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RUSH: Judy in San Antonio. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, there. Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I want to comment on Obama’s failed economic policies, because I am now a statistic. I was laid off yesterday. I work in construction. We have a huge backlog of projects, but everyone is afraid to spend money. Our clients have money. They’re just afraid to expand or invest. And we’ve gone through the last two months when they’ve laid off at least twenty people.

RUSH: And how frustrating is this? Here you are at a construction company. You have a backlog of sites. You’ve got clients who want things built. And what have they done? They’ve apparently put their projects on hold ’cause they’re just afraid to spend what they’ve got right now?

CALLER: Yes. And it’s a crying shame. It’s a huge disappointment. I just cannot believe what a chokehold Obama has on growth in this country. There are companies with money, but they’re terrified to invest and expand because they don’t know what the federal government is gonna do to them next. I’m a believer in free markets and capitalism, and I know that markets are inherently risky, but for the love of God! We shouldn’t be afraid of our own government!

RUSH: Wait a minute. Markets… Of course! Well, everything’s risky, but the government’s riskier.

CALLER: Well, it shouldn’t be that way!

RUSH: People are frightened. You’ve nailed it, Judy. People are afraid of the government. Not just what is in store for them financially with, for example, health care and what real new taxes and expenses are coming with that. It’s 2,700 pages. They can tell us anything’s in it that they want to, and it probably is. (chuckles) But it’s not just that. People are afraid to say certain things in certain places. They’re afraid it might be overheard, afraid it might be reported.

Look at the TSA problems people have. You know, you say “chokehold,” foot on the throat of American businesses, but you’re absolutely right. And it’s not conducive to any kind of growth or expansion. Plus, look at the attitude it creates in people. Fear. Timidity. You know, having a risk-taking, entrepreneurial attitude is necessary. And that’s being squeezed out. What was your construction company? Did you do houses or commercial buildings?

CALLER: Commercial exclusively.

RUSH: Oh, jeez!

CALLER: Yeah. (bitter chuckle) Yeah. Well, commercial and medical.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: All I can say is: You know, it’s a low-down, dirty shame.

RUSH: Hang in there. Hang in there. Maybe become an illegal immigrant. I’ve heard they’re doing pretty well. (pause) Well, no, they’re leaving, too! I don’t know what to tell you.

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