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RUSH: Who’s next? Michael in Washington, DC. Michael, thanks so much for waiting. Nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Rush, it is an honor.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you.

CALLER: As I told your screener, I’m a professional in the energy business, and I was at a professional conference last week, and they had a very well-known professor of economics giving a keynote speech about global warming.

RUSH: Wait. A professor of economics giving a speech on global warming?

CALLER: Yes. He’s supposed to be one of the top people in the world on the subject.

RUSH: An economics professor?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Yeah. Okay.

CALLER: And his first slide had to do with critics and it depicted an illusion of a flat earth, suggesting that anybody who had any question about the validity of the theories of global warming and his suggested fixes was a flat-earther. And it was widely accepted among the audience.

RUSH: I’m not surprised. It’s Washington.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: There’s big money involved here. But goes to show you: an economics professor doing a science lecture on manmade global warming, with supposedly irrefutable evidence. Would you mind mentioning his name or would you rather not?

CALLER: I’d probably rather not. I would identify a bit too much about who it was and where it was and those involved.

RUSH: What, was it a private meeting?

CALLER: It was an association of professionals in the energy business.

RUSH: Well, you know, the Obama regime rolled out a full-court press over the weekend about global warming. All the administration flacks were out in force. When was your meeting?

CALLER: Last Thursday.

RUSH: In town?


RUSH: Well, fascinating. I appreciate it. That’s an on-site report. So here you have an economist, a lead lecturer on global warming offered by an economist, and his first slide has to do with characterizing people who disagree with him as flat-earthers. Yeah, well, I appreciate that report.

Clarence in Philadelphia, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush! You say that global warming is a fraud, huh?

RUSH: Uh, “manmade” global warming. The concept of manmade global warming is a fraud, yes. It’s a hoax.

CALLER: And — and — and what are your credentials as, you know, to prove that?

RUSH: Well, my ability to read faked e-mails from the University of East Anglia, e-mails written by participants in the hoax who described how to cover up the hoax and how they lied about various measurements and how they were covering it up and trying not to get caught.

CALLER: That’s your proof against global warming?

RUSH: Well, yeah. Plus, it’s getting cooler out there. It hasn’t warmed in ten years. Virtually every claim these people made haven’t come true.

CALLER: Wait a minute, wait a minute, now. Here in Philadelphia, we had no winter at all this year.

RUSH: Yeah, that means it’s global warming out there. They had more snowfall in Anchorage, Alaska, than ever before in history.

CALLER: I’m talking about Philadelphia, here! We didn’t have a winter here!

RUSH: Well, okay. Then there’s global warming in Philadelphia and you better move.

CALLER: We didn’t have a winter! We didn’t have a winter here.

RUSH: Well, then move if you want winter.

CALLER: No, that’s not the point. The point is that’s as much proof as you’ve given out against global warming.

RUSH: No. No, no, no, no! I’m not even… I’m not using daily weather. You brought that up.

CALLER: What about Russia last year?

RUSH: There is a “consensus” opinion —

CALLER: What about Russia? Last summer it was over 90 degrees in Moscow every day?

RUSH: No, no. Wait a minute. There is a “consensus” opinion that “weather is not climate.” That’s what the global warming people say. You can’t, therefore, say, “Because there was not winter in Philadelphia, there’s global warming.” Climate is an entirely different thing, according to their models, which have been faked.

CALLER: Am I speaking to you?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Oh. Every time it’s cold somewhere you talk about, “Oh, see? Global warming!” You’re talking about the weather, aren’t you?

RUSH: Well, I love anecdotes.

CALLER: Huh? (confused pause) Aren’t you talking about the weather?

RUSH: I like anecdotes. I love them. Yeah. But there is no manmade global warming. That’s why they’ve had to change it to “climate change,” the terminology, ’cause it isn’t getting warmer.

CALLER: Don’t you think it’s possible if you sent up all this stuff, tons of this greenhouse gas?

RUSH: I think it’s entirely possible that the earth might be warming. The earth might, in fact, be warming. But number one, I don’t see there might be anything wrong with that; and number two, we aren’t causing it because we can’t.


RUSH: Okay, so our last caller says they didn’t have any winter in Philadelphia and he thinks that proves global warming. And he thinks I’m basing my assessment that there’s no global warming on the same type of examples, which I’m not. It would take me the whole remaining half hour to recite for you — to even try to synthesize — 23 years’ worth of focus on the issue. But my belief in the nonexistence of manmade global warming is that we don’t have that power. God does. This guy in Philadelphia, he didn’t have winter this year.

