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RUSH: A couple of audio sound bites here. Hilary Rosen. Just a couple more on this and we’ll move on to other things. Again, last night on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, speaking with Hilary Rosen about her insult of Ann Romney, and Wolf said, “Have any of these people or others at the White House, the DNC, the Obama campaign contacted you? Have they spoken to you about any of this today? Do you know if Obama called Ann Romney?” And this what Hilary Rosen said.

ROSEN: I’ve had several supportive calls.

REPORTER: Supportive. What are they saying?

ROSEN: Well, you know, people understand. People know me. They know that I wouldn’t attack a stay-at-home mom and that that’s not what I think this debate is about.

RUSH: Except that she did. Not only did she attack a stay-at-home mom, that is one of the basic tenets of feminism since the modern era, late sixties, early seventies, was built on two things: equal pay for equal work and attacking stay-at-home moms. That hasn’t changed. So they know that’s not who I am. They know I wouldn’t attack a stay-at-home mom. They sent her out to do it, or maybe they didn’t have to send her out, maybe she’s part of the strategy team. They did this, and they wanted this said. At some point this was going to be said. Don’t doubt me on this. The Romneys are the kind of people that Obama and Hilary Rosen and Democrat elitists just resent the heck out of.

They look at them and think life has been easy for ’em, they’re boring, they’re nerds, they are Ward Cleaver. If you made a liberal sit down and watch Leave It To Beaver today, can you imagine what would happen to them? Well, that’s what they see in the Romneys. And they see it in Newt Gingrich. They see it in Santorum. They see it in every traditional conservative: old-fashioned, fuddy-duddy, unhip, judgmental, moral, all those things that just scare the heck out of ’em.

David Axelrod. This is classic. CNN’s John King USA interviewing Axelrod. Axelrod’s one of the Obama campaign strategists who threw Hilary Rosen overboard yesterday. He was one of the first along with Jim Messina to throw her overboard. So John King says, “Debbie [“Blabbermouth”] Schultz is among those who criticized her friend Hilary Rosen and has said some things that have made the White House cringe in the past. Debbie [“Blabbermouth”] Schultz is your Democrat National Committee chairwoman. Why so fast to trash somebody like Hilary Rosen? Why so fast to trash somebody who is a trusted ally of Obama, who’s been out there defending the president quite a bit? Why are you trashing her?”

AXELROD: She actually is your employee, not ours. She’s a, uh… She works for CNN. I think CNN would not allow her to be an operative for our campaign or the DNC. She’s not. She never has been.

RUSH: Do you believe this?

AXELROD: She’s certainly a supporter of the president’s. But she, uh — the, uh, Romney campaign has throughout the day, uh, portrayed her as an adviser to the president, and that’s simply not true.

RUSH: Do you believe this? So here’s Axelrod: “She’s one of your employees, not ours! Hilary Rosen’s one of your employees, not ours.” And not even John King can handle that. John King can’t let that one go by. (It’s audio sound bite number nine.)

AXELROD: She’s part of the political community in Washington for a long time. I’m sure she’s visited the White House frequently under other presidents. You know, John Boehner visits the White House all the time, too. He’s not an Obama adviser.

KING: But, see, that’s where a lot of your friends are cringing, though, David. Because Hilary Rosen is not John Boehner. She has a lot of friends in the Obama White House. This is the part where a lot of people —

AXELROD: She’s my friend. Hilary herself has acknowledged that, uh, her word — uh, that she misspoke and she said, uh — said something that she, uhh, regretted saying in the way that she said it, and, uhhh, I accept — I accept that.

RUSH: Right. John King’s not even buying that. “What do you mean she’s an CNN employee? She’s a pundit? She’s a commentator?” Anyway, publicly they want you to think they’ve gotten rid of her and thrown her overboard, but just know this: Hilary Rosen was paid over $120,000 last year by the Democrat National Committee.


RUSH: Yeah, so when Axelrod tells John King, “Hey, look, Hilary Rosen’s your employee, not ours,” it means CNN is thus attacking stay-at-home moms. That’s how I’m gonna interpret it. David Axelrod accuses CNN of attacking stay-at-home moms because Hilary Rosen is CNN’s employee. Thus, CNN attacks stay-at-home moms yesterday. Not Obama. Not the DNC. And the White House, they don’t care about CNN. Who does? MSNBC’s their network.
By the way, people are telling me that Blabs was on MSNBC today, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. What they’re telling me is… I didn’t see it. What they’re telling me is that they ironed the curls out of her hair, and they darkened it a bit. It’s a total makeover, apparently, of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the aftermath of the Hilary Rosen controversy. So it looks like Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s curly hair is another casualty of the war on women, waged by CNN.

CNN is engaging in the war on women with Hilary Rosen attacking moms, CNN attacking stay-at-home moms.


RUSH: So yesterday everybody assumed that everybody on the Democrat side got it. All right, you’ve blown it. The War on Women backfired on you. Just like the North Korean missile busted in midair, so did with Hilary Rosen a couple nights ago, the War on Women just blew up. But somebody didn’t get the memo. The president of the NAGs, our affectionate term for the National Organization for Women, the National Association of Gals, Terry O’Neill, and obviously a Democrat surrogate, I mean the NAGs are part of the Democrat Party — Did you hear about this? Terry O’Neill, on MSNBC last night, said that Ann Romney, along with Mitt Romney, lacks the life experience and imagination to understand most Americans.

So after the flub-up of Hilary Rosen and after the hubbub and after all of the attention that got, the NAG babe goes on MSNBC last night to say that Ann Romney and Mitt both lack the life experience and imagination to understand most Americans. Now, I’m not a beggar. You know me, I don’t beg for anything. But I might get on my knees and beg Democrats to continue to bash Ann Romney. I think they should keep it up. I’m happy taking the lead from David Axelrod to welcome CNN now to the War on Women, CNN leading the war on stay-at-home moms. “What do you mean, Mr. Limbaugh? How could you possibly say this? That’s absolutely absurd.”

No. David Axelrod, who’s running Obama’s reelection committee, was on CNN last night. He said Hilary Rosen doesn’t work for them. Hilary Rosen’s a CNN employee. From that I conclude that this is a CNN War on Women and a CNN war on stay-at-home moms ’cause Hilary Rosen is their employee. “Mr. Limbaugh, that’s just absurd. I don’t know how you can make that –” No, it’s not absurd, Mr. New Castrati. It works. By the way, Maxine Waters was on the same segment with Terry O’Neill from the NAGs on MSNBC. Maxine Waters called Mitt Romney Mitt “Rotney.” Now, with Maxine you don’t know if it was accidental or if it was on purpose. But we’re gonna say it was on purpose. So MSNBC didn’t get the memo. Terry O’Neill didn’t get the memo. Maxine didn’t get the memo. President Mitt Rotney.

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