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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. They are in panic mode at MSNBC. They are in panic mode at CNN. They’re in panic mode at the Daily Kos. They’re in panic mode at the New York Times and the Washington Post. They are in panic. I don’t know where they thought this was headed. I don’t know what in the world they thought was going to happen. Could somebody tell me, what has happened in the last six months to suggest that anything other than this was on tap? We’ve had three-and-a-half years of Obamaism. We haven’t had any real growth in anything, other than bad news. Why is in unemployment report so shocking to people? Where’s the evidence that it was going to be anything other than what it is? Where is the job growth? Where is the gross domestic product increasing? Where is there any good economic news? Why in the world would anybody expect today to be any different than it is?

Now, I’m the mayor of Realville, and that’s a place where things are so simple sometimes they’re hard to understand. I have this story here, all these experts were expecting the consensus, 150,000 new jobs. By the way, why does that number keep popping up? Why every month is the consensus — and it is, if you read like I do — the experts every month are predicting that the job growth rate’s gonna be 150,000. That number is not accidental. One-hundred-and-fifty thousand jobs created in a month in our current circumstances is the number of jobs you need to keep the unemployment rate from going up. That’s all they care about. And they know what to report because the regime’s told ’em what to report. It’s the same thing, the old Soviet Union with their wheat forecasts.

Even those who were alive back in the seventies and eighties, you may not remember this, but I was a Sovietologist because Mr. Buckley was, and I absorbed everything that National Review and the leaders back then were talking about. The Soviet Union every year, month, whatever, would come out with the most ridiculous forecasts on their wheat crop and everything else, and they were never, ever, right. We were bailing them out. We were selling them wheat, giving them wheat, what have you. Don’t ask me to explain it now. That’s a whole show in and of itself. But the point is, the Soviet media, state-controlled media, reported it anyway, because they knew the trouble they would get into if they told the truth.

That’s almost the same situation here. There’s no consensus expert analysis that says 150,000 jobs are gonna be created. Where’s the evidence for that? No, no. I’m not trying to beat a dead horse. I’m just trying to use my profound and abundant logic. Where is the evidence last week, last month, two months ago, where’s the evidence that would give an expert any indication that we’re gonna have massive job growth in the month of May? In other words, why did people have these expectations? I haven’t. The sad thing is I am not surprised. There could be no other result than this the past three years. This is what liberalism does. This is what the Democrat Party is all about. This is what their ideology accomplishes. None of this is a surprise. That’s part of the reason I’m depressed. Why don’t other people see it?

I checked an e-mail during the break. “Why do you care? You’re doing okay.” Oh, come on. Don’t make me explain that in great detail. I’m insulted by the question. It’s not just love-of-country. There’s some personal reasons here. But who wants this? Sadly there are some who do. That’s the real depressing thing is that some people are happy with this because of what they think it’s going to offer them as an opportunity to coalesce even more power, oriented around fixing it. Some people believe that this is all purposeful. I’m one of ’em. I don’t know why anybody would expect anything other than what happened today. There is no evidence out there anywhere that anything other than this jobs number could be true.

So I just want to have it on record, I, El Rushbo, am not surprised, but it does depress me. Now, CNN. It’s a close number. The number of people who found jobs, 69,000 is actually larger than the number who watch CNN now. Did you know that? Sixty-nine thousand people found jobs. That’s more people than watch CNN. They hit another 20-year low in May. They had a 20-year low in April, had another 20-year low in May. Just yesterday, the end of the month, another 20-year low in ratings. Hasn’t been this bad since 1981, and there wasn’t any competition in 1981. That was their start-up, pretty close to it. So here’s Christine Romans talking to Soledad O’Brien, named after a prison, as Roger Ailes pointed out, talking about the job numbers.

ROMANS: Uhhhh, 69,000 jobs created in the month, 69,000, and the —


ROMANS: — forecast was 150 —

O’BRIEN: Way off.

ROMANS: — so you had — you know, you do not — not — not good. You know, 8.2% unemployment. So the unemployment rate went up, and you had 69,000 jobs created. You lost 13,000 jobs in government, so that means the private sector created 82,000 jobs. It confirms this slowdown that we’ve seen over the past couple of months. What’s worse is April, we thought it was 115,000 jobs; it was really 77,000. So April was worse than expected. And March, 11,000 fewer jobs in March created; only 143,000 there. So you’ve got three months of less job creation than you thought.

RUSH: Not us. We weren’t fooled. We know these numbers get revised down every week. Why don’t you? You’re the journalist. Here they are reporting this shocking news of the downward revision of the jobs news in March and April. Again, we’re not surprised here. They’re revised downward every week. Four weeks equals a month. You’re gonna get a big number by the time you tabulate the revisions monthly.

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