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RUSH: Folks, I’m sorry, I really do keep intending to move on here, but this show is improv. We don’t have producers. There’s no topics. Nothing is scripted. It happens, we deal with it, and I follow my passions.

I’ve gotten in a lot of trouble with the feminazis over the years. One, for coining that term. But I always had a question about women and the choice to have children. And I always posited my belief that when it comes to freedom and opportunity in the American workplace, women have much more freedom and opportunity than men do, and always have had. And, by the way, this is also the answer to that claim, the reason why there is a disparity in pay between men and women. Let me illustrate it this way. A woman gets hired, knowing full well that she might one day get pregnant, so the company has in place a maternity policy. And the maternity policy, they differ from place to place, anywhere from three to, what is it, six months. With some you get full pay, some half pay, some whatever. You get paid something, full benefits, and then your job back.

Now, don’t spoil it. Somebody explain to me where up until recently a guy could walk into a place and apply for employment and say, “By the way, my wife has a baby. I want six months to stay home and help her raise it. I want full pay. I want my job when I get back.” How many men would be hired with that demand? Answer: Zilch, zero, nada. But every woman will be hired. Well, no, some places will not hire if they suspect you’re gonna get pregnant. The opportunities, the flexibility that women have in the workforce is far, far greater than men, and it’s because of pregnancy and motherhood and because of the value that society places on motherhood. It’s a good thing, and so accommodations are made for it.

Some places have daycare in the place of business so a new mom can bring the child in. Some disagree with doing that, but some businesses do because finding good people can be hard depending on what the job is. So women have always had far more flexibility. Now, Dawn is screaming at me that men go on maternity leave now. Is there an artificial womb that’s been invented that I haven’t heard of? What happens here? The mother comes to work and the father stays home to raise — is that what happens? Or are they both… Oh. Oh. Oh. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, Dawn is saying in some companies a gay couple will adopt a child, in some cases an infant, and the gay employee will have leave. Okay. Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that. But that’s a specific targeted group. That doesn’t apply to all men. The vast majority of men applying for a job with that demand are not gonna be hired, and they’re certainly not gonna get promoted.

And I’ll tell you something else about the flexibility. A woman at any point in her motherhood can say, “You know what? I don’t want to work anymore,” and just quit. A man does not have that flexibility. That goes on his record, and he is not gonna get promoted, and he likely is not gonna get hired for a significant job after he establishes a track record of being gone for months, coming back. It’s just different.

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