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RUSH: Whether it’s during the next 10 years or 20 years, we, the United States, are going to be the world’s leading supplier of carbon-based energy. Whether Obama knows it or not, this is a reality Obama cannot escape. I am always gonna bet on my country instead of betting on somebody who doesn’t like it, who wants to shut it down. And I hate to say it’s Obama, but there’s no doubt, and there can be no doubt, Obama is running for reelection against capitalism.

There are people who say, in the energy business, that we’re going to be the Saudi Arabia of energy, and I think they underestimate the profundity of this reality. We’re gonna have an oil boom. We’re gonna have a gas boom. Fracking is going to lead the way. We have more oil that is retrievable than is beneath the ground in Saudi Arabia. And this country has people that are gonna go get it. We’re in the process of getting it now. In North Dakota there is a boom. Obama may try to shut this down. The left may try to shut this down. The left is not gonna succeed. The entrepreneurs, the producers are going to triumph at some point over whatever obstacles are thrown in their way. It’s always been the story of this country. It’s always been the unique story. It’s always been the history of this country, and it’s going to happen.

And when it happens, it’s gonna be an energy boom, and an energy boom is gonna lead to a jobs boom, and that’s gonna lead to a real estate boom, and that’s gonna lead to a travel boom. In short, it’s gonna lead to an everything boom. Now, that’s great news for us. It’s not great news for Obama. This stuff is going to happen despite him. It may not happen ’til he’s gone. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in 2012. I mean I sit here and tell you that I think we’re looking at a potential landslide and I mean that, but anything between now and then can change. So I’m not predicting it. Just telling you my gut today, and I think if more people would be honest with you, they would tell you the same thing.

Now, not the people who analyze this state by state, looking at polling state by state, then construct their electoral vote map. They’re not gonna ever tell you that. But I don’t look at that. That’s not the gut. That is polling data, and that’s standard political formula, and I don’t know about standard political formula. I don’t want to be involved in standard political formula. What I know is the people of this country. It is the people of this country for whom I have empathy. And I see it now, the anger, the frustration, and the energy that is building to overcome the obstacle that is Barack Obama and the modern-day Democrat Party. And I don’t know when it’s gonna happen, but it will happen. These obstacles will be overcome. The greatness of this country will triumph once again. It is going to happen. And when it does, the real history of these years of Obama will be written as abject failure and disaster.

I am here to tell you that no matter what happens in 2012, Barack Obama is going to be looked back on, not for everything he did to encourage America’s greatness in rebound, Obama is going to be looked back on for everything he did to discourage it. Obama has delayed, impeded, blocked, and said “no” to virtually every carbon energy project from drilling in the Gulf to exploration on federal lands, to pipelines, to ANWR, to delaying hydraulic fracking. To every bit of progress in the carbon-based energy world, Barack Obama is a giant roadblock. He’s delayed, impeded, blocked, and said “no” to everything. He has said “no” to American progress. He has said “no” to a jobs boom. He has said “no” to getting rid of dependence on foreign sources of energy.

And as we sit here today in the Memorial Day weekend, I’m here to tell you, May 25th of 2012, history is going to look back on this period and this president with wonder. People in the future are gonna look back at this time and they’re going to ask, “How did it happen?” What was going on that made the American people make this near-fatal decision, electing Barack Obama? They’re going to ask, did he really think he could hold back the tide of American ingenuity? Did Barack Obama really believe that he could be the Berlin Wall to US energy independence? Did Barack Obama really believe he could hold back the tide of American ingenuity, entrepreneurism, and greatness? Or was he just playing politics? Now, the sooner this happens, the better, obviously, but it is going to happen, of that I have no doubt.

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