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RUSH: Here’s Alan in Bayside, Queens, great to have you on the EIB Network, Alan. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. Had a question for you, sir.

RUSH: Yes, sir, fire away.

CALLER: Do you think a school has any place telling our kids what secondary language to learn?

RUSH: I know what you’re talking about. This is about Arabic being taught, right?

CALLER: Yes, in New York, in the upper part of the city.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, Arabic may be new, but aren’t there plenty of school districts that require a second language to be taught?

CALLER: But by second, to fifth graders?

RUSH: Well, yeah, don’t misunderstand, I’m not defending it.

CALLER: I know, sir.

RUSH: You asked me if I’ve ever heard of a school requiring a secondary language. Some schools in America require English as a secondary language.

CALLER: Understood, sir. I lost my way to say this. Rush, I understand learning a second language in high school. You know, I was asked to learn Spanish, it was part of our curriculum. But telling a bunch of second through fifth grade elementary school children that twice a week for 45 minutes they have to sit in a classroom and learn a language that they, pardon me, no matter what the teachers and the principal seem to think, may have no use for?

RUSH: Well, that’s where they’re probably wrong. They have no use for it. Somebody clearly intends ’em to have a use for it.

CALLER: Yes, sir, obviously, but —

RUSH: You know what I would do if I’m upset about this, I’d call the NAGs. I would call the National Organization for Women, because, you know, what is the plight of women in Arab countries? Saudi Arabia? They can’t drive cars. They can’t go out in public without a burqa. They can’t go out in public without permission of their husbands, need chaperones and stuff. All of that’s gonna be part and parcel of learning the language.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: To be able to understand those commands. “You cannot go outside without my permission.” The NAGs could probably stop this.

CALLER: But would they, sir?

RUSH: No. Probably not.

CALLER: Yeah, my wife and I were married recently. We’re getting ready to start a family.

RUSH: Let me ask you this.

CALLER: What kind of world would we be bringing them into?

RUSH: Yeah, I hear you. Is this school district in Bayside, is it allowed to require English to be taught?

CALLER: Well, it’s in Hamilton Heights specifically, sir, and I’m not sure.

RUSH: Oh, it’s technically Hamilton Heights, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah, they’re just saying it’s — apparently that it’s a critical need language, they’re saying about Arabic.

RUSH: Well, maybe the Department of Homeland Security needs some new employees. Maybe they’re running short. The TSA might need some people.

CALLER: (laughing) Pardon me, sir.

RUSH: You can laugh. You can laugh.

CALLER: You’re probably absolutely right, which is what I found so funny.

RUSH: I saw the story. Look, I’m like you. Somebody’s gotta interpret Sharia law. I guarantee you that that’s what’s the foundation for this is. Nobody’s gonna tell you that. Nobody’s gonna say that’s the reason, but somebody’s gotta interpret Sharia law down the road.

CALLER: Certainly. They want someone —

RUSH: You know, the thing is, the Hispanics thought they had the second language racket racked up, and now look.

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