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RUSH: April 23rd, 2009, Washington, Capitol Hill, press conference, Pelosi. A reporter says, “It’s been said that in the fall of 2002, key members of the Intelligence Committee, including you, Ms. Pelosi, were briefed on interrogation methods, including waterboarding. At the time you were briefed, did you raise any objections?”

PELOSI: At that or any other briefing, and that was the only briefing that I was briefed on in that regard, we were not — I repeat — not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used.

RUSH: Last night on Hannity, Jose Rodriguez, profiled on 60 Minutes Sunday night with Lesley Stahl, who couldn’t believe that we gave terrorists Ensure, Hannity said, “You personally briefed Pelosi about enhanced interrogation. So Pelosi lied to the American people?”

RODRIGUEZ: We briefed her on 4 September, 2002, about the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah. So we went through the techniques that were used on him, including waterboarding. She is either confused or is lying.

RUSH: It’s a toss-up. It’s a genuine toss-up with Pelosi, confused or lying. So here’s the guy who briefed her, Jose Rodriguez, he briefed her. She’s denying it. She has to deny it because the Democrats made such a big deal out of America being a torturing country under George W. Bush. Also on Hannity, Jose Rodriguez, Hannity said, “The president’s now taking credit for getting Bin Laden. If he’d had his way closing Gitmo, ending enhanced interrogations which, you know, calling people like yourself torturers, would we have gotten Bin Laden?”

RODRIGUEZ: We got a lot of information from the detainees that eventually led to us Bin Laden, and that’s a fact. What concerns me is that there is still doubt out there, people are doubting, you know, the amount of information that we got from this program that gave us the basis to go after Al-Qaeda and destroy Al-Qaeda, the Al-Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11, is just amazing. There’s a clear trail. There was someone that we captured, a facilitator that we captured in 2004 that told us about Bin Laden’s courier and gave us a pseudonym, Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, and eventually we got the true name of al-Kuwaiti.

RUSH: This is the guy I was telling you about in the first hour. If Obama’s policies, Pelosi’s had been in place, they woulda not gotten that name. They would not have gotten the pseudonym of Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. This was the one guy taking messages to Osama and then taking his responses back out to the field. And it was through the dire techniques, the enhanced dire techniques that they got this guy’s name, who he really was, and were able to track him and find that Osama was in Pakistan. The irony is that had the Democrat’s powder puff policies been in place, we would not have learned that.

Now, we got a caller who referenced this next bite. This is one of the greatest hits of all time in our sound bite roster. Sunday night, 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl talking to Jose Rodriguez, clandestine services director for George W. Bush, lead interrogator, Club Gitmo, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other bad guys, Ramzi Binalshibh, whole crew. Lesley Stahl said, “So, what happens that you waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 183 times? What happened? Did he break down? Did he weep?” That’s cry, for those of you Rio Linda. “Did he weep? Did he fall apart?”

RODRIGUEZ: No. He gets a good night’s sleep. He gets his Ensure. By the way, he was very heavy when he came to us and he lost 50 pounds.

STAHL: What, his Ensure? You mean like people in the hospital who will drink that stuff?

RODRIGUEZ: Yes. Dietary manipulation was part of these dire techniques.

STAHL: So sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation. I mean, this is Orwellian stuff. The United States doesn’t do that.

RODRIGUEZ: Well, we do.

RUSH: Well, we do. What country has Lesley Stahl been living in? Does she have no clue what happened in World War II with Japanese and German prisoners that we kept? What in the world, Orwellian? Sleep deprivation and Ensure? People get caught up in this torture business, and it just amazes me how absent from reality these people are. Everything is a cocktail party to them. I don’t know.

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