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RUSH: I see this story, and then I realize: We have a lot of new listeners here, a tremendous number of new listeners. We officially know this now. It’s beyond commonsense supposition. We now know. Because of accurate records, we know. That’s as much as I can legally say. But we know. We know it’s huge, the new listener number. Well, I have a story here that if everybody in the audience was up to speed and in total context with how things happen in this program, I would approach it a certain way.

But we have people here who may be listening for their first day, their first week, first month. So I want to approach this a little differently. I want to read to you a headline in a story today in the New York Daily News. Are you ready? Do I have your attention? I want you to pay very, very close attention to this. “[R]esearch published yesterday in a magazine called Current Biology suggests that large dinosaurs belched and expelled gas to such an extent that it may have contributed to global warming and their extinction.”

Now, what I want to do is ask you to stop for a moment and really think about that. You know that there’s all kinds of arguments going on about global warming, and you’ve heard probably (I’m speaking to you people that are new in the audience) all the claims that it’s the cars that we drive. It’s the greenhouse gases! It seems like every day there’s a new claim, something humanity is doing to destroy the planet. Yet we’ve also learned that it’s a total hoax. If you’re new to the program, I don’t have time to go back and repeat years of programming.

But e-mails leaked from the University of East Anglia in the UK conclusively show how data was altered and faked to produce results that showed man was responsible for global warming when he wasn’t. The stuff was made up. We know that they have tried every scare tactic in the world to convince people that they are responsible for the climate being destroyed, or the world warming up. Now, we know that the reason for this is they’re trying to capitalize on people’s emptiness in their lives. Most people don’t think their lives mean anything and they want to have meaning in their lives.

So the left very cleverly comes along and says, “You know what? You can save the planet!”

“Whoa! Wow! Now my life is gonna have meaning. Ho! Sign me up.”

“Yeah, well, you have to admit that you have been the problem. With all the gasoline that you’ve used and all the coal that you’ve burned and the electricity you’ve used, you’ve contributed. But there’s atonement for you. If you buy little cars that we tell you to buy, if you go along with raising taxes, if you have more government control — forget about all the traditional forms of energy and let’s go windmills and solar panels — you’re fine.”

And people say, “Oh, good! Okay, I’ll buy a Prius, or I’ll buy an electric car.”

They think they’re saving the planet, and that’s how it happens. Now, I just want to ask you. Just use as much common sense as you can muster. I want to ask you to seriously consider — don’t just accept it knee-jerk because “science,” quote, unquote says it. Please understand that science has been corrupted by politics like most everything politics touches has been corrupted. And science is politics. And another thing if you’re new to the program: If you ever hear the word “consensus” in a discussion about science being fact, understand that it’s not possible.

Consensus equals majority thought. Science is not subject to opinion. Scientific fact is fact. The earth is round not because a consensus of scientists think it is but because it’s round! I want you to actually stop and consider this report, serious as it can be in the New York Daily News, that dinosaur farts and burps have contributed to global warming and their own extinction. And I want to ask you if you really believe that. I want you to stop and I want you to very seriously consider the proposition that there aren’t any dinosaurs because their own flatulence wiped ’em out.

They farted themselves to death and, in the process, they destroyed the planet, their own habitat. They caused global warming by burping and expelling gas so much, they destroyed their own habitat. I want to ask you: Does this pass the smell test? I just want you to use your common sense. I could do an Environmentalist Wacko Update here. I could do the usual: Make fun of it. But then I might distract from the actual point being made for those of you not up to speed and context with how we do things on this program.

Because, see, the point is, this is ridiculous. This is literally insane. It’s ridiculous. It’s absurd. It is one of the most stupid assertions I have encountered in 25-plus years of deep study of the environmental wacko movement. Does it pass the smell test? The dinosaurs farted themselves to death, and at the same time burped themselves to death — and then after all that, caused global warming, which is really what did them in. Then, I want you to ask yourself this: Why is it that it has not yet been asserted that we humans are farting ourselves to death?


RUSH: This story in the New York Daily News about dinosaur flatulence, in addition to being absurd, it’s very weird. It’s a real story, folks. A genuine study claims that dinosaur methane emissions 200 million years ago are at the same level as methane emissions from livestock and industry today. And, of course, methane from livestock and industry is causing global warming today. And if the dinosaurs, that many of ’em, were expelling that much gas back then, why, the same thing would be happening back then. But then at the end of the article we’re told that the very idea that dinosaur emissions could cause global warming, and even their own extinction, is absurd. The story actually says this. The writer of the story assesses the study himself, after reporting the study seriously. This is about as sensible as that group, Center for Science in the Public Interest, succeeding in getting coconut oil banned in movie theaters simply because they didn’t like it.

The author of that study is claiming that it’s now being taken out of context and he never claimed that dinosaur emissions caused global warming or their own extinction. He says their emissions were a minor factor, but he is still claiming their methane emissions equal those that are produced today. So apparently the reaction to the study has been one of, “Are you kidding me?” So the guy said, “Hey, I didn’t say what is being reported as being said.” The point is, the environmentalist wacko movement, there are people that believe in this kind of stuff, they make bets on it, and it’s as ridiculous as most other claims they’re making about manmade global warming.


RUSH: Our official climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama, Huntsville, has weighed in on dinosaur flatulence and global warming, extinction. He said, “Look, if this guy is right in his research about all that flatulence, and if the dinosaurs were smoking cigarettes, there could have combustion all over the place and they might have something to talk about then.”

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