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RUSH: So Joe Biden is off the reservation. A little Elizabeth Warren lingo there. Joe Biden is just going nuts. Two days in a row now he’s gone nuts. I told Cookie I want the Biden sound bites from yesterday, because you know what I saw, we played these Biden sound bites where he was going nuts yesterday: (imitating Biden) “People don’t get us! What do you mean we don’t want people to get wealthy?” When you see Biden’s face, when you see his eyes, when you see the facial expressions… well, I wouldn’t call it demonic. I’d call it deranged. I mean it’s astounding. Cookie gave me the bites again. I want to see these bites again. I want to paint an accurate video picture of what Bite Me looks like when he’s going through this.


RUSH: I played some sound bites of Joe Biden yesterday. He literally lost it. Just lost control, and it sounds that way. When you see the video — we’re gonna play the sound bites again with a couple of new ones — when you see Biden saying what you’re going to hear, he looks off balance, out of kilter, not all there in the eyes. It is the strangest, strangest thing. And everybody was talking about it yesterday. Was he doing it on purpose? What’s he up to here? One of the theories is that Biden is genuinely fearful that they’re gonna get rid of him, and he’s doing everything he can to stay on the ticket.

In fact, that theory has it that Biden purposely went on Meet the Press and said that as far as the administration is concerned, same-sex marriage is totally acceptable to us now, totally fine. I have no problem with it. And of course we’ve now heard that that was not planned, and that this forced poor old Obama’s hand because Obama really wasn’t through evolving. But this sped up Obama’s evolving. Because Obama had already reached his decision. He let the cat out of the bag to Robin Roberts. He had already reached his decision. He just didn’t want to announce it now. He wanted to announce it either before the convention or sometime this summer to get more bang out of it.

Now, there’s another theory going around to indicate the nervousness on the Obama side. That story in the Washington Post last week about Romney bullying that blond-headed, long-haired, maggot-infested guy at the prestigious school. Front page, Washington Post. The story smacked of desperation, and it turned out not to be true to boot. And so one of the theories is that everybody on the Obama side is panicking right now because nobody thought that Obama would be where he is in the polls. Nobody thought he’d be as laughed at, not taken seriously, that everybody on the Obama side, including the media, is sort of out of kilter because they really expected to be able to relive the 2008 campaign, to re-create the whole messianic business, going to North Carolina, the convention at Bank of America Stadium.

Bringing back the Greek columns. Accepting the nomination in front of 70,000 people. That may not be possible. They may not be able to get that. They can’t get 20,000 people at Ohio State. And they want 70,000 people, and they want big bucks renting the skyboxes in order to get in there to be able to hear and see Obama live, accept this momentous nomination for a second term. Nothing’s playing out that way. So here’s Biden on the campaign trail losing it, and let’s go to the audio sound bites. This again, this is yesterday afternoon, Youngstown, Ohio, and he’s in Martins Ferry, Ohio, today, and he was in Steubenville last night, so here are the two from yesterday. We’ll take ’em individually. First from Youngstown.

BIDEN: Things really are starting to come back. There are signs of life and hope in the Heartland. Jobs are starting to come back. And the ones that are coming back are the kind of jobs you can build a middle class family on. They’re manufacturing jobs, decent paying jobs. So you can live in a safe neighborhood. Own your home, not rent your home. If the kid wants to, be able to send your kid to college, or send ’em to trade school.

RUSH: It’s working! It’s working! We’re coming back! We’re coming back! Jobs are starting to come back. This is off the rails. Oh, by the way, news flash just breaking on the Bloomberg wire. Hewlett-Packard considering cutting as many as 25,000 jobs, 8% of its workforce. The day after Joe Biden says things are really starting to come back, signs of life and hope in the Heartland, jobs are starting to come back, the ones that are coming back, the kind of jobs you can build a middle class family on. Hewlett-Packard laying off 8% of its workforce. Again, there are very few times I wish this was a television show. This is one of them. I wish you could see Biden’s eyes. It’s hard to describe with inoffensive language. He just doesn’t seem all there, folks, and the theories abound that he’s trying to save his spot on the ticket here, that he’s really worried. Here’s the next one.

BIDEN: I resent when they talk about families like mine that I grew up in. I resent the fact that they think we’re talking about envy, it’s job envy, it’s wealth envy, that we don’t dream. My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to be president of the United States, I could be. I could be vice president. My mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. My mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. They don’t get us. They don’t get who we are.

RUSH: Let me tell you why, Mr. Vice President. They don’t get you because you’re out there trying to punish everybody that becomes a millionaire. You’re blaming millionaires for everything that’s going wrong in the country instead of blaming you and your party and President Obama because you, Vice President Biden, are responsible for this destruction of the US economy. You are responsible for irresponsible debt creation. You are responsible for people all over this country thinking it’s over for their own kids and grandkids. Nobody associates economic growth with you. Nobody associates prosperity with you or the Democrat Party. Nobody associates escalating opportunity and the opportunity to become a millionaire with the Democrat Party. All they hear from your party is how those people are evil.

