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RUSH: Yeah, I wish you all could have been there. I really do. We solved all the world’s problems. Let’s see. It started Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. In three-and-a-half days, we solved the world’s problem. It was the annual “Spring Fling” at my fashionable oceanside estate. I would love to tell you who was there, but it’s like Vegas: What happens there stays there and who shows up always leaves in total secrecy. But, boy, it was tremendous fun. Three-and-a-half straight days of some of the finest intellectual stimulation I’ve had in a long time, three-and-a-half straight days peppered with rounds of golf every day, fine dinners and breakfasts.

So just a great time. It’s always a great time, the annual “Spring Fling.” This is like the seventh one. And I know I’m probably teasing you by telling you all of this and not being able to divulge the attendees. You’d know them all, and none of them were from the world of politics per se. A couple people from news media, some from the sports media, some from sports executive suites, some from the world of authorship and novel writing. Ah, it was just a great time. It always is. Even had an NFL owner drop by for a couple of days, so it was just a hoot.

I’ll find a way to work in all the things that we discussed, the brilliant points that were made. I can’t tell you who was there because of privacy and promises and so forth. Well, I’ll tell you one. Vince Flynn was there with his lovely wife, Lisa. Vince is happy to be known to go anywhere. So he was there. One of the attendees said… You know, we’re looking at the news. We talk about the news that happens during the day at dinner each night, and one of the attendees said, “Can you believe this?” and then offered a point of view, and then said, “The problem is, you can’t say it.”

I said, “I can! What do you mean, ‘You can’t say it’?”

“No, no, no. You can’t say that.”

“Well, I’ve said it before. I’ve just not said it in the words you’ve just it said, but I’ve said it a lot.”

I’ll tell you how I’ve said it. During the 2008 campaign, you remember Mahmoud Ahmadinejad started a rant against this country that sounded just like anything out of the mouth of Joe Biden. I remember saying, “If I were Joe Biden, or any other Democrat saying what I’m saying about the United States, and I heard it echoed by one of America’s enemies, I’d be embarrassed. And these people don’t care!” I don’t remember the specific things that Biden was saying that were being echoed by Ahmadinejad. In fact, the question is really: Who’s copying who? You know, your average Democrat runs around, runs down America, criticizes America, and then Ahmadinejad says the same thing; who said it first?

Is it Biden copying Ahmadinejad or verse vice-a? Well, what reminds me of it is there’s this story from Mediaite, which is a blog that covers television. It’s from April 23rd, so it’s from yesterday. “Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev said he supports President Obama.” Well, of course he does! He’s an environmentalist wacko, a communist. (interruption) Don’t give me this “former” communist stuff. (interruption) Which one? What? Gorbachev. “During a speech to advanced placement students at Von Steuben High School…” Where the heck is Von Steuben High School? “During a speech to advanced placement students, these…”

I guess these are the students one grade above vo-tech. “During a speech to…” (chuckles) Slap me upside the face for saying that.


RUSH: Von Steuben high school is in North Park, Chicago. “During a speech to advanced placement students at Von Steuben High School former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev…” You know, I will never forget something. My mind is fertile today, folks. (It always is when I’ve been gone for a while.) I’ll never forget back when Frank Sesno worked at CNN and Gorbachev was still running the Soviet Union, and there was a G7 meeting coming up in Europe somewhere (I believe it was France) and Gorbachev called everybody said, “Hey, I’m coming.” Everybody laughed because the Soviet Union was never a major economic power, but Gorbachev said he was gonna go.

So that stopped everything. It was news bulletins all over everywhere: Flash, bulletin, breaking news, whatever it was called back then. I was watching Frank Sesno on CNN beside himself. “MikHAIL GorbaCHOFF! MikHAIL GorbaCHOFF says he’s coming to the G7! MikHAIL GorbaCHOFF!” and ever since I’ve heard him pronounce “MikHAIL GorbaCHOFF!” I find it hard not to say “MikHAIL GorbaCHOFF!” when I’m talking about Gorbachev. Of course, I’m also the guy that invented the word “Gorbasm” to describe the way Frank Sesno was reacting to “MikHAIL GorbaCHOFF!” coming to the G7, thereby making it a G7.2.


RUSH: “During a speech to the advanced placement students at Von Steuben High School in North Park, Chicago, former president Mikhail Gorbachev made a strong statement of approval for President Obama. ‘Of course,’ he said, ‘Of course there are many people who don’t like what the president is doing, but in my opinion, it’s very good. My opinion of him is very favorable. I will support him.'” Well! There you have it. So you could say that America’s enemies all support Barack Obama.

We know that the Iranians want Obama reelected, do we not?

We know that the Muslim Brotherhood wants Obama reelected, do we not?

We know that Hezbollah, they want Obama reelected.

We know that Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro want Obama reelected.

Who are these guys? They’re America’s enemies. At the “Spring Fling,” my guy said, “You can’t say that. You can’t say that!” Well, I’ve it said it in other words. So why not just say again? It’s undeniable. Now Snerdley’s all worried I’m gonna get in trouble over this. But it’s not one of these things that’s up for debate. I mean, Gorbachev didn’t say, “I’m thinking of supporting Obama.” He said, “I like him. My opinion of him very favorable, I will support him.” And Gorbachev said, “I think you Americans need your own perestroika.”

“During his address Gorbachev recalled an anecdote about a talk he gave to 12,000 university students prior to the 2008 election. At that event there were a couple of students who were particularly persistent on Election Day in how Gorbachev should advise them to vote. ‘When they asked this question,’ Gorbachev said, ‘I don’t want to teach you because often America teaches others how they should live. “If I give you advice,” I said, “that would be a risk.”‘” So here’s Gorbachev slamming us. It’s the same old thing. We’ve been telling everybody what to do. We’re a superpower ’cause we’ve been running around keeping everybody under our thumb. We’ve been ordering everybody what to do.

We’ve been stealing their resources, their oil, their minerals, their diamonds, their algae and converting it into our own stuff — and becoming an illegitimate and immoral and unjust superpower. But then Gorbachev said, “Nevertheless, I did say, ‘I think you Americans need your own perestroika.'” Snerdley, do you remember there was “glasnost” and “perestroika”? Do you remember the difference in the two? (interruption) Snerdley’s memory says that “glasnost” was “openness,” that the Russians, the Soviets are supposed to be open with us. How did you just define “perestroika”? (interruption) Okay. “Perestroika,” Snerdley says, is that we were supposed to be bipartisan with the communists. Perestroika was, if I recall right — and I usually do, Snerdley. Perestroika was Gorbachev’s attempt to parcel out freedom but hold onto communism. Perestroika was limited freedom.

That’s what he’s telling us we need here: “You Americans need your own perestroika.” No! We do not want to limit our freedoms here. We don’t want to parcel out freedom. Perestroika couldn’t work. When you start parceling out freedom but then you try to hold onto communism, the two are in conflict. You cannot have both simultaneously existing. Perestroika essentially was communism with a capitalist base. It’s what they’ve got in China today. Democratic centralism, perestroika. So what Gorbachev is saying is we need a little bit of capitalism here, but for the most part a command-and-control government in charge of it.

That’s what he’s saying — and who does he support? Barack Obama!

Is that what you think we need? You think we need a little bit of capitalism out there with a command-and-control of the whole thing coming from Washington? ‘Cause it’s where we’re headed if we don’t stop.

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