What does he think he did along with other people in Philadelphia to make that happen? I don’t know what he believes; I didn’t keep him on the phone. But there’s nothing that he did. There’s nothing that any resident in Philadelphia did or in the United Kingdom did to cause the jet stream to stay in Canada all winter. And that’s why there wasn’t a winter. The jet stream stayed north. That was a large part of it. It’s not that there wasn’t cold weather. It just didn’t make it down to Philadelphia. But that’s not because we’re driving SUVs or whatever it is they claim are the causes. We don’t have that power!

We can’t stop the warming.

Contrary to what people like Algore believe, we can’t.

What’s their solution to stopping the warming? Okay, we drive electric cars? Put up windmills? This is absurd. We pay higher taxes? It’s absurd. We blame ourselves? It’s liberalism. All it is is liberalism. We don’t have the power to make it colder. We can’t stop a hurricane from hitting New Orleans or anywhere else. We can’t stop lightning strikes or thunderstorms. We don’t have the power! And if we can’t stop this stuff then we certainly can’t cause it. It’s not complex. It’s simple. Too many people spend too much time thinking that the explanation for everything is complex, when it isn’t. The simple answer usually is the answer.

Philadelphia had record cold in 2011. They canceled a football game, for crying out loud, before bad weather even arrived because it was forecast to be so bad! They had a Sunday night game scheduled in Philadelphia, an NBC game, and the mayor canceled it. When the forecast came in for like eight to ten inches of snow and wind, he said (paraphrased), “I don’t want our helpless citizens driving around on the interstate trying to get home after they’re all drunk after the game.” So they canceled the game. Now, there’s not one thing anybody in Philadelphia coulda done to stop that snowstorm, nor did they do anything to cause it.

It’s simple stuff.

See, all of this is rooted in everybody wanting their life to have meaning. And most people… I hate to say it. It’s a sad reality. Most people think that their lives don’t have any real meaning because they’ve lost the ability to define meaning. “Meaning,” in someone’s life, usually now means, “Do you get on television? Does what you do end up being televised? Is who you are popularized in People magazine or on the E! Entertainment network or what have you?” Having a meaningful life is a very localized, immediate thing with the people that you love. That’s where your meaning comes from. People search for meaning.

I watched a movie over the weekend about people have no meaning in their lives and are searching for it. What’s the purpose? Why are we all here? It’s some Tribeca Film Fest movie scheduled to be released in October or something called The Giant Mechanical Man. It’s all about two people who do not fit into any norm. Everybody thinks they’re weird and they’re trying to find meaning in their lives. And they find each other, and they find comfort in the fact that they’re both “odd,” at least according to societal norms. And it all works out hunky-dory and they have sex and the movie ends and everything is cool. But everybody wants more than that, it seems.

You’ve gotta have some form of fame or notoriety or your life’s worthless, and you have to have everybody, now, who you are or what you do or your life is meaningless. That’s what most people think. And so, most people will never have fame. Most people are never gonna get on E! Entertainment TV (and you don’t know how lucky you are, by the way). Most people are never gonna end up in People magazine. Most people are not gonna be Kim Kardashian. (You don’t know how lucky you are.) So something comes along that the liberals peddle like global warming. “Guess what? You can save the planet!”

“Oh, wow, really? My life has meaning all of a sudden! I can save the planet?”

“Yeah, you can save it from ExxonMobil because they’re destroying it. And you can save it from Walmart and you can save it from GlaxoSmithKline, the Big Drug people. Yeah, you can. You can save the planet.”

“Really? How? How do I do it?”

“Well, you have to pay higher taxes because you’ve caused this. You’ve been irresponsible with the cars that you’ve driven, all those SUVs. You’ve emitted all of this carbon dioxide, these greenhouse gases. You’ve done all of this. But you can atone for it by driving what Obama wants to you drive or what Algore wants you to drive. And you can reduce your carbon dioxide footprint,” while they expand theirs, by the way! So the appeal to people is almost the same things as you run around with a colored ribbon on your shirt. It tells people you care.

The AIDS ribbon was popular at one time. If you had that red ribbon on, it meant you cared more than other people. That’s what that ribbon said. Didn’t say anything about what you’ve done for the disease, if anything. But you put the ribbon on, you cared. You were able to tell yourself you care. And that ribbon told everybody else you care. And then maybe you put a yellow one on for whatever that cause is. And then you can have 15 different ribbons on to show how much you really care.

It’s a very, very seductive thing the left has done here by convincing people that their lives can have meaning if they will simply sacrifice. “We do with less, and then join the club to make everybody else do with less! And doing with less and stopping or retarding progress, that’s how we will save our planet.” And then you become evangels for this! Then it’s not enough for you to live your life the right way. Then you’ve gotta tell everybody else how they should live theirs, too, and that makes you an expert, and then you really care and you really have meaning. And all of this is a brilliantly conceived and well-executed plan by the left to get people involved as soldiers, useful idiots for their cause.

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