The rich are not paying their fair share. The rich are not contributing enough. The rich are stealing everything from everybody else. The rich have more than anybody should have. I don’t know where this guy gets off thinking that he and Obama and the Democrat Party are inspiring people to do better. Mr. Vice President, what you are doing is paving the road for people to accept mediocrity, that’s what you’re doing. You are painting a picture of this country as the best days are behind it. And you are trying to say this happened because of people like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, except when you’re trying to be Reagan. But he’s off the rails here because he understands he’s not inspiring anybody to be a millionaire. “My mother believed and my father believed!”

I remember also at the convention in Denver when he made his acceptance speech, you remember this, Snerdley. Biden got up there and said, (paraphrasing) “My mother taught me, when I got hit, that I would hit the other guy back and I woulda bloodied his nose.” I said, “Well, why don’t you teach that? You teach everybody to waffle and lay down, let people walk all over ’em. You believe in conflict resolution. You don’t believe in people standing up for themselves.” This is psychotic. See, it’s difficult to describe this without using inflammatory language. But I listen to this and think, who do these people think they are? You can’t have it both ways, Mr. Vice President. You can’t tell people that you want the best for ’em in terms of their being able to do their best. The best for them, what you mean by that, is what you’re gonna give ’em if they vote for you. And isn’t gonna be a hell of a lot.

How many mortgages have you saved? How many people in underwater homes have you saved? How many shovel-ready jobs have you created? Zilch! Everything Biden said about job creation after the stimulus bill, not one thing has come true. Eight hundred thousand, 500,000 jobs a month. Not even close. A hundred and fifteen thousand jobs created last month. We’re not even anywhere near a replacement level of job creation, much less growth. Run around trying to make people think that your party inspires people to be the best they can be. You are training people that if they become millionaires, there’s something wrong with ’em, that they’re cheaters.

You’re trying to get people to literally despise the rich. You are the authors of class envy and class warfare. Your parents may have told you that in this country you can be anything you want to be, but you don’t tell people that anymore, Mr. Vice President. I firmly believe his parents told him that. I firmly believe his grandparents believe this the greatest country on earth. And Joe, whatever you want to be when you grow up, you can be, that’s the beauty of this country. Joe’s not teaching that to people anymore. Obama doesn’t teach that to people anymore. This morning he’s in Martins Ferry, Ohio, at a campaign event.

BIDEN: We’re not anti-capitalist. For God’s sake, it’s the system that built the country. We hope investors do well. But you can’t build an economy, economy of the future where the only people who do well are the investors and everybody else pays the price. You can’t do that.

RUSH: You just said yesterday that you want people to become millionaires, and now here you are out ripping ’em to shreds. “We’re not anti-capitalist. For God’s sake, it’s the system that built the country.” Yes, it is, and you have totally thrown it overboard. “We hope investors do well, but you can’t build an economy of the future where the only people that do well are the investors.” Who ever said that in the first place? Where is it written that only the investors do well? And, by the way, what is an investor? An investor to them is a hedge fund guy. An investor to them is a billionaire.

Grab sound bite 26. You want to hear what this administration is all about? Little Timmy, the tax cheat, the Treasury secretary, the egghead theoretician from academia who’s never worked a day in his life in the private sector and doesn’t understand profit and loss and doesn’t understand risk and doesn’t understand capitalism and furthermore hates it, was in Baltimore talking about banking and regulation and the $2 billion JPMorgan Chase loss. Now, let me just tell you something. A genuine capitalist — Biden says, (imitating Biden) “We’re not anti-capitalist, for God’s sake, Chuck, stand up, oh, God, oh, God bless, Chuck, aw, gee, stand up for Chuck. We’re not anti-capitalist, for God’s sake.” Okay, if you’re not an anti-capitalist then what you know about JPMorgan Chase and their $2 billion loss is it happens.

There are winners and there are losers multiple times a day in every walk of life, not just high finance. There are winners and losers on construction sites. There are winners and losers in the classroom. There are winners and losers in the media. There are winners and losers in politics. And you cannot guarantee that nobody will ever lose, and you cannot guarantee that nobody will ever suffer, and you cannot guarantee that nobody will ever win, either. Okay, so JPMorgan Chase, somebody there screws up, $2 billion loss, and what does Little Timmy want to do about it?

GEITHNER: It makes a very powerful, compelling case for the financial reforms we’ve already put in place and the ones we’re still in the process of shaping. And the Federal Reserve and the SEC and the other regulators who have responsibility for these rules are gonna take a very careful look at what actually happened.

RUSH: Right, so we want more regulation. That’s not capitalism, Mr. Vice President. You are not capitalists, and you don’t even understand it, and Little Timmy, pure egghead if there ever was one, running around now saying, “The only problem with JPMorgan Chase is there isn’t enough oversight by people like me,” meaning himself. These people, folks, they are destructive, whether they know it or not, whether they’re trying to or not. I actually don’t care anymore. They haven’t the slightest idea what they’re doing. Obama has $500,000 to a million dollars invested in Chase, not General Motors. Did you know that? Got maybe a million dollars invested. He loves Jamie Dimon.


