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RUSH: “Does Organic Food Turn People into Jerks?” What do you think, folks? When I think of organic food, I think of vegetarians. I think of militant vegetarians. Now, a liberal vegetarian is not content to just eat his vegetables. You have to, too. A conservative vegetarian will eat his vegetables and leave you alone. A liberal vegetarian will eat his and then demand that you only eat vegetables, too. And this is one of the big differences between liberals and conservatives across the board — whatever it is, whatever the left-right issue is.

If a liberal doesn’t want a gun, then the liberal wants to make sure that nobody else gets a gun. All across the board, whatever they are. The biggest bunch of… You know, I keep hearing about how liberals are so tolerant and open-minded. They’re not! Liberals are the people of “No!” There’s no tolerance whatsoever among people on the left. Anyway, that’s what I think of when I think about: “Does Organic Food Turn People into Jerks?” Organic food, I always looked at as a fad.

Now, one thing that sets me apart from other people is that I think issues like this are liberal versus conservative. I think organic food nuts are liberals. Now, I’m sure that some of you conservatives are organic food nuts, but why are you? It’s since the liberals have made this into some cause celebre, and it has sounded attractive to you, you bought into it. (interruption) Snerdley, is what? I know he’s one. I can tell he’s an organic food nut because I can tell by his reaction when I said that organic food people are jerks. I heard his reaction.

Calm down, Mr. Snerdley. You’re not a jerk, except about what you eat.

That’s the whole point.


RUSH: Here it is. “Renate Raymond has encountered her fair share of organic food snobs, but a recent trip to a Seattle market left her feeling like she’d stumbled onto the set of ‘Portlandia.’ ‘I stopped at a market to get a fruit platter for a movie night…'” Now, who takes fruit to a movie? This is my point. You stop and get a fruit plate for movie night, even if it’s at home. Who eats fruit at a movie? “‘I stopped at a market to get a fruit platter for a movie night with friends but I couldn’t find one so I asked the produce guy,’ says the 40-year-old arts administrator from Seattle. ‘And he was like, “If you want fruit platters, go to Safeway. We’re organic.”‘”

He was a jerk!


RUSH: So a woman wants to go to the movie. She stops in for a fruit plate to get ready for movie night. That’s the first oddball thing. Nobody eats fruit at a movie. I mean, it’s just not done. So she goes to the market in Seattle, and the produce guy at the store, “If you want fruit platters, go to Safeway. We’re organic.” So the woman says, “‘I finally bought a small cake and some strawberries and then at the check stand, the guy was like “You didn’t bring your own bag? I need to charge you if you didn’t bring your own bag.” … They were so snotty and arrogant.’

“As it turns out, new research has determined that a judgmental attitude may just go hand in hand with exposure to organic foods. In fact, a new study published this week in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science,” One of my favorite magazines. “has found that organic food may just make people act a bit like jerks. ‘There’s a line of research showing that when people can pat themselves on the back for their moral behavior, they can become self-righteous,’ says author Kendall Eskine, assistant professor of the department of psychological sciences at Loyola University in New Orleans. ‘I’ve noticed a lot of organic foods are marketed with moral terminology, like Honest Tea, and wondered if you exposed people to organic food, if it would make them pat themselves on the back for their moral and environmental choices. I wondered if they would be more altruistic or not.'”

So she found out there was this arrogance and superiority for the organic food crowd. But it’s not just them. This is liberalism. “Mr. Limbaugh, do you have to make everything left versus right?” Yes, I do, because it is. Folks, I know even some of you long-time listeners ask, “Everything left versus right?” I believe culturally, yes. Politically without question, but I think that there are types. You can typecast people, sometimes stereotype ’em, but you can definitely typecast people. Take a look at it. If a conservative doesn’t believe in God, he doesn’t go to church. Period. He doesn’t tell you that you that you have to stop believing in God. Conservative doesn’t chide you for going to church. A conservative doesn’t call a member of Congress and make church illegal. But a liberal does that. A liberal, in fact, wants any mention of God and religion silenced. If a liberal doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t believe in religion, then there can’t be anything anywhere that reminds that poor sap of religion. They’re just that way.

If a conservative doesn’t like a radio show, he changes the channel. Liberals, if they don’t like a radio show, demand that the show be shut down. And if the show isn’t voluntarily shut down, then they try other avenues to get the show shut down. Whatever it is liberals approve of, you have to, too. They’ll harass you, they will harangue you, they will beat up on you, and a lot of people cave just to get them off their backs. Politically, too. This is what happens to the Republicans in Washington. I’m convinced. People say, “How come they campaign as conservatives, get to Washington and then…” because the liberals are constantly beating ’em down. What liberals believe in has to be everywhere, and everybody has to subscribe to it, and those who don’t become targets. If a liberal doesn’t like somebody, nobody else can, either.

If you’re having fun and a liberal is miserable, which is most of the time, whatever it is that brings you pleasure has gotta be stopped. Now, I believe some of these people don’t even know they’re liberal. They don’t even think in terms of ideology. I have no doubt. And that’s why I’ve always said, if more and more people could look at things ideologically, then the level of comprehension and understanding would explode. And since liberals are a true minority, that’s what’s ironic about this, they are, by numbers, by self-admission, they are true minorities. And yet look at how they attempt to dominate virtually everything.

