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RUSH: The White House is not going to push the gay marriage plank into the party platform. As of now, the White House is not going to. Obama, the Democrats… No, Obama. Obama is not going to move to have gay marriage become part of the party platform. Those of you on the Democrat side in the gay population, you have to understand: Not one thing changed for you.

Obama totally left it up to the states.

He said he was perfectly fine with it.

All he said was that he thinks gay people should be able to get married, and then he had the language about getting into the Twenty-First Century, and how America has always been unfair and unequal and we’ve gotta take this step — and all that yada yada, good-sounding stuff. But substantively, nothing changed for you. The only thing that’s happening for you gay couples is that every time this comes up for a vote in state after state after state after state, in 32 of ’em, you’re 0-for-32. And now your biggest champion is not even gonna push for it to be in the Democrat Party platform at the convention, wherever they hold it.

There’s some talk out there, of course, that they’re gonna move it out of North Carolina.

They are thinking of doing so.


RUSH: So Obama got the money spigot turned on for gay marriage. The Washington Post story ran its story about Romney beating up this gay guy, ostensibly. That’s turning on the money spigot.

He supposedly got 5 million additional dollars at Clooney’s last night. So now he can shut up about gay marriage. In fact, that’s probably going to be standard operating procedure. Standard operating procedure is going to be: “No more talk about this. All right, we’ve been there; done that. We got it done. People are writing checks and that’s all this was about. Shut up about it. Don’t say anymore.” Because seven swing states swung to the anti-Obama side, or they are expected to because of this.

Social issues!

Everybody says, “Social issues, don’t bring ’em up! Don’t bring ’em up, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s gonna hurt the Republican Party! It’s gonna hurt conservatives. We can’t win with social issues.” Look what’s happened. Obama comes out and talks about gay marriage, how he wants to make it happen, and he just took seven states — swing states — and made them that much more difficult for him to win. And gay marriage, I would say, is a social issue. I also saw… I can’t remember where I saw this today.

Really, I was hustling through everything so fast, I was skipping every other line when I was reading stories. I don’t remember where I saw this. Somebody had an interesting theory about Vice President Bite Me. It’s that Biden can read, and Biden hears and sees all the talk about getting rid of him and replacing him with somebody else. He’s heard all this talk about Hillary replacing him on the ticket or somebody else, and he doesn’t want to be replaced. Bite Me wants to stay on the ticket because then Bite Me wants to run for president 2016.

And if they throw Biden off the ticket now, why, that’s bad. That’s bad for the resume. They make him look like the problem. So one of the theories I read (I really wish I could remember where so I can properly credit it) is that Biden was rogue. He did purposely go out Sunday on Meet the Depressed, and he did bring this gay marriage up, and he did say — while everybody thought that he was speaking for the administration — that he’s all for it, and he’s totally comfortable with gay marriage now.

The theory is that Biden did that to make it almost impossible to throw him off the ticket now. The thinking is that gay marriage is so popular on the Democrat side, it’s turned on the money spigot. People who were holding back — people who weren’t writing checks, people who weren’t fundraising and who were not bundling — all of the sudden now are running at 150 miles an hour. They’re raising money, bundling money, donating money, all because of Biden.

Biden’s thinking is, according to the theory: If they dump him now, he won’t look bad, it will look like an obviously political move. No loyalty, can’t trust Obama and so forth. So, it’s an interesting theory. I don’t know if it’s true, obviously. But still, Obama now has it all that much more difficult to get rid of Biden ’cause Biden is ultimately responsible for all this. See, if Biden hadn’t gone out on Meet the Press Sunday and said what he said, by Obama’s own admission to Robin Roberts, he would have waited either until before the election or before the convention to announce that he had finished “evolving.”

But they had to speed up that evolution because of what Biden said.

Ultimately he can travel around in these Democrat circles and say, “I did it! You have me to thank! I’m the guy who brought this forth!”

And he may have a point.

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