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RUSH: This is Cokie Roberts and Stephanopoulos says, “Look, this issue of Romney being very, very rich, this issue seems to hobble the campaign a little bit. They had some trouble putting out the first tax returns earlier this year. Now they’re putting off the release, Romney. How big a deal do you think this is, and should we expect to see those 12 years of tax returns that’s Obama’s demanding to see of Romney’s?”

ROBERTS: Romney has to find a narrative about his wealth. I mean that’s really where he is. We’re not talking about his taxes. We’re talking about how much money he has. And he’s very, very, very rich. And he needs to find a way to talk about that so that voters aren’t turned off.

RUSH: Really? He does? Why doesn’t Warren Buffett have to? And why doesn’t Bill Gates have to? I know they’re not running for office, but doesn’t it go back to the point that those guys are excused because they’re liberals, and they sit there and they say their taxes ought to be increased and they sit there and they say they’ve got too much money. Well, you know, Obama wants Romney’s tax returns the last 12 years. Let’s see Obama’s school records. How about his transcripts from Harvard and from Columbia? There’s a lot of stuff Obama hasn’t released about himself. How about we see that stuff?

Anyway, Romney filed an extension to his taxes. Do you know that? Well, he did. You have to pay what you owe on April 15th, or 17th, you have to pay what you owe but you can get an extension to file the return, the paperwork and so forth, and I think October 15th is the day. On October 15th, Mitt Romney is going to be filing his tax return, not in April, where there’s six months to forget it. You don’t have to wait ’til October, but that is the limit.


RUSH: An e-mailer wants to know, “Why does Mitt Romney have to explain his wealth when John Kerry didn’t have to explain his?” Well, that’s easy. It wasn’t John Kerry’s. It was his wife’s, Teresa Heinz’s. She did not work, in fact. Nope. She clipped coupons. She inherited. But Obama made millions from his books, and he wasn’t forced to explain his wealth. And Bill Clinton brags about his, doesn’t have to explain it.

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