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RUSH: Jerry Brown, Moonbeam, the governor of California. This is great stuff. He was on Charlie Rose. We’ve traded MSNBC and we got Charlie Rose in the deal. He’s at CBS This Morning, had Governor Moonbeam on, said, “When you look at California, looking at the ninth biggest economy, you’re looking at a state that mirrors problems not only around the country, but the world. People want to cut spending. They don’t want to raise taxes. People who want to raise taxes, but are restricted in whose spending they want to cut, what can you do as a governor?”

BROWN: On the November ballot will be a proposal to raise income taxes on the very affluent in a slight quarter cent tax —

RUSH: Oh, my gosh.

BROWN: — on everybody else. This will be built into my budget that I hope to be able to sign by the end of June, and that will be something called trigger cuts. So the people either vote to bring in somewhere between eight to ten billion in new taxes, principally from the most affluent people or —

RUSH: Stop the tape. It isn’t good work. They just reported a $16 billion budget deficit. That’s all they’ve been doing. This is insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Genuine literal insanity. Yeah, well, we’re gonna raise taxes on the rich. Rich aren’t paying enough here in California. We’re gonna raise ’em and we’re gonna keep raising taxes on the wealthy. They aren’t paying enough. We’re gonna generate between eight and ten billion dollars. You know what they’ll generate? One to two billion. And they’ll all scratch their heads, what went wrong here? So Charlie Rose says, “What’s the argument you make to the people who believe you were a governor that would not be cutting not only what they expected in terms of what government does, but also cutting the ability of California to be competitive in the future?”

BROWN: There’s an old Latin phrase, nemo dat (quod) non habet, “no man gives what he does not have.” California doesn’t have the money that people are expecting it to spend. If you live an unbalanced life, you pay. We’re very entrepreneurial, very innovative and people are still coming here. This is where they invented Facebook. Not in Texas. Not in Arizona. Not in Manhattan. And certainly not under the — you know, the White House, or the Congress. This is still the Wild West and we’re going to prove to the rest of the country and the world that we know how to do it.

ROSE: Facebook was invented in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

BROWN: Well, whatever it was invented, this is where they are.

RUSH: Enough said. He’s delusional. Literally delusional. So you people in California, you live a balanced life and you’ll be fine. All this New Age crap coming at you from the governor’s office in Sacramento. Balanced life. Forget the other sound bite. I’m not interested in the other sound bite. He just admits that he’s something like a dinosaur, which is true. He’s deranged. They got a state with $16 billion deficit. All they’ve done is tax the rich. That’s all they’ve done. People are leaving the state. In fact, California’s unemployment rate just went up for the first time in eight months. I wonder why?

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