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RUSH: Bill in Pittsburgh. Another one from the ‘burgh. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Great talking to you today, Rush. Great program. Second-time caller here.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I got an example of manmade fairness, proving that it absolutely doesn’t work, and that proof is the National Football League. You got 32 teams. Everybody’s got money. Everybody’s got access — the same players, same coaches, same everything — and they have revenue sharing, and yet 25% of the teams have won 69.5% of the Super Bowls.

RUSH: And, therefore, your conclusion is that fairness is elusive?

CALLER: I think it’s impossible to legislate it.

RUSH: What would fairness be if it were applied to the National Football League?

CALLER: The Pittsburgh Steelers wouldn’t have six Super Bowl trophies.

RUSH: (laughing) Every team would have the same number of Super Bowl trophies.

CALLER: Sure. Sure.

RUSH: You have 32 teams divided into the number of Super Bowls, and that would give you an average per team, and that would be fair. And they would all have a quarterback that’s as good as everybody else’s quarterback, or certainly no better.

CALLER: But the teams have access to the same players, the same coaches, they all have money, so you can’t… It’s just that some people are winners and some people aren’t.

RUSH: Yeah, but you’re overlooking something. I mean, if you really want to get down to nitty-gritty, the way Obama and the Democrats look at it there will never be fairness in the NFL if there are no women and transgenders playing. Until that happens, all the rest is academic.

CALLER: Well, I hadn’t taken that into consideration.

RUSH: Well, that’s why I asked you: What is fairness in the NFL? See, fairness is a moving target. But it works politically. You say you want fairness (imitating Obama), “My job as president is to make sure everybody has a fair shake.” But he’s not making sure everybody has a fair shake. He’s out trying to penalize the achievers. He’s out trying to punish those who do well. “Well, that’s right. It’s fair. Unfair advantage. They’ve done better than everybody else, and so, uhhhh, I’m gonna penalize ’em. It’s not fair.” Depends on how you define fair. And then when you start talking about some of their lunatic voters, that sounds fair to them. Punish the people who’ve unfairly done well so many years. It’s not fair that they should have more than anybody else. It’s not fair.

See, this is what Victor Davis Hanson was writing about. It’s not fair ExxonMobil should be so big. It’s great that Apple’s bigger than ExxonMobil, but it’s not fair that ExxonMobil is as big as it is. Well, that’s the difference? ExxonMobil makes sure we’ve got gasoline and other energy products. Apple satisfies our gizmo technological needs. One’s hated, one’s reviled; the other has practically godlike status. Why? Why the difference? Why are we told we are to hate the people who put gasoline in our tanks and we are supposed to treat as gods those who make our telephones and computers? Why?

I don’t want to rehash the whole Victor Davis Hanson piece, but it’s all about liberalism. And that defines who’s cool. And that defines who gets held to certain standards and who doesn’t. That’s why so many rich guys run around and why so many actors… Let me tell you something, with actors we’re also talking about severe intellectual limitations. But at the same time, they know full well that making $20 million or $30 million a movie, I mean it would be better if people lionized you rather than hated you for it. So how do you do it? Well, their lives are lived in the media, the entertainment media. If the entertainment media loves ’em, that’s all that matters. Everything else, they’ve got great cover stories, they’ve got great photos, the media loves ’em.

So how do you make the media love you? You have to be liberal. You have to say the right thing. And if you do, you’re cool, you’re hip. It doesn’t matter how much you make, and it doesn’t matter how you live your life. It doesn’t matter anything, as long as you are liberal. Very seductive. I know prominent conservative media people who have been offered in their lives (not recently) hundreds of millions of dollars to take their talents to the liberal side of the aisle. It was very tempting. It was very tempting but these people that I refer to just didn’t want to compromise their principles. But they, nevertheless, were approached.

In case you’re thinking or wondering, I have not been so approached. Not one liberal group has ever come to me and said, “You know, we can make you ten times bigger than you are, if you just join us.” It’s never happened to me. It has happened to conservative executives. Not other hosts. Certain other executives. And they’ve all resisted it. But it can be seductive, I would imagine.

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