RUSH: Vice President Biden, tomorrow there are going to be a bunch of brand-new millionaires and a couple of billionaires made in this country when Facebook goes public. Facebook is doing their initial public offering tomorrow. I read where Mark Zuckerberg, if this thing tops out, Zuckerberg could end up number two on the wealthiest guy in the country list. He could get past Warren Buffett. He could end up with 40-plus billion dollars. Are you gonna have a problem with that, Mr. Biden? And what about all the millionaires that are gonna be created tomorrow after the Facebook IPO?

See, here’s the thing with these people, folks. This is what Biden’s telling everybody. It’s okay to dream about being a millionaire, but don’t you damn ever accomplish it. That’s what his parents told him. If you can dream it, you can be a millionaire. If you become one with Obama and Biden in charge of things, you are a target. They’re coming after you. You are gonna be blamed for everything going wrong in the country. You’re gonna be accused of not paying your fair share, and they’re gunning for you. And they’re gonna try to drum up as much animosity toward you in the general public as possible. They’re gonna try to make sure you are hated.

All you people that are gonna score tomorrow with Facebook, understand that Barack Obama has been, for the past three-and-a-half years, drumming up hatred for people like you, resentment for people like you. You are to be blamed, you’re not paying your fair share. Remember the New York Times story on Apple and how they tried to structure their business to pay as little taxes as they can. They found that junior college administrator who blamed his college’s financial problems on the fact that Apple wasn’t paying enough in taxes. Not that his stupid state leadership had spent the state into oblivion. Oh, no, it was Apple’s fault, right down the road in Cupertino. This little guy running his little junior college or community college, whatever it was, it was Apple’s fault. They weren’t paying enough in taxes.

Why would this guy think that? Well, he might think it on his own, but it doesn’t hurt that Barack Obama’s out there reinforcing it. It doesn’t hurt that the president of the United States is validating this guy’s perverted belief that his college’s problems are because Apple isn’t paying enough in taxes. And by association, everybody else that has a lot of money is not paying enough in taxes. Yeah, I’m mad. This stuff infuriates me. It’s not the way this country was built. It is not the way this country is gonna recover. Ticks me off. Big time.


RUSH: All right, I got one more Biden sound bite, and this is from last night Steubenville, Ohio, at a Dairy Queen ice cream shop. While buying a round of ice cream cones for his staff and some residents, Biden spoke to reporters. A reporter said, “You sure you got enough money? We saw your disclosure form yesterday.”

BIDEN: I know you did. (laughter) That’s why you’re wondering! Did you see the Post comment? “It’s probable no vice president ever assumed the office with fewer assets than Joe Biden.” I assume they were talking about financial assets.

RUSH: So here you have Biden bragging about his lack of income in Steubenville, Ohio, at a Dairy Queen. Could you hear that, make it out? It’s probable no vice president ever assumed the office with fewer assets than Joe Biden. Well, you’re in a race for the fewest amount of dollars given to charity with Algore, that’s for sure. Whatever happened to your parents told you you could be a millionaire, Joe? Your parents, your grandparents, you can be a millionaire. Then he shows up and brags about how little he has. Well, I assume he’s bragging, but what he’s doing, he’s trying to build a bridge. “I don’t have much, and I know you don’t have much, and that makes me one of you.”

Somebody shoulda said, “Well, who paid for your hair plugs? They’re not cheap.” Well, I’m sorry. These people just irritate me with their never-ending assaults on achievement. It’s not just millionaires they’re going after. They are targeting achievement. And what Biden’s saying is it’s perfectly fine to dream. You go right ahead, dream all you want, but the minute you achieve something, we are coming after you. That’s exactly what they’re doing.


RUSH: You know, I have to say, I feel sorry for the people in Ohio. The Obama administration will not leave ’em alone. If you go back, the 2008 campaign, I shall never forget this. Moochelle (My Belle) Obama goes into Steubenville, and do you remember what she told the nurses and the women of Steubenville? Don’t go to college. Don’t seek corporate work. Stay in work that is of service to the community. You don’t need to earn a lot of money to be fulfilled and to make a donation to society and a contribution to the human race.

Michelle Obama, Steubenville, Ohio, to women: Hold onto these service jobs that you’ve got, and don’t complain. Don’t seek out the corporate world, like she did and like Warren Buffett and, oh, no, no, don’t do that, stay poor. Now they got Biden in there talking about dreaming to be a millionaire and how they’re not against it or anything. Then he goes into another place in Ohio and brags about how little he’s got. Do you realize we might lose the people in Ohio to insanity? Well, I’m just joking. These people are going in and telling these people in Ohio everything. Well, I don’t know whether Ohio’s recovered or not. They’re being bombarded with all this conflicting rhetoric from this administration.

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