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RUSH: I said that Bill Clinton’s come out against Obama. Not technically. I was speaking rapidly going into a break. He has said things that are highly supportive of Romney, and Dick Morris says (you’ll hear the bite soon) that Clinton is telling conservatives in private that they have six months to save the country. They’ve gotta get rid of this guy. And then Clinton has endorsed Obama now after all this came out, but then Politico today.

Roger Simon has a piece: “Bill Clinton is Out of Control.” It is a hit piece on Bill Clinton for how he’s sabotaging Obama. It’s a long hit piece, too. I’m gonna give you excerpts of it. The Politico is State-Controlled Media. They’re stenographers for Obama in many cases: “Bill Clinton is Out of Control.” Here’s how that starts, by the way: “Bill Clinton has to be the smartest guy in the room even when heÂ’s not in the room.

“Clinton is not on Barack ObamaÂ’s campaign staff, is not a trusted adviser, does not set ObamaÂ’s strategy. But Bill Clinton is pretty good at sabotaging ObamaÂ’s strategy.” That’s The Politico! That’s how it begins, and it only heats up at that point.


RUSH: Roger Simon has a piece in The Politico today. The Democrat Party, on the Obama side, is not happy with Bill Clinton. It started with Clinton’s endorsement of Romney. At least that is how I interpreted it. I mean, “sterling qualities.” Bain Capital’s fine. (summarized) “We’ve gotta learn to be happy with the work of private equity people. They do good work.” The number of Democrats that have run away from Obama on Bain and private equity continues to grow.

Clinton is one of them, and he was asked a question about Romney’s qualifications, and he said that they’re “sterling.” I interpreted this as practically an endorsement. Clinton the next day said (impression), “I didn’t endorse anybody. I heard that was said. I… I… No way. I’m not endorsing Romney.” But we’ve been told… Here, listen to Dick Morris. Grab sound bite number six. This is on Hannity last night. And this is Morris talking about private conversations Clinton has had with certain conservatives that he knows.

MORRIS: Clinton does not want Barack Obama to win. I’ve spoken to several good friends who are staunch conservatives who have had a lot of exchanges with Bill Clinton in private, and at one point one of them quotes him as saying, “You have six months to save the country.” And he never liked Obama. They never got along. He’s an in-law, in a sense, because she’s in the administration. And he has to do what he has to do, which is what he’s gonna do. It’s what he did today, I think — in running around, helping him raise money — and is gonna do tonight. But when it comes to a little jab here or little jab there, you can count on Clinton to do it.

RUSH: Now, MSNBC (I didn’t see this; I have a spy) is running a graphic right now that says, “Bill Clinton Back on Track.” Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. “Bill Clinton Back on Track.” They were not happy with him. And The Politico story today from Roger Simon: “Bill Clinton has to be the smartest guy in the room even when heÂ’s not in the room. Clinton is not on Barack ObamaÂ’s campaign staff, is not a trusted adviser, does not set ObamaÂ’s strategy. But Bill Clinton is pretty good at sabotaging ObamaÂ’s strategy.

He did so last week when he went on television and said Mitt Romney had a ‘sterling’ record while running Bain Capital. The Obama message is exactly the opposite. The Obama campaign had just run a “TV ad claiming that working Americans had been harmed by Bain Capital and included one man saying Bain had been a ‘vampire’ that ‘sucked the blood out of us.’ … Obama does not need Clinton undercutting him. The two are not close, but they are not supposed to be enemies.

“They have golfed together, they attend fundraisers together, their staffs talk and, oh, yeah, ClintonÂ’s wife is ObamaÂ’s secretary of state.” “Now, Roger Simon says, “There are two things going on here. First, Clinton has always been cozier with Wall Street than Obama.” “Cozy” is a good word. Clinton’s in tight with these guys. “In January 1999,” Roger Simon says, “I was at a very odd event for then-President Clinton on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center.

“Richard Grasso, then-chairman of New York Stock Exchange, stood up and said, ‘In my little corner of southern Manhattan, the Dow Jones industrial average during the course of President ClintonÂ’s tenure tripled. We have the lowest unemployment in 30 years, and 16 million jobs have been created!’ The crowd, which included a number of financial titans, cheered. This was a year after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke and months after Clinton had been impeached, but Wall Street did not care.

“Bill Clinton had been good for The Street, and The Street liked him. … Times were good, Clinton got the credit and, today, he still has a lot of friends in business and high finance and these friends help fund his philanthropic endeavors [the Clinton Global Initiative]. Barack Obama has fewer friends in high finance. He inherited an economy devastated by a derivative bubble and a housing bubble and ravished by the unbridled greed of some Wall Street firms, which took taxpayer bailouts with one hand and gave themselves huge bonuses with the other.

