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RUSH: Jerry in Cookeville, Tennessee, you’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. Thank you, Rush. You know this deal with Dolores Huerta?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Okay, now, Jimmy Carter gave the presidential freedom medal to the founder of the ACLU, the communist Roger Baldwin, and then Ronald Reagan gave the same medal to Whittaker Chambers.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And all the communists — excuse me — all the Democrats were really upset that Reagan would give it to Whittaker Chambers, who was a former communist who testified against the communist Alger Hiss. They were really upset about that. And I just find it kind of remarkable that Monday Obama was lecturing people about the way that the Vietnam veterans were treated when they came home, yet the lady that he just gave the medal to yesterday, Dolores Huerta, she was leading anti-war protests in California when I used to live there.

RUSH: Excellent point. That is true about Dolores Huerta. You’re absolutely right. She was doing that which Obama condemned, the day before she got her presidential Medal of Honor. But let’s talk about this for just a second. He’s right. Reagan gives the Medal of Honor to Whittaker Chambers. That happened long ago. Whittaker Chambers, author of a book called Witness, former communist who basically spilled the goods, spilled the beans on communism in America and around the world and focused on Alger Hiss. Alger Hiss, the real reason Richard Nixon was hated for his whole life is that Nixon was who successfully prosecuted Alger Hiss as a spy, as a communist spy. Hiss was convicted. There’s not a media person alive today that doesn’t hate Nixon for that. They loved Alger Hiss. They hated Whitaker Chambers for giving up the goods.

So here’s Whittaker Chambers, former communist, turns, writes a book, Witness. By the way, Whittaker Chambers was a fatalist. When he wrote Witness and in the aftermath, he thought the communists were gonna win, even after his defection, even after he gave it up. Yeah, Alger Hiss worked for the State Department. Alger Hiss was a government spy. He was a communist and a government spy, yeah. But Chambers was a fatalist. He thought that communism was gonna win, even after he had defected. He was a farmer. You ought to read some stuff that he’s written. He edited a book that William Buckley published called, Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? It’s gonna be impossible to find, probably. My dad had it, and I found it years and years ago and I was blown away by it, a series of essays with commentary. But Whittaker Chambers’ book was Witness.


RUSH: Whittaker Chambers wrote the book Witness. He went to his grave believing that he was on the wrong side of history, that communism would eventually win. But he writes the book. It’s pretty heavy lifting, but it’s fascinating. Whittaker Chambers is one of the seminal figures of modern Buckley conservatism, and that branch that was focused on anti-communism.

Now, Whittaker Chambers getting the Medal of Freedom from Ronaldus Magnus, to somebody like me that makes entirely perfectly intellectual sense. Here you see the Soviet Union, state-sponsored communism, which murdered people, starved millions, gunned down millions of its own people, built walls to keep them in. Whittaker Chambers, his life project to tell everybody the truth, because the New York Times was lying about communism. They had a reporter that won a prize. I don’t know that the Pulitzer was around then, it might have been. Walter Duranty wrote a piece denying the Ukraine famine of Stalin. Piece after piece praising Stalin as this great humanitarian leader. It was all lies. Stalin was one of the world’s greatest mass murderers.

So Whittaker Chambers comes along, it’s the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It makes entirely perfect sense that somebody like Whittaker Chambers would get that honor. And it doesn’t make intellectual sense to those of us in Realville that somebody who despises America would get it, that somebody who thinks America is the land of despotism, that thinks Americans need to be liberated from freedom, or liberated from bondage or whatever they think America is. Somebody believes in tearing down the Constitution. Somebody believes in redistribution of wealth. Somebody that signs on to the tenets of Marxism, like Dolores Huerta gets the Congressional Medal of Freedom? It doesn’t compute. Not if you have the founding concepts of America as your guide.

But if you believe that this country was unjust and immoral in its founding and subsequent existence, if you think this country is the focus of evil in the modern world, then somebody who opposes it would make perfect sense to you that they should get the Medal of Freedom. But the point is only about 10% of the population of this country thinks that about this country. Fifteen percent tops. Well, that may be even high. How many people do you think want, as a percentage of the population, want this country overthrown? It’s nowhere near 50%. It’s nowhere near 40%, when you look at it that way, but these people who want that are getting the Medal of Freedom award from Obama. It’s the little things that tell you so much about who people like Obama really are. We don’t need speeches in front of 200,000 people in Berlin to figure out who this guy is. All we need to know is who he respects and admires. Reverend Wright, sorry, not supposed to mention that.

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