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RUSH: All right. For you Oprah fans, we have Oprah-style news here. Dylan Byers, writing in a blog at The Politico, has uncovered an interesting fact. In Obama’s 1995 autobiography, Dreams From My Father, there is the story of his “girlfriend.” We’ve asked on this program, “Where are Obama’s former girlfriends? Everybody has former girlfriends. You can find ’em and find out what kind of guy the guy was, especially if he’s running for president.”

He was such a “cool guy,” you would think women would be falling out of the woodwork here telling us what a great, cool dude Obama was. And people inspired by his professorship at the University of Chicago teaching how to overthrow private sector governments and so forth, too. You would think there would be a lot of people coming forth and saying, “Yeah, Obama, he was such a cool guy. He really inspired me!” You can’t find these people. You can’t find ’em.

Now, Dylan Byers says, “One of the more mysterious characters from President Obama’s 1995 autobiography Dreams From My Father is the so-called ‘New York girlfriend.’ Obama never referred to her by name, or even by psuedonym [sic], but he describes her appearance, her voice, and her mannerisms in specific detail. But Obama has now told biographer David Maraniss,” he used to be at the Washington Post, “that the ‘New York girlfriend’ was actually a composite character, based off of multiple girlfriends he had both in New York City and in Chicago.

“During an interview in the Oval Office, Obama acknowledged that, while Genevieve was his New York girlfriend, the description in his memoir was a ‘compression’…” That’s his word. He meant “composite,” I’m sure. She “was a ‘compression’ of girlfriends, including one who followed Genevieve [Cook] when he lived in Chicago,’ Maraniss writes…” So the New York girlfriend was a composite. The bunch of girlfriends Obama had, he just combined all the character traits into one woman.

And the excuse is, “Hey, it’s just a couple paragraphs in the book! What’s the big deal?” Well, in an autobiography, if you’re gonna invent characters — in an autobiography, if you’re going to invent characters — and then only admit you invented them after people have tried to find them… You know, he invents this Genevieve babe and people can’t find her. She didn’t exist. (interruption) Well, I haven’t read it. I don’t know if he quoted her. If he “compressed” her, she mighta said something. But it’s not reported.

I don’t know if he quoted her or not. The point is if they find a couple paragraphs where a person was essentially made up in an autobiography… It’s kind of like when Charles Barkley said in his autobiography he was “misquoted.” Remember that? Yeah, there was something in Charles Barkley’s book that he said. I forget the nature of it. It was controversial. So they asked him about it, and he clearly (laughing) was unfamiliar with it. Whoever the… You know, the book was “by Charles Barkley with…”

Whoever the “with” guy was had put something in there. Barkley hadn’t even read his own autobiography. He didn’t even know it. He was “misquoted.” Like Josh Steiner. Do you people happen to remember the lovely and gracious Josh Steiner? Josh Steiner worked in the Clinton administration, and didn’t he have something to do with the FBI files or something like that? Hillary and Bill had 500 FBI files squirreled away, and Steiner had something to do, I think it was, with them. And he kept a diary.

And his diary ended up being subpoenaed. And he had to testify either in court or before a congressional committee. Yeah, it was before Congress, so it was a congressional committee. And what he said was at variance with what was in his diary, and his excuse in his testimony before Congress was that he had lied to his diary! He lied to his diary, Barkley was misquoted in his autobiography, and Obama makes up and “compresses” the girlfriend character in his autobiography.

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