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RUSH: This Michael J. Fox stem cell story at LifeNews.com, this is really big. Do you realize we wouldn’t have Claire McCaskill in the United States Senate from Missouri were it not for this stem cell debate, Michael J. Fox doing those commercials for it back whenever it was? Michael Steele might have won a Senate seat in Maryland had it not been for what turns out to be bogus TV spots for stem cell research.

At any rate, if you’re just tuning in, the story is that Michael J. Fox is admitting that stem cells are not ever going to cure his Parkinson’s disease. Embryonic. Embryonic stem cells are not going to cure — remember, embryonic stem cells, that was like the magic elixir, embryonic stem cells were gonna cure and fix everything, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, everything. And there hasn’t ever been anything and there’s not going to be, not in the near future. Adult stem cells are a different ball of wax. But embryonic, zilch, zero, nada, all of which you in this audience were informed of back during the heat of the debate.


RUSH: Here are the details from LifeNews.com: Where are all of those cures that we were supposed to have after the Feds started funding embryonic stem cell research in 2006? Remember John Edwards said that Christopher Reeve would be walking today if the Republicans had funded embryonic research? Back in 2004, John Edwards said (impression), “Christopher Reeve would be walking today!” We had Senate campaigns run on this very premise.

Stem cell research — embryonic stem cell research — held the cure for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

They had Michael J. Fox out doing the commercials.

LifeNews.com: “Michael J. Fox was one of the leading campaigners for embryonic stem cell research. He aggressively pushed to force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research, opposed pro-life limits on it, and even attended a State of the Union address by President George W. Bush in order to flaunt his position. Now, with embryonic stem cells nowhere closer to yielding any beneficial results for patients, [Michael J.] Fox is admitting embryonic stem cell research isnÂ’t all he claimed it was cracked up to be. In a new interview with ABC News, he told Diane Sawyer there have been ‘problems along the way,’ to a supposed therapy for ParkinsonÂ’s from embryonic stem cells and said new drug therapies are showing real promise and are ‘closer today’ to providing a cure.”

There is nothing there.

A giant See, I Told You So.

Probably one of the reasons Claire McCaskill is in the Senate, and one of the reasons that Michael Steele lost his Senate race in Maryland, is because this whole phony embryonic stem cell debate. Back in the middle of this, remember the grief I took? Michael J. Fox entered the political arena by doing commercials for this, and I was critical, and you can’t be critical!

“Why, why, it’s not nice to be critical of somebody suffering this disease!”

Well, wait a minute, now. Once you enter the political arena, you’re not inoculated from criticism. That was my point. But, of course, Michael J. Fox was inoculated. That was the whole reason for using him, so he couldn’t be criticized — and I didn’t get the memo.

Well, I got the memo; I just ignored it.


RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Michael J. Fox was asked about me in this embryonic stem cell story. He was “asked about earlier criticism he received from” me and Michael J. “Fox said it only ‘sharpens your resolve.'” So he’s basically saying I make people better, which we all know to be the case.

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