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RUSH: Jessica Yellin of CNN is following Obama. Obama’s in North Carolina. By the way, there’s a sex scandal in North Carolina. It started out to be some very small, inconsequential thing. It’s ballooning now. Details are coming up. Jessica Yellin is tweeting that Obama’s crowd today is 50% the size it was when he went to the same place in 2008. Where is he? Chapel Hill. Yeah, he’s at the Dean Smith Center with 9,000 people.


RUSH: Jessica Yellin of CNN is traveling with Obama. He’s in North Carolina. That’s a big problem state for Obama. Everybody’s talking about Ohio. The Republicans need Ohio or Florida. That may be, but Obama needs North Carolina. If he loses North Carolina, there is trouble all the way down the Electoral College that they don’t want to mess with. So they have their convention there, a number of trips that have been slated. We did that story about the 45,000 professionals that work in the uber-triangle, whatever it is (Raleigh, Durham and that area).

How they vote depends on the way North Carolina votes when coupled with certain voters from the Charlotte area. Research Triangle. So Jessica Yellin has tweeted: “In 2008, candidate Barack Obama spoke at University of North Carolina’s Dean Smith Center, capacity 22,000. Today he’s a Carmichael Arena, seats 9,000. Where’s the love?” Jessica Yellin at CNN is pointing out that Obama is drawing less than half the crowd today that he drew four years ago. I mention this. This is not insignificant, folks. This campaign is in trouble. Obama is not popular, and there are (when I get to them) stories in the stacks about Obama not doing well with women, Obama not doing well with young people.

There’s a lot of mythology out there still today about Obama and his strengths and how there hasn’t been any fallout from the dismal record that he has amassed. None of this is true. They’re in trouble. They’re in deep trouble. You basically have David Plouffe, who’s the president, you got Axelrod who’s the chief of staff and Obama’s out playing golf. Obama… Not quite. Obama’s out doing the fundraising, but David Plouffe is the acting president, Axelrod’s chief adviser, and Obama’s out playing golf. Obama basically has a nine a.m. to four p.m. day. It’s these other guys that are formulating policy, doing all this other stuff. He knows what’s going on, don’t misunderstand, and he’s guiding and influencing it.

I’m not saying Obama’s disengaged, doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s a puppet. Don’t misunderstand. Not saying that at all. But he’s not known as a hard worker. He’s not known as somebody who gets in there early and stays late. The only time he stays late and when he’s got Netanyahu over there in another room waiting for him to finish dinner with his family. Then he’ll come back and stay late. Well, he did that. So the crowds aren’t what they are. The fundraising isn’t what it is. Romney is showing the ability to sneak up on people in a way.


RUSH: While David Plouffe is the president, Axelrod’s the chief of staff, Obama’s out raising money. After his campaign stop in North Carolina today, he’s going on his comedy tour. He’ll be appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show and then with Jimmy Kimmel before being roasted at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend. Snerdley, were you invited? (interruption) You weren’t? I thought you got invited every year to the White House Correspondents Dinner. I used to. I used to be invited, until it became widely known I would never go. I would never accept. Now the invitations don’t come in. It’s like last week Snerdley was all upset… Was it you or was it…? (interruption)

Oh, you know, my guest at the spring fling were all worked up. Apparently Vanity Fair had a hundred most powerful, influential, and one of my guests said, “How can somebody with an audience of one million people be on cable,” talking about Colbert, “be on the list and how can you not be? And TIME Magazine’s hundred more powerful people, how can you not be on it?” I said, “‘Cause I don’t go to the party.” I’ve been on that list twice, and I’ve never gone. They’re not gonna invite people that aren’t gonna show up. It’s a party invitation. It’s a party list, and I don’t go. I’m through being circus act.

You know, I got the T-shirt. (interruption) No, I would be the circus act if I went. I would be one of maybe two or three conservatives and the rest, the libs, would be sitting around pointing like I’m a baby polar bear in the zoo. That’s what I mean by circus act. (interruption) Doesn’t matter. They’d still be yukking up. Anyway, I just decided not to go. So, anyway, Obama is out doing what he’s doing, which isn’t working. He’s fundraising and going on comedy tours. He’s in North Carolina today drawing half the crowd that he drew four years ago.

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