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RUSH: Here’s Joe in Glendora, California. Welcome to Open Line Friday. Great to have you here with us, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. It’s an honor and a privilege to speak to you. My comment is, “No one could be this stupid like Obama. He’s doing this completely by design.” He has too many people surrounding him: Dunn and Van Jones and Ayers and Old Drive Shaft — uh, I mean Axelrod. All these people are avowed communists, and you don’t surround yourself with people such as that unless you’re that way, too. All this is designed to tear down capitalism, to tear down our country, so everyone will have will have to depend on the government.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: That’s all it’s for.

RUSH: Look, he’s got a good point here, folks. I can’t tell you… The Van Jones thing. When it happened, I can’t tell you the number of people who asked, “How did a guy like that get by Obama?” How did he get by? Obama wanted him there! So old Joe here is right. This guy at the EPA who couldn’t wait to “crucify” Big Oil? “Gosh, how did some extremist like that get past Obama?” He is Obama! Obama is that guy! This is hard for people to get their arms around.

By the same token, Joe, you should know that most of the original members of Obama’s economic team have left. They got out of there. Some got out because, I’m sure, they wanted no part of where it was going (even though they’re Democrats). The others got out maybe because they were sent to other areas to do their jobs. But some of them got out of there clearly because they wanted no part of where it was going. But the people that remain, you’re exactly right: They’re all true believers. There’s nobody in there by accident.


RUSH: Here’s another way to look at it, folks. If all of this economic destruction of Obama’s were accidental, then now and then he would do something that’s good for the economy. He hasn’t done one thing good for the economy! Not even accidentally. So it has to be by design. That’s how we look at it in Realville.

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