They are the professionally offended, and if something offends them, it must stop. If they don’t like smoking, and you’re smoking in your house two miles away and they find out about it, they want to report you. We’ve done stories here where a housing development, or an apartment complex, somebody living 200 feet away — I think this was in Maryland somewhere — 200 feet away in a closed apartment, windows closed, found out somebody was smoking in an apartment 200 feet away and claimed to be able to smell it, claimed that they were getting sick, claimed that they were becoming nauseous, went to the city council and tried to get all smoking banned. That’s just who they are. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. They become militant about it.

Now, a conservative who only eats vegetables will just only eat vegetables, and you’ll never know it unless you happen to be out to dinner with someone. I have a close friend who hates vegetables, won’t touch ’em, and whenever this close friend comes to dinner, it’s so precise that I have to go over this with either the chef or the caterer countless times, not a single shred of lettuce can even be seen. But this guy does not insist that nobody else eat vegetables. If he was a liberal he’d be condemning all of us, maybe jokingly, but he’d still be condemning all of us and telling us how we’re doing something wrong and how we’re misbehaving. It’s a huge difference.

This turns out to be a serious story: “Does Organic Food Turn People Into Jerks?” This researcher “divided 60 people into three groups. One group was shown pictures of clearly labeled organic food, like apples and spinach. Another group was shown comfort foods, such as brownies and cookies. And a third group — the controls — were shown non-organic, non-comfort foods like rice, mustard and oatmeal. After viewing the pictures, each person was then asked to read a series of vignettes describing moral transgressions. ‘One vignette was about second cousins having sex,’ says Eskine. ‘Another was about a lawyer on the prowl in an ER trying to get people to sue for their injuries. Then the groups made moral judgments on a scale from one to seven.’

“In another phase of the study, the three groups were asked to volunteer for a (fictitious) study, with each person writing down the amount of time — from zero to 30 minutes — that they would be willing to volunteer. The results did not bode well for the organic folks. ‘We found that the organic people judged much harder compared to the control or comfort food groups.’ When it came to helping out a needy stranger, the organic people also proved to be more selfish, volunteering only 13 minutes as compared to –” Well, look at the charitable donations of Al Gore and Joe Lieberman.

Here they are, big liberals, and they’re telling everybody, particularly the 1% and the rich, “You’re not paying your fair share. You’re not doing enough for your fellow man.” Look at what they do personally. They’re out there browbeating everybody, wanting to raise everybody’s taxes. You’re not paying your fair share. You’re not doing enough. You’re the reason the poor are poor. When it comes time for the pedal to hit the metal these people are nowhere to be found and nowhere to be counted. And so they take their good vibes, not from what they do, but from what they’ve been able to force you to do, or make happen to you.

Hitler was a vegetarian. Did you know that? Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and if there had been something called organic food back then… Well, the point is, Hitler let people around him eat meat. He even had it served at his table for guests. But I was gonna say, this vegetarian business, this organic foodstuff, it’s a trick. It is a marketing trick. It is a ruse. Free range chicken. What’s the difference in a chicken that’s raised inside a pen and one that’s running around in the backyard? Nothing. They pump steroids into the chickens everywhere. Free range. There’s no such thing as free range anyway. You couldn’t feed enough people if everything was free range. “Okay, let’s go out in the backyard and kill a couple chickens and take ’em to Safeway and sell ’em for a profit, Mabel.”

It’s all a scam.


RUSH: Here we go. The food stuff. Now I’m starting to get a reaction. This is a throwaway story. I’m getting… I’ll just tell you, I was reading last night, and I kid you not… By the way, folks. By definition, isn’t all the food in Africa “free range”? So you like free-range chicken, right? Okay, everything in Africa is “free range.” How’s that working out for ’em? There’s a lot of starvation and malnutrition in Africa. They have free range.

So I mentioned this to Dawn. “Well, the lions are…” Right. There’s my point. If it’s not the lions there, it’s the coyotes here or what have you. I was reading an Apple blog — an Apple blog! To show you how perverse this is… I tell you, I know some of you think this is maybe a little bit off the deep end. It’s all left versus right. There is no middle here. You can type people this way. I’m reading an Apple blog story and it starts out, “Everybody knows meat kills us.” Now, this is probably some 25-year-old young tech guy.

Who knows what he’s been taught? “Everybody knows meat kills us.” Now, who told him that? Who’s lying to him about that? This not a bunch of conservatives. Conservatives don’t care whether you die, because we’re all gonna die. If you’re gonna take steps to hasten it, go right ahead. We don’t think we can save everybody, and we don’t think we can prevent death. And we don’t think meat “kills” anybody. So we don’t teach that.

But who is proselytizing that meat kills us? (interruption) No, it was not… The guy was not being funny. It was a little blog entry on something to do with health. I forget exactly what the point of this was, but it was a health-related thing. It had nothing to do with Apple computers or anything high-tech, as is often the case with this particular blog. “Everybody knows meat kills us.” And by the same token, these people — all, every one of them — believe in manmade global warming. It’s as normal as water coming out of the tap to them.

And I tell you, it’s being taught actively by libs.

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