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RUSH: Rush Babes for America. The numbers of people, the women who have signed up at the Rush Babes Facebook page, we have zoomed past the total membership, the number of friends that the National Organization for Women has. We’re over 55,000 now, maybe even higher than that, but we’re only 5,000 members away from beating Media Matters for America, in terms of people who like it, friends, all that, and we’ve been up 48 hours. This is the third time I’ve mentioned it and we’re only 5,000 away from beating Media Matters. We’re way ahead of the NAGs and the purpose of the site is to demonstrate that there are far, far more women in this country who disagree with the NAGS. They do not speak for women, all women, not even close, either in number or in the way women think.

The media presents the National Organization for Women as the one organization speaking for, representing the interests of women. And it’s a crock. And of course they say that I am a reprobate and filled with hate and I must be taken off the air. So we’ve assembled a Facebook page that has many more women who don’t want anything that the NAGs want. And we put items of interest up at this Facebook page. The address, by the way, if you’d like to check it out and become a friend is Facebook.com/RushBabesforAmerica.

And by the way, I’m getting lots of e-mails from people who are subscribers of the website who say, “Look, I want to be counted, but I’m not gonna use Facebook.” Some people don’t trust social media, don’t want to go there, but they still want to be counted. So we are keeping a running tally, and we are counting you, too.

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