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RUSH: Colin Powell, General Powell, the titular head of the Republican Party, has a new book out there and he’s doing the book tour on all the TV networks. He was on Morning Joe yesterday or today (I’m not sure which) and he might have ended up giving Romney the best endorsement that he’s had so far, because he was critical of Romney. He said Romney’s advisers “are quite far to the right.” The problem with Romney for conservative voters is he’s not really a conservative. And here’s General Powell, the titular head of the party, who endorsed Obama and is gonna vote for Obama again… Well, is there any doubt? He hasn’t said so, but is there any doubt? He’s “evolving.”

General Powell’s evolving on his presidential choice.

But he’s out there claiming that Romney’s advisers are these stark raving mad lunatic right-wingers.

That’s the best endorsement Romney’s gotten yet!

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