It’s blown us all away here during this particular recession. We continue to beat previous years’ expectations.

This is not a challenge. I’m not throwing out a challenge. I’m simply telling you how appreciative everybody is and how surprised we have been during a couple of these because the Cure-A-Thon took place during a severe economic downturn. Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to add Twitter for the first time this year in our Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Cure-A-Thon. We’re gonna put out a hashtag. We’re gonna use a hashtag. The hashtag is #RushLLSradiothon. That’s the hashtag: #RushLLSradiothon. And when you retweet that you are helping to build awareness that will lead to more donations. It’ll alert people not listening to the radio program as to what’s going on here and bring them here and help them understand what we’re doing.

‘Cause this disease has touched a lot of people that we know personally here. Every year, for example, I have new facts to report to you on survivability rates, which are increasing. After being diagnosed with a certain kind of blood cancer, the survivability rate can be anywhere from three to five to ten years now. That’s much longer than it used to be. Regardless what the number is, when you finally meet somebody that’s dealt with this or is dealing with it, you find out what that really means. What does a three-year survivability rate mean? You might have young kids and you’ve got a diagnosis where the average is three-year survivability.

What do you use those three years for? Or five? Or ten? It’s a profoundly important aspect of the research being done to increase the survivability rates upon diagnosis. And that’s one of the things that we’re gonna be talking about tomorrow in context here. So we can’t wait for it. We do it each and every year. It’s a real upper of a day. And adding the Twitter hashtag to it is going to enable us to attract attention from even more people who might want to help out here. So we’ll start up tomorrow. As always, we don’t broom the whole program. We do the radio Cure-A-Thon along with the radio show at the same time.

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