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RUSH: Obama is at the Clooney fundraiser last night, where, by the way, the story on that is, the original expectation was ten million. That’s what they were gonna raise. But then, our brave, courageous president went out there and said that he thinks the states ought to determine gay marriage, and that gay people should be able to get married. Lo and behold, the floodgates opened, and an additional five million was raised at the Clooney fundraiser. I’m not believing that either. The whole thing is a crock. They got 15 from the get-go.

You got Obama in Clooney’s house, the tickets have been sold, but they want us to believe that there’s all this newfound enthusiasm in Hollywood where he was lagging behind a little bit. There was some distrust, some disappointment, some people simply didn’t have that confidence. But then Obama came out and he said, “I think the states ought to determine whether or not gay people get married.” For some reason that got another five million. While he was there, if this isn’t in every Romney ad from now ’til November, somebody needs to be fired. Obama said, quote, “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession. “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession. Is it cool to be out of touch? That’s what he said.


RUSH: “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession. He said it just before the Hollywood extravaganza. He says this just before he hops on Air Force One. He says this after living in the White House for three-and-a-half years, after partying nonstop, after vacationing, after golfing as if he was a retired lottery winner in the Kennedy family. He says, “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession.

Remember when George H. W. Bush was raked over the coals ’cause he didn’t know what a supermarket scanner was? Well, you don’t remember that, Rachel, because you were not even out of the womb then. But back in 1990, ’91, George H. W. Bush went to a grocery store, he’s president, he’d never seen a supermarket scanner. He said, “What’s that?” They showed him and he said, “Wow, that’s really cool.” And they dumped all over him. Presidents go to grocery stores every day, right? The usual question, “Mr. President, do you know what the price of milk is?” “Uhhhh, no.” Obama: “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession.

Sometimes I forget. And you know what? The left is gonna look at this as highly sensitive. This is a guy who’s in touch. He has the courage to admit he knows how tough it is for people out there. Yes siree, Bob. Before his Hollywood extravaganza, $15 million raised with George Clooney, gets on Air Force One, has lived in the White House three-and-a-half years, parties nonstop, vacations and golf. “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession. After the stimulus bill. After all the jobs bills he claims to have cared about.


RUSH: We got it. Grab audio sound bite number 16. Last night in Seattle… Da-da-da… No. Wherever he was in California last night. Anyway, this is Obama at a campaign event. Listen. Here it is…

OBAMA: It was a house of cards, and it collapsed in the most-destructive, worst crisis that we’ve seen since the Great Depression. Sometimes people forget the magnitude of it, you know? Sometimes I forget. Eight hundred thousand lost their jobs in the month that I took office, and it was tough.

RUSH: “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession. He says that as though he wants credit. He was in Seattle. He’s forgotten to cut the national debt in half in his first term like he said he was gonna do. So after all the partying — after all the times on Air Force One, after all of the jobs bills, after all the stimulus — his administration has been focused on bringing the economy back, has it not? According to him?

According to him, the whole reason he was there has been to revitalize the US economy for people. And he says, “Sometimes I forget” the “magnitude” of the recession? He wants credit for this? I never forget it. I can’t get it out of my mind! I bet most Americans have not forgotten “the magnitude” of the recession. He’s also forgotten to create jobs.

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