“So the two men have different views of how ‘sterling’ The Street operates.” It goes on. This is a huge attack on Bill Clinton in The Politico from Roger Simon, and he’s their chief political columnist. I think Simon, just as a casual observance here, is very hard-wired into the Obama White House, along with Mike Allen at Politico. I mean, they’re connected. Simon points out Clinton “always has to be the smartest guy in the room,” Clinton’s undermining, “sabotaging” Obama when he gets the chance to.

In this story, it’s not just about Obama. Roger Simon claims that Bill Clinton ruined Hillary’s chances in 2008 by insisting that she compete in South Carolina. That’s right. Roger Simon said South Carolina was her Waterloo. It ended up being “the first blowout of the primary campaign.” Nobody wants a blowout on a primary. South Carolina was the blowout, and Simon says everybody knew Obama was gonna win that. For crying out loud, it’s South Carolina!

And that’s where Clinton accused the Obama people of throwing the race card on him. And by the same token, the others said that Clinton was throwing the race card at them. Some of Clinton’s comments were taken as race-baiting. And Simon, in this story, even says that Bill Clinton might be mad at Obama “[b]ecause we never blame ourselves for our mistakes, we blame those who profit from them.” And this story ends with a particularly vicious dig. Roger Simon quotes Hillary’s campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, who basically says that Hillary campaign only used Bill to raise money.

That’s in this piece. I mean, it is a full-fledged attack on Clinton. And it says here that Hillary’s campaign manager says: Yeah, the only thing we wanted Bill for was money. And they further say that that’s all Obama wants. The only thing Hillary wanted from Bill is his fundraising ability, and that’s all Obama cares about. Obama doesn’t like Bill; Bill doesn’t like Obama. They’re both Democrats. Hillary’s in there, so he’s kind of like an in-law (like Dick Morris said). But all Obama wants is Clinton’s fundraising ability, just the money. That’s an insult. It’s an insult.

So Clinton, last night in New York City, formally endorsed Obama after all this.


RUSH: Here’s Clinton last night at the Waldorf Astoria. All of this apparently has gotten to him.

CLINTON: Remember me? I’m the only guy who gave you four surplus budgets out of the eight I sent. So I hope what I say to you will have some weight, because I want you to say it to everybody you see between now and November. I don’t think it’s important to reelect the president. I think it is essential to reelect the president, if we want this country to have the kind of future that our children and grandchildren deserve.

RUSH: Okay, so I guess Clinton ended up in the woodshed, and he found a reason to endorse Obama. (imitating Clinton) “Hey, you know, I’m the only guy that gave you four surplus budgets outta eight that I sent, and those four wouldn’t-a happened if it weren’t for Newt Gingrich and the Republicans. Of course, nobody’s supposed to say that, but it wouldn’ta happened. There wouldn’ta been a damn penny’s worth of surplus if it hadn’t been for those stupid Republicans. I coulda spent just as much as Obama. Hell, I know how to spend money as good as Obamas does. It’s those damn Republicans that kept me shackled.”

That did not sound like a full-throated rah-rah endorsement to me. The words were there, no denying the words were there. (imitating Clinton) “I want you to say it to everybody that you see between now and November, I don’t think it’s important to reelect the president. I think it’s essential to reelect the president if we want this country to have the kind of future that our children…” See, if Bill Clinton’s daughter didn’t have her way paved for her, no way he’d support this. No way. No parent who expects a child to make their own way in the world would support this. No way. A parent who expects government to take care of the child and health care and all this, the benefit rotgut, yeah, vote Democrat. I don’t know. It didn’t sound full-throated to me, but that’s just me. Then he bashed Romney. Gosh, we better play that, too.

CLINTON: The Romney Republican plan is austerity and more unemployment now and blow the lid off later just at the time when we’ll be worried about high interest rates. What’s the difference here? Share prosperity versus continued austerity and high unemployment. A politics of cooperation versus constant conflict and divide and conquer.

RUSH: He’s got it exactly opposite, and he knows it, and that’s another less-than-full-throated criticism of Romney. Anyway, Dick Morris says he knows a conservative big time in tight with Clinton. I think I know who that is. I think I know exactly who that is. Chris Ruddy. Ruddy and Clinton have become close. Chris Ruddy of NewsMax and Clinton have become close. They’ve had a meeting of the minds. Ruddy runs photos of Clinton in their office. I wouldn’t call ’em friends, but it’s a business relationship. This is not criticism. I just know that Clinton and Ruddy have buried the hatchet. I don’t know if you’d call it mutual admiration, but they see each other with respect now. And I know that Morris is tight with Ruddy. Morris works with Ruddy. That’s why I assume that it’s Ruddy that Clinton has said, “You know what, you guys have six months to save this country, six months.” I guess Chris mighta told Dick and Dick puts it out there as something he’s heard. I’m just wild guessing, and I’m not being critical of anybody in this.

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