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RUSH: And a little Donna Summer into the bumper rotation. Donna Summer, dead today, 63 years old, of cancer. We grew up with her, Snerdley. It really is sad. We grew up with Donna Summer. I met Donna Summer one time and her husband on an airplane. She and her husband, after the flight took off, came up to me and introduced themselves, and we had a nice conversation. They were nice as they could be. I’m sitting there in awe, I can’t believe — and she was beautiful. She was tall. She was beautiful, and she was dressed to the nines on this flight. Her husband is also a singer. He was a good-looking guy. And they were, quote, unquote, friends. They were one of us. They were. That’s what they wanted to come tell me.

During her big string of hits, the disco era, I played those records on the radio. You listen to ’em; I played ’em. When I was in charge of producing the games, Kansas City Royals, I played Donna Summer stuff, pregame between innings and so forth. Yeah, there was a guy in the business department at the Royals that just had a crush on her that wouldn’t stop. He would talk about nothing but Donna Summer. And nobody knew she was sick. Well, people knew that she was sick, but not that it was as advanced as it was. But, yeah, she was a committed Christian. She was one of us. She was a right-winger. She came to hate the smut on the radio. She was not a fan of rap music at all. Do you remember the song, Love to Love You, Baby? Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho. Love to Love You, Baby. Oh. It was controversial back then. She was a pioneer. There’s